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This article gives an overview of the most important places of the Star Wars -Universums, whose history with the 1977 released movie Star Wars (original title: Star Wars ) began. Creator of Star Wars is the writer, producer and director George Lucas .

At the core of Star Wars from currently three film trilogies: the original trilogy, in addition to Star Wars (Episode IV), the films The Empire Strikes Back (1980, Episode V) and Return of the Jedi includes (1983, Episode VI); the prequel trilogy, which takes place in the period before the original trilogy, with the films The Phantom Menace (1999, Episode I), Attack of the Clones (2002, Episode II) and Revenge of the Sith (2005, Episode III); and finally the sequel trilogy following the original trilogy, which began in 2015 with The Awakening of Power (Episode VII), continued in 2017 with The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) and on December 18, 2019 with The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX) was completed. In addition, there are several offshoots that are officially marketed as A Star Wars Story . This includes Rogue One: A Star Wars Story , which was released in 2016. In May 2018, Solo: A Star Wars Story was released, the second film in this series that has its plot apart from the main trilogies.

The term Advanced universe (Engl. Expanded Universe ) be in Star Wars all licensed -Context Star Wars passed materials outside the movies. The expanded universe includes books, comic books, games, and other media that expand the stories told in the films. The expansion of the Star Wars universe began in 1978. With the takeover of the Star Wars brand by Disney in 2012, the Expanded Universe changed fundamentally. At the end of April 2014, Disney announced that the former expanded universe was no longer part of the official canon and would continue to exist independently under the collective name of Legends . The Star Wars canon now includes the movies, the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels as well as all (with a few exceptions) all other Star Wars media that have been released and newly published since April 2014 . Star Wars new releases are developed in cooperation with the so-called Lucasfilm Story Group in order to maintain continuity between the individual works.

The most important locations in the Star Wars universe are listed below . The focus is on movies, series, novels and video games. Places that are merely mentioned in this media are not listed unless they have a significant place in the plot of Star Wars . Significant and popular locations in the uncanonical stories are finally listed under the collective term Legends .

Basics about the Star Wars galaxy

The Star Wars galaxy has a diameter of around 100,000 light years and consists of over 400 billion stars , of which around 3.2 million are habitable planetary systems . It is inhabited by innumerable intelligent species.

The galaxy is "onion-shell-shaped" divided into several areas. Starting from the center of the galaxy, they spread out in a ring to the edge of the galaxy. The innermost region is the so-called deep core, the outermost regions are the Unknown Regions and the Wild Space.

Deep core

The innermost region is the deep core. At its center (similar to real galaxies such as the Milky Way ) is a supermassive black hole . Because of the strong gravitational distortion of hyperspace , this region has long been considered inaccessible. It was not until the time of the galactic empire that Palpatine's hyperspace pathways were found as part of the research and exploitation program.

Core worlds

The core worlds are the most densely populated area in the galaxy and are home to the richest and most influential planets in the galaxy. They form the end of numerous important trade routes and are the cultural, political, financial, technological and scientific center of the galaxy. Here the Galactic Republic was founded and the original planet of the humans is also assumed to be in the core systems.

Major planets: Coruscant , Corellia , Kuat , Hosnian Prime


The region known as the Colonies is home to the planets that were first colonized after the core worlds. Some of them are part of important trade routes and are therefore very wealthy.

Major planets: Carida , Cato Neimoidia

Inner edge

After their colonization, this region was known only as "The Edge" for a long time, as it represented the outer limit of the known galaxy at that time. When the Galactic Republic then expanded beyond this "edge", this designation no longer made sense, but out of respect for the old name it was only specified to "inner edge".

Major planets: Onderon , Jakku

Expansion region

The expansion region is rich in raw materials. There are only a few planets in this region, but these are important because of their exports to the whole galaxy. This area is also of strategic importance as it represents the direct connection from the interior to the central edge.

Middle margin

Most of the planets in the Middle Rim are populated by natives or colonists who use most of their world for themselves. Others are only important because of their natural resources or are ignored. The rather large distance to the core caused less attention to be paid to these stars. For many who traveled towards the outer edge, the region was considered the last civilized area. However, it also struggled with the fringes of piracy that reigned in the Outer Rim.

Major planets: Naboo , Kashyyyk , Takodana , Jedha

Outer edge

The Outer Rim is the largest region in the known galaxy. For a long time, the Outer Rim was considered a legendary region full of horrors that no one went to voluntarily. Criminal organizations such as the Hutten clan, syndicates, and slave traders ruled much of this region. Even after colonizing numerous planets of the Outer Rim, the Galactic Republic had little influence here, so lawlessness often prevailed. B. slavery on many worlds as normal. The Empire had built the Death Star, among other things, to control the Outer Rim.

