Assembly of the Republic

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KKTC Cumhuriyet Meclisi
Assembly of the Republic
Basic data
Seat: North Nicosia
Legislative period : 5 years
MPs: 50
Current legislative period
Last choice: July 28, 2013
Chair: Speaker of Parliament
Sibel Siber ( CTP )
Distribution of seats: Government:
  • UBP 18 seats
  • DP 5 seats
  • Independent: 4 seats



The Assembly of the Republic ( Cumhuriyet Meclisi in Turkish ) is the parliament of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with its seat in North Nicosia . It consists of 50 seats. Sibel Siber is the President of Parliament.

Parliament elections

The assembly of the republic is elected uniquely in general, equal, secret, direct and free elections according to proportional representation for a 5-year legislative period. There is compulsory voting. The voting age is 18 years. If a seat in parliament becomes vacant (e.g. due to the death of a member, etc.), mid-term elections are held; no mid-term election is held one year before regular elections. There is a nationwide threshold of 5 percent. The votes for those candidates whose party does not overcome this hurdle expire.

The representatives are elected from the five districts of Lefkoşa , Gazimağusa , Girne , Güzelyurt and İskele .


The first parliamentary election took place on June 23, 1985. The deputies were sworn in on July 8, 1985.


On assuming office, all members must take the following oath: “I swear by my honor and dignity that I will protect the indivisible wholeness of the homeland and the people and the unrestricted sovereignty of the people; that I will remain bound to the primacy of law, the democratic, secular and social rule of law and the principles of Ataturk, that I will work for the salvation and joy of my people; that I will not deviate from the ideal, according to which every citizen enjoys human rights and fundamental freedoms and from being bound by the constitution. "

Web links


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