National Assembly (Vietnam)

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National Assembly of Vietnam
Basic data
Seat: Hanoi , Vietnam
Legislative period : 5 years
MPs: 500 (default)
Current legislative period
Last choice: Election on May 22, 2016
Chair: Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân

The National Assembly ( Vietnamese Quốc hội Việt Nam , French Assemblée nationale vietnamienne ) is the parliament in the unicameral system of Vietnam and thus represents the legislature of the state.

The 500 members of the National Assembly (NV) are elected for a term of five years. They have to hold a general assembly at least twice a year and are represented in the meantime by their Standing Committee (SANV), which they elect anew every period. The National Assembly also elects the President ; on his proposal, it elects the Prime Minister, the judges of the Supreme People's Court and the prosecutors of the Ombudsman's Office ( judiciary ). The National Assembly has grown in political influence significantly since the last constitutional amendments. Your rights now include changing laws and the constitution, as well as the ability to hold ministers and heads of authorities with ministerial status accountable. The greatest political power, however, remains with the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), which has the electoral process under its control through the Vietnamese Fatherland Front. The Communist Party has around 90% of the MPs in the National Assembly, which ensures that all senior members of the government and judges are members of the party, or at least politically like-minded people. The party determines the politics of the country through its Central Committee and the Politburo .


National Assembly of Vietnam, 2016:
  • Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) : 473 seats
  • Non-party : 21 seats
  • The elections take place every five years and affect not only the National Assembly, but also the People's Councils, which are the provincial, district or municipal parliaments. The electoral process is under the control of the CPV via the Vietnamese Fatherland Front - an umbrella organization for regime-friendly mass organizations. Self-nominations have now been accepted, but the potential candidates must still be accepted by the election committee. In the 2002 election, around 15% of the candidates were not party members, but 69 independents had applied and only 13 were accepted. Since 2003, by law, at least two more candidates have to stand in each constituency than there are seats available. The last elections took place on May 22, 2016.


    National Assembly in early June 2006.

    The National Assembly committees are:

    • Standing Committee ( Ủy ban Thường vụ Quốc hội )
    • National Assembly Office ( Văn phòng Quốc hội )
    • Ethnic Minorities Council ( Hội đồng Dân tộc )
    • Legal Committee ( Ủy ban Pháp luật )
    • Judicial Committee ( Ủy ban Tư pháp )
    • Economic Committee ( Ủy ban Kinh tế )
    • Finance and Budget Committee ( Ủy ban Tài chính, Ngân sách )
    • Defense and Security Committee ( Ủy ban Quốc phòng và An ninh )
    • Committee on Culture, Education, Youth and Children ( Ủy ban Văn hóa, Giáo dục, Thanh niên, Thiếu niên và Nhi đồng )
    • Committee on Social Issues ( Ủy ban về các Vấn đề Xã hội )
    • Committee on Science, Industry and the Environment ( Ủy ban Khoa học, Công nghệ và Môi trường )
    • Foreign Affairs Committee ( Ủy ban Đối ngoại )
    • Legislative Institute ( Viện Nghiên cứu lập pháp )

    Parliament building

    The National Assembly is based in Hanoi , where its conference building was demolished in 2008. The new building from 2014 was based on a design by the German architectural firm gmp .

    Web links

    • Official website of the National Assembly of Vietnam
    • Formerly the official website of the National Assembly of Vietnam

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