Major planets: Mon Cala , Kessel , Sullust , Geonosis , Mustafar , Tatooine , Savareen

Unknown regions

The unknown regions are located in the western part of the galaxy, they are mapped, but largely undiscovered. Because of the strong gravitational distortions , solar storms and other obstacles, they do not allow flight with hyperdrive.

Major planets: Ilum , Starkiller base (place of origin)

Wild space

The “wild space” borders the unknown regions, the only known region that is not really used by anyone. For the most part, it lies outside of the known galaxy map and is therefore neither mapped, nor explored, nor inhabited. However, there are a few planets that have been colonized by intelligent species.


The Star Wars canon includes the movies, the series The Clone Wars and Rebels as well as all other Star Wars media that have been released and newly published since April 2014 (with a few exceptions) . Star Wars new releases are developed in cooperation with the so-called Lucasfilm Story Group in order to maintain continuity between the individual works. Planets that are part of the plot in the official Star Wars canon are listed. The focus is on movies, series, novels and video games. Places and events that are merely mentioned in this media are not listed unless they have a significant place in the plot of Star Wars .


Skellig Michael ( Ireland ), setting for the planet Ahch-To.

Ahch-To is an oceanic planet that has some green islands inhabited by a wide variety of beings, including the bird-like porgs and the guardians who took care of the maintenance of the Jedi Temple, one of the first ever. Numerous other Jedi artifacts were found here, including a tree with the oldest scriptures of the Jedi Order. Luke Skywalker hid in self-imposed exile for six years after the destruction of his Jedi Academy by one of his students, his nephew Ben Solo , before he was found by Rey . She wanted to persuade him to return and support the resistance led by his sister Leia Organa , but he refused. After the Jedi Master Yoda appeared to him, however, he decided to support the resistance with one last action. By projecting power onto the planet Crait , he distracted his nephew and the First Order long enough to allow the resistance to escape. As a result, Luke became one with the Force on Ahch-To, whom he had not left since his arrival, and died. A year later, after her duel against Kylo Ren , Rey fled again to Ahch-To, only to go into exile after her failure, as did her master Skywalker. There she met the power of her old master, who encouraged her and handed her his sister Leia's lightsaber. To enable Rey to travel to Exegol to the Sith Citadel for the final battle, he used the force to bring his once crashed X-Wing out of the depths of the sea.

The Irish island of Skellig Michael served as the filming location . Malin Head in County Donegal and Ceann Sibeal in County Kerry (off the coast of Skellig Michael) served as additional backdrop.

Appears in:

Ajan Kloss

Ajan Kloss is a forest moon and is located on the Outer Edge in the Cademimu Sector. The planet itself orbits the gas giant Ajara and also has two moons. For a short time, at the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, consideration was given to building the base of the rebel alliance on the planet. However, this idea was rejected again because the planet was too close to imperial areas. The construction of the base was later moved to Yavin IV .

Shortly after the fall of the Empire and the Battle of Jakku , Luke Skywalker trained his twin sister Leia Organa in the jungles of Ajan Kloss, in the teachings of the Jedi. Many years later - in the year 35 NSY - Leia Organa remembered this place when the resistance was looking for a new base after the defeat at the Battle of Crait . As a result, the resistance set up a hidden base in the jungle of Ajan Kloss. Hidden from enemies, the resistance on Ajan Kloss prepared for the all-important battle against Emperor Palpatine and the remains of the First Order.

After the Emperor's death and the victory over the First and Last Orders , the Resistance celebrated its triumph with all civilians who fought in the decisive Battle of Exegol .

The outdoor area of Pinewood Studios served as the filming location .

Appears in:

  • Films: IX


Grindelwald ( Switzerland ) served as the backdrop for Alderaan.

Alderaan is described in Star Wars as a peaceful planet with no military. There were small lakes on the planet, as well as plains framed by high mountains. Alderaan was respected as a center of art and ruled by the Organa royal family. The capital of Aldera, known for its universities, was on a small island. After the planet became the first victim of the Death Star, only a field of debris remained, which was given the name burial site . This is the planet where Princess Leia was raised, who was adopted by the royal family ( Bail Organa and his wife).

The capital of Alderaan is shown in Revenge of the Sith with the arrival of Leia Organa. In Star Wars , the planet can be seen shortly before it was destroyed by the Death Star.

Appears in:


Bespin is a gas planet in the Anoat Sector. There are cities in the upper atmosphere of the planet that capture and store the Tibanna gas. One example of such a Tibanna gas mine is Cloud City . The gas is mainly used as a charge for blaster and laser weapons and as spacecraft fuel. Bespin was the residence of Lando Calrissian , who had taken one of the gas mines through a sabacc win.

Appears in:


Cantonica is a desert world that lies in the corporate sector . The planet was particularly known for the city of Canto Bight and its luxurious casino metropolis. In addition to the famous Canto Bight Casino, there were other luxurious establishments in the city, such as: B. the Fathier racecourse, the Café Raduli or Zord's spa and bath house. There was a strict regiment on Cantonica, which was enforced by the officers of the city police department. However, Cantonica was also known for its cooperation with numerous parties, including the First Order. It was not uncommon for the citizens of Cantonica to deliver weapons to both units for the war between the First Order and the Resistance. There were also cases of animal cruelty and child labor in establishments such as the Fathier racecourse.

Shortly after the destruction of the Starkiller base, resistance fighters Finn and Rose Tico paid a visit to the casino and the old town in search of the master code breaker they needed for an important mission. There Finn and Rose - after a failed search and a short stay in the city prison - freed the abused Fathiere and devastated several shops and the casino during their escape. They were then able to escape using the independent code breaker DJ .

Appears in:

  • Films: VIII
  • Novels: Canto Bight


Carida is a sparsely populated planet of the galactic core worlds with many different climatic zones . The climatic conditions were a reason for Emperor Palpatine to build the training center for his elite stormtroopers there. During the times of the galactic empire and the important location on a galactic trade route, a space station was built here.

Appears in:

Cato Neimoidia

Cato Neimoidia is the homeworld of Viceroy Nute Gunray . Shortly before the end of the Clone Wars, the latter returned with his court to save cultural treasures from the clone warriors, and was almost captured by Anakin Skywalker , who had to abandon the hunt to help Obi-Wan Kenobi . When Order 66 was proclaimed by the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, the Jedi master Plo Koon was shot down by his clone warriors over Cato Neimoidia.

Appears in:


Corellia is a planet in the Corellia System in the core worlds of the galaxy. Corellia was known galaxy-wide for its industrial areas, the huge shipyards in which the Millennium Falcon and numerous star destroyers of the Galactic Empire were built, and its corrupt government, as well as for legal gambling . In addition, this planet is the starting point of the Corellian trade route, which is one of the most important in the galaxy. The capital of Corellia is Coronet City. Well-known people - from Corellia - include Han Solo , Wegen Antilles or Qi'ra .

During the reign of the empire, the criminal gang of white worms formed underground in Corellia . The leader of the gang, Lady Proxima , sheltered numerous orphans in underground canals, who in return forced them into a criminal life as thieves and smugglers. In the year 13 VSY, young Han Solo and his friend Qi'ra managed to escape from their mistress and their path led them to the Coronet spaceport, where they planned to leave the planet. There, however, the couple's paths separated and Han Solo joined the Imperial Academy and Qi'ra was recaptured by the lackeys Proximas. On Corellia, Han Solo was given his last name " Solo " by an Imperial recruiting officer .

The southern English power station Fawley was used as the filming location for the streets of Corellia in Solo: A Star Wars Story .

Appears in:


The planet Coruscant is a single city, a so-called macropolis . It was not only the cartographic (zero-zero-zero coordinates), but for years the political center of the galaxy. The Galactic Senate and the Jedi Temple with the Jedi High Council were located here . Coruscant is home to more than a trillion residents of all kinds. Most live in Galactic City (later Imperial City), where the palace of Emperor Palpatine also stood.

During Imperial rule on Coruscant, non-humans were either displaced or relegated to rundown neighborhoods by Imperial forces, while Galactic City was renamed Imperial City.

The name "Coruscant" comes from the English word "coruscate", which means something like "sparkle" or "shine". All scenes that take place on the planet were shot in the film studio, the exterior shots are entirely computer generated.

Appears in:


Salar de Uyuni , setting for the mineral world of Crait.

Crait is a no longer inhabited mineral world with a red surface covered with a layer of white salt. Here was an old outpost of the Rebel Alliance, which served the resistance as a last refuge from the troops of the First Order.

Appears in:


Former RAF Greenham Common , England, backdrop for D'Qar.

D'Qar is a remote, forested planet in the Ileenium System in the Outer Rim that served as a base for the Resistance under General Leia Organa . From here the attack against the Starkiller base was launched. A short time later, Rey , accompanied by Chewbacca and R2-D2, left the base for Luke Skywalker's whereabouts on Ahch-To . An attack by the First Order forced the stationed troops to flee, with most of the base being destroyed by direct hits and badly damaged.

Appears in:


Dagobah is a remote planet, the surface of which is largely made up of swamps. This is where the Jedi Master Yoda hid from the Empire after the destruction of the Jedi Order in Revenge of the Sith . About 20 years later, Luke Skywalker visited Dagobah on Obi-Wan Kenobi's instructions to be trained as a Jedi by Yoda. Due to a strong natural presence of the dark side of the Force, Dagobah was an ideal hiding place as it was impossible for the Empire to detect Yoda there.

Appears in:


Dantooine is an Outer Rim covered planet with grasslands, vast steppes and rocky hills, far from busy planets like Coruscant. It was an important Republican planet during the Clone Wars. The Jedi master Mace Windu led a battle here, but most of his clone troops were wounded. During the time of the Galactic Empire, the planet served as a rebel base. In Star Wars Dantooine was mentioned as Grand Moff Tarkin Leia Organa asked where the rebel base was, and she replied that she was on Dantooine, although this was, however, evacuated before the Capture of the plans of the Death Star and abandoned.

Appears in:


Dathomir is the home planet of Darth Maul . He invites Qi'ra there after she killed Dryden Vos on Savareen. The planet is feared throughout the galaxy because of the Nightsister clan. Colloquially it is also known as the "planet of witches".

Appears in:


An Empire weapons research station was on Eadu . There Galen Erso was held captive to complete the work on the Death Star . After an attempt to save Galen, Galen died and the base was largely destroyed.

Appears in:


Redwood National Park , California , USA , filming location for Endor.

Endor , also known as Forest Moon Endor , is a heavily forested moon in the Outer Rim with some savannahs and mountainous areas. In The Return of the Jedi Knights , it serves the Empire as the location of a protective shield generator, whose shield secured the construction of the second Death Star . Therefore, Emperor Palpatine called it the Sanctuary Moon. Endor orbits an uninhabitable gas giant , also known as an endor. One of the moons of Endor is Kef Bir , on which the debris of the second Death Star fell after its destruction and caused a massive natural disaster there. The Forest Moon became famous because the Alliance won one of the last battles of the Galactic Civil War there with the help of the Ewoks (a native species), destroyed the second Death Star and destroyed part of the Imperial fleet.

Originally, George Lucas wanted to have the second Death Star built over Kashyyyk, with Wookiees as slave labor. The scenes that play on Endor were filmed in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park , California , part of Redwood National Park .

Appears in:


Appears in:

  • Films: IX

Exegol is an ancient world of the Sith and is located in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy. The planet is encased in a barrier of red gas and dust, and static discharges occur at intervals on the surface due to the dryness and the friction of dust particles. The Sith loyalists settled in a Sith citadel during the time of the Galactic Empire and founded a cult whose base was now the citadel. Inside the citadel, Emperor Palpatine housed numerous clone bodies of himself. It was there that Palpatine created the leader of the First Order, Snoke . After Palpatine was thrown into the reactor shaft of the Death Star by his student Darth Vader, he transferred his spirit into one of the clone bodies on Exegol in order to be able to continue living in it. Through one of the Sith Pathfinders, the Supreme Leader of the First Order, Kylo Ren, found the secret planet in 35 NSY. The throne room of the Sith Citadel was destroyed by Rey reflecting his lightning bolts after the Emperor's death .


Felucia is a world whose biosphere, unlike other planets, is dominated not by trees or flowering plants, but by mold, lichen and towering mushrooms. The mushrooms are also the trademark of Felucia. During the Clone Wars, the two Jedi Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee were sent to Felucia to capture Separatist Council member Shu Mai with the help of a garrison of clone warriors. There they fell victim to Order 66 and were both killed by their own clone warriors.

Appears in:


Fondor is one of the colonies in the galaxy and has a similarly high development as Coruscant. The planet was known, among other things, as a center for repairs and industrial production and, during the times of the Galactic Empire, housed orbital shipyards for the Imperial fleet, as well as a research and development department that produced experimental new technologies.

Appears in:


The surface of this ring planet is very repellent and has huge stalagmites , in whose tower-like tips the dominant species of geonosic insectoids lives. Its rings are made up of asteroids. The Geonosians mainly specialized in the mass production of battle droids and the manufacture of many firearms, such as the sonic cannons, which are often used in attack by the clone warriors . The designs for the first Death Star come from the Geonosians and were transferred to Coruscant by Count Dooku at the beginning of the Clone Wars. Geonosians form huge stock colonies. Insectoid society is divided into different castes. The first battle of the Clone Wars was fought on Geonosis. In Attack of the Clones Anakin, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, Senator Amidala and C3PO were captured after they had discovered a Separatist droid factory. They were supposed to be executed in an arena, but were saved through the use of Jedi knights and clone troops. In the Rebels episode “Ehre und Eis” the genocide of the empire against the Geonosian people is mentioned. Some survivors are shown in the double episode "The Return to Geonosis".

Appears in:

Hosnian Prime

Hosnian Prime was a planet in the system of the same name. The Hosnian system was one of the core worlds of the galaxy. The planet was the seat of government of the New Republic until it was destroyed by the First Order Starkiller Base. Along with it, its four moons were also destroyed. The planet was reminiscent of Coruscant because of its high level of urbanization .

Appears in:


Hardangerjøkulen , a plateau glacier in Norway , served as the backdrop for Hoth.

Hoth is the sixth planet in the system of the same name. It is a remote, barren, icy world that circles a bluish-white sun. It is also a constant target for meteorites from a neighboring asteroid field. Daytime temperatures rarely exceed freezing point, even in the more moderate equatorial zones, and values ​​well below are not uncommon. A third of Hoth consists of open ocean, the rest of either ice-covered continents or sea under thick ice. The planet's mighty glaciers are criss-crossed with caves and crystalline geysers break through the cold surface.

The rebel alliance had set up a base on the ice planet and secured the area with echo bases and sensors. In a battle this base was destroyed by the Empire. So-called Tauntauns are at home here, and they could be tamed and used as mounts. There are also the wampas, three meter tall creatures that are excellently camouflaged because of their white fur. Luke Skywalker was kidnapped by a wampa shortly before the Battle of Hoth.

The exterior scenes of the ice planet in The Empire Strikes Back were filmed in Finse ( Norway ).

Appears in:


Ilum was an ice world in the unknown regions . For the Jedi this world was of particular value, especially because of its deposits of rare, high-energy Kyberkristallen that for the production of lightsabers are needed. Jedi padawans had to find a crystal for their lightsabers in the crystal caves of Ilum in order to be able to make their own lightsaber with it. The entrance to the caves was an ancient, hidden Jedi temple, which the young people used as a meeting place and meditation place before they went on the sacred search for the crystals.

After the end of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire became aware of Ilum, whose extensive cyber crystal deposits were of great value for the construction of the Death Star super laser. The Empire began a massive mining of the crystals, which over time greatly changed the surface of the planet.

A few years after the fall of the imperial regime, Ilum was used as a secret First Order base of operations. This accessed the existing quantities of cyber crystals with which the ice planet was transformed into a mobile super weapon with devastating destructive power: the Starkiller base .

Appears in:


The Rub al-Kali desert , backdrop for Jakku.

Jakku is a desert planet, similar to Tatooine . Once the planet had lush vegetation until a major catastrophe turned the entire surface into a desolate wasteland. The last great battle between the rebels and the Empire took place on Jakku, which is why there are many wrecks of Star Destroyers and other ships lying around. The remains are sold to scrap dealers by the population. Rey also lived on the planet , who also secured her survival as a scrap collector for many years. Poe Dameron was given the last piece of the map that was supposed to reveal the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker .

Appears in:


Wadi Rum ( Jordan ), setting for Jedha.

Jedha is a remote desert world that is permanently winter. The planet was a destination for pilgrims from across the galaxy in search of spiritual guidance from the Force. For many religions, including the Jedi, Jedha City in particular was a holy place. The researchers' opinions on Jedha differ. Some believe that the name of the Jedi comes from the name of the planet, others believe that it is exactly the other way around. It is agreed, however, that the history of Jedha and that of the Jedi was closely linked.

The Galactic Empire took over the planet and had the cyber crystals found there removed to guarantee the energy for the Death Star's main weapon. Some rebels under Saw Gerrera involved Imperial occupation forces in a skirmish, but were killed along with their base after a trial use of the Death Star. This attack severely damaged the entire planet, even if it remained intact.

Appears in:

  • Movies: Rogue One
  • Novels: Guardians of the Whills


Kamino is in a system on the edge of the republic. Kamino once owned huge land masses, but after a continental glacier melt, the whole land sank in water. Later, only the stake towns of the Kaminoans who inhabited this planet protruded from the sea and formed colonies of different sizes around the planet. Kamino was not spared from the Clone Wars. The production planet of the clones was attacked by the separatists shortly after the Battle of Geonosis. The planet, which was still relatively neutral at the beginning of the crisis, finally passed over to the Republic's side due to the great destruction. The capital of Kamino is Tipoca City.

The species resident there followed the democracy that is often represented in the republic. The Kaminoans were particularly known for their highly developed production and training facilities for clone combat units, which were highly regarded throughout the galaxy. The main export of Kaminos was aimed at the delivery of clones to other system lords or warlords or sovereign systems. But these special units were not only part of the elite because of their perfect training. The clone troops also received the most modern weapons and the safest combat suits, which were manufactured by a neighboring system, Kaminos, and delivered in a trade relationship that had existed for centuries.

Appears in:


Guilin ( China ), next to the Ao Phang-nga National Park ( Thailand ), was used as a backdrop for exterior shots of Kashyyyk.

Kashyyyk in the Mytaranor Sector is the home planet of the Wookiees. The forests on the planet in the middle rim are huge, the tree tops reach high into the sky. The Wookiees live in tree houses well above the planetary floor. After the great battle of Kashyyyk, in which the republic fought against the separatists, Order 66 was initiated, in which the clone warriors stood against their former allies and wanted to destroy all Jedi. Chewbacca and the Wookie leader Tarful took Jedi Master Yoda to an escape pod that would allow him to escape into exile in Dagobah from the clones carrying out Order 66. Most of the Wookies were enslaved and the planet was placed under a blockade by the Empire. But in the new republic this planet was repopulated. After the destruction of the second Death Star, Kashyyyk was gradually freed from the clutches of the Empire.

Appears in:

Kef Bir

Kef Bir is a moon of the planet Endor , on which the last battle against the Galactic Empire took place. The planet's landscape is made up of grassy islands and seas. After the destruction of the second Death Star, the debris fell on Kef Bir and caused a natural disaster there, as the debris poisoned the sea within a kilometer-wide radius. In addition to the local orbaks, years later, the deserted stormtrooper Jannah with company 77 settled the planet and lived there as a scrap collector. The Emperor's last pathfinder was hidden in the ruins of the Death Star .

The name Kef Bir comes from the name the Ewoks gave to their neighbor moon. The taxonomic name of the planet is IX3244-C . Originally, in the war against the Empire, the Rebel Alliance planned to use Kef Bir as a sanctuary for the rebel battle station. However, this plan was never implemented and then abandoned.

Appears in:

  • Films: IX


Kessel is a planet near the Outer Rim that was home to numerous spice mines. For years, the Pyke Syndicate held control of the spice mines, which smugglers and freighters used to move the goods to Coruscant. Work in the mines was characterized by slave labor, including Wookiees. Han Solo owed Jabba a lot of money to the Hutten as he had to abandon a smuggled cargo to avoid problems with the Empire. Its surface consists entirely of rocks. Han Solo also boasts of having made the Kessel Flight, a trade route through the galaxy, in less than 12 parsecs. Since this is not a time, but a route, it is still unclear how he could shorten it.

Appears in:


Kijimi is a mountainous planet in the Bryx sector and is known for its cold climate. It snows almost constantly on Kijimi and the temperature averages -25 degrees. The planet itself has no central government and is therefore largely an anarchy. This makes Kijimi the meeting point for smugglers, crooks and other criminals from all over the galaxy. The capital of the planet lies on a plateau of Mount Izukika; Kijimi town. In the underground of Kijimi town, the spice smugglers are up to mischief and serve the black market.

A few years after the destruction of the Starkiller Base (35 NSY), numerous children were abducted and forcibly recruited by the First Order stormtroopers on the orders of Armitage Hux and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren . During this First Order siege, Kijimi City was an occupied area. In order to illegally reprogram the droid C-3PO for a crucial translation , the resisters Rey Skywalker , Finn and Poe Dameron , who once worked as a spice smuggler on Kijimi, paid a visit to the droid smith Babu Frik . There Dameron met his former lover Zorii Bliss , who led the resistance fighters to the blacksmith's workshop. Later Kylo Ren, who was looking for the resistance, let the Knights of Ren search the city. In the middle of the city, the Supreme Leader dueled across power with the Jedi student Rey.

Not much later, Honorary General Pryde, on behalf of Emperor Palpatine, headed the Sith command ship of the Last Order towards Kijimi. Kijimi was destroyed by the super laser of the Sith star destroyer Derriphan under the command of Chesille Sabrond .

Appears in:

  • Films: IX


Kuat is the seat of the Kuat Shipyards, which built many of the spaceships for the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire and thus was of galactic interest. Kuat is one of the core worlds.

Appears in:


Reynisfjara ( Iceland ) served as the setting for Lah'mu.

Lah'mu is located in the Outer Rim and has an asteroid ring . This is where the scientist Galen Erso hid from the empire with his family after the Clone Wars. However, he was tracked down there by Orson Krennic and forced to stop work on the Death Star . His daughter Jyn Erso escaped and was later rescued by freedom fighter Saw Gerrera .

Appears in:


Mandalore is located in the Outer Rim and is characterized by a tropical climate. The planet is overgrown with dense jungle, there are also some desert regions and little fertile farmland. Duchess Satine Kryze declared Mandalore to be a neutral system shortly after the Clone Wars began. During the Clone Wars, a peace talk was held between the Separatists and the Galactic Republic under the Duchess' supervision. Mandalore had a major problem with corruption during the Clone Wars, especially among government officials. Prime Minister Almec was found to be a corrupt official and was arrested after the intervention by Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. After the union of the Death-Watch under the leadership of Pre Viszla with the Clan of the Black Sun and the Pyke Syndicate, the newly founded shadow collective gained power on Mandalore, the new leader was Darth Maul, after he was in a fight against Pre Viszla with his weapon , the Dark Blade , beheaded.

Appears in:


Mimban ( formally Circarpous V ) is a swamp planet with a dense and ionized atmosphere and is located in the circarpous sector. The surface of the planet is covered in mud and mud. Therefore, the native Mimbanese live underground most of the time.

During the times of the Galactic Empire, the mines of Mimban became interesting for them. In order to further fuel the imperial war machine, the empire began to operate the Mimbanese mines under the orders of Grand Moff Tarkin and Moff Bin . For now, the Empire's stormtroopers should wipe out the Mimbanese people to get a free hand. However, the Mimabensen defended themselves against the troops stationed on their planet and thus started a war on their homeworld.

In the middle of the battlefield, the Empire set up Camp Forward as their headquarters. From there on, AT loaders and TIE fighters were also used for the war against the Mimbanese people. For the mud-covered landscape of the battlefield, the Empire stationed mud troops with special armor adapted to the environment on Mimban. In the Battle of Mimban, 12 VSY, the Imperial Corporal Han Solo fought among others . During the dispute on the planet he caught the gangsters Tobias Beckett , Rio Durant and Val , disguised as soldiers , as they were planning to steal an Imperial AT loader for a robbery. Solo, who demonized his existence as a soldier, decided to join Tobias Beckett together with Chewbacca , whom he had met shortly before. Together with the crooks, Han Solo finally deserted and left Mimban. However, the fighting continued on the surface of Mimban.

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Mon cala

Mon Cala , also known as Mon Calamari or Dac , is a world near the galactic core that is almost entirely made up of a single ocean. The few islands were originally inhabited by the Mon Calamari , the seas by the Quarren . However, both species are able to live both underwater and in an oxygen-containing atmosphere. With the help of the quars, the calamari managed to build huge floating cities. The special thing about it was their architecture, because the buildings and ships of Mon Calamaris were modeled on marine animals and had no corners or edges.

During the era of the Empire, the Mon Cala shipyards became the main supplier of capital ships to the Rebellion and later the New Republic.

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The Etna volcano in Italy (here 2011).

Mustafar is a volcanic planet on which Obi-Wan Kenobi and his former student Anakin Skywalker , who by then already had his new name Darth Vader , fought the all-important final battle of Revenge of the Sith . Vader lost this and survived only badly wounded, whereupon he received his life-sustaining, feared appearance. Years later, he built his personal castle on the site of his greatest defeat, which served as his headquarters. In 35 NSY, Kylo Ren found one of two Sith pathfinders near the ruins of Vader's castle.

The active volcano Etna erupted during filming, which is why George Lucas sent a film team to take external views that could later be inserted into the background of the film scenes.

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Mygeeto is a barren, ruined industrial planet on which Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi was killed by clone troops on the orders of Darth Sidious .

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The Villa del Balbianello , backdrop of Naboo.

Naboo is an idyllic planet in the Chommell Sector. Its capital is Theed, which is also where the royal palace is located. 32 VSY, Naboo was blocked by the Trade Federation and later attacked. The landscape of Naboos is characterized by forests, meadows and lakes. Another species on this planet are the Gungans, who live in underwater cities such as B. Otoh Gunga, which is located in Lake Paonga. In contrast to most other planets, the world itself has a porous core that is criss-crossed by extensive underwater caves and canals. Naboo is the home planet of Padmé Amidala and Senator Palpatine , as well as Jar Jar Binks .

Plaza de España in Seville served as the backdrop for the city of Theed on Naboo.

The exterior shots of the Lakeland in Attack of the Clones were filmed on Lake Como . The palace of Caserta ( Italy ) was used for interior shots of the palace .

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Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa is a moon known as the Smugglers' Moon that was home to an active, criminal underworld ruled by bounty hunters and the Hutt clan. Similar to Coruscant , Nar Shaddaa also covers one huge city. In complete contrast to Coruscant, however, Nar Shaddaa is all about violence and gambling: prostitution and illegality are commonplace. After the destruction of the second Death Star, Luke Skywalker traveled to Nar Shaddaa in search of a way to enter the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He was captured by Grakkus the Hutt, but managed to escape.

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Onderon is a planet in the Inner Rim that is characterized by dense jungle. During the Clone Wars, Onderon sided with the Separatists. A rebellion then formed, led by Steela and Saw Gerrera and supported by the Jedi. This drove out the separatists and enabled the planet to join the republic. After this was transformed into the Galactic Empire, the planet came under Imperial control. Saw Gerrera then founded his own rebel cell, which was referred to as partisans.

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Pasaana is a desert planet and is located in the Ombakond sector. The landscape consists of deserts, dune landscapes and rocks and is home to the Aki-Aki. Pasaana is a stronghold of culture and is home to the festival of the ancestors.

After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the Jedi master Luke Skywalker and the rebel general Lando Calrissian went to Pasaana to investigate clues to mysteries of the Sith. There they found out about the Sith loyalist Ochi von Bestoon , who was on a secret mission on behalf of the returned Emperor . Lando Calrissian heard the loyalist boast in a bar that he had found a Sith pathfinder. Luke and Lando followed the trail of Ochi, but lost it and gave up their search.

Lando Calrissian decided not to leave Pasaana some time later because his daughter was kidnapped by the First Order, and he hoped that one day she would return. From then on Lando lived a secluded life on Pasaana and called himself The Hermit .

In 35 NSY, resistanceists Rey Skywalker, Poe Dameron and Finn toured the planet to continue the search for the pathfinder. There the group met Lando Calrissian, who helped them in their search. In the Vexis caves under the sinking fields, Rey found the Sith dagger of the dead Ochis.

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  • Films: IX


Pillio is an uncolonized planet in the Jinata system. The surface consists largely of oceans, in which over three million species live, and some islands of corals and rocks, through which large cave systems lead. During the times of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine built an observatory here in which various art objects were kept. This was destroyed after the Battle of Endor to prevent the artifacts from falling into the hands of the rebels. Decades after the fall of the empire, the planet was under the control of the Jinata Security Service, who mined important raw materials here on behalf of the First Order.

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Polis Massa

Polis Massa is a small medical outpost on an asteroid. It is used by the republic and later by the rebels. In Revenge of the Sith , the Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi brings the pregnant Padmé Amidala to the Med Center on Polis Massa. There, shortly before she dies, she gives birth to twins Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa .

On the DVD for Revenge of the Sith , John Knoll , who is responsible for visual effects at ILM , explains that George Lucas deliberately had the appearance of the asteroid designed as an homage to the lunar station Clavius from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

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Saleucami is an Outer Rim planet . The deserter Cut Lawquane, a former clone warrior, had settled there with his wife after the Battle of Geonosis and ran a small farm with her. Above and on Saleucami, the battle took place during the Clone Wars, in which General Grievous was pursued by Republican troops but ultimately escaped. The Jedi Master Stass Allie was later stationed there and was shot dead by her clone troops on Saleucami when Order 66 was issued.

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Savareen is a desert planet with large oceans in the Outer Rim . There is also a small refinery to which Han Solo brought the coaxium stolen from Kessel .

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The Laamu Atoll ( Maldives ), backdrop for Scarif.

Scarif is a tropical planet in the Outer Rim and an important outpost of the Empire for armaments research and the location of the Imperial Archives. From here the plans for the Death Star were stolen by an attack by the rebels led by Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor , which made it possible to destroy it. The archive was completely destroyed by a single reactor ignition of the Death Star shortly after the plans were submitted.

The underground station Canary Wharf in London was used for some of the interior shots of the Imperial station .

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Sullust is the home planet of the Sullustans and is covered by lava flows. The planet had numerous factories that were used as shipyards and armaments yards for the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Shortly before the attack on the second Death Star, the rebels gathered over the planet.

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Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean was used as the backdrop for the exterior shots of Takodana.

Takodana is a neutral forest planet and was the site of a war between Jedi and Sith during the Old Republic. Maz Kanata had its castle here for several hundred years, which was a popular destination for travelers, traders and villains. In this Rey finds the former lightsaber Anakin Skywalker , which Luke Skywalker lost in the fight against Darth Vader on Bespin .

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A planet in the Outer Rim that, like Coruscant, has a city spanning the planet. The city suffered from a lot of pollution and waste pollution, mainly from crashed and gutted spaceships. Because of this, the elite lived in tall skyscrapers, far from the ground.

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Hotel Sidi Driss in Tunisia , location for Tatooine.
The "wet farm"

Tatooine is an Outer Rim desert planet orbiting a pair of twin suns (Tatoo 1 and 2). Away from important trade routes on the edge of the Outer Rim Territory, it is a refuge for smugglers, criminals and people who don't want to be found. Otherwise, apart from wet farms, it doesn't have much to see. In addition to the hot desert, there are other great dangers on Tatooine: The sand people repeatedly carry out raids.

Filming location of Mos Espa, hometown of Anakin Skywalker, northwest of the city of Tozeur in Tunisia .
Death Valley

Tatooine was the home planet of Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke Skywalker . Indigenous forms of life were the Tusken robbers and the great bantas. The bantas were often used as pack animals and mounts by the Tusken. Another intelligent species were the Jawas. Jawas are mostly scrap dealers and lived nomadically in their large sand crawler vehicles.

Prior to the Empire, Qui-Gon Jinn , Obi-Wan Kenobi , the Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala and their entourage had to make an emergency landing on Tatooine because their hyperspace engines were damaged. They met the young Anakin Skywalker, a slave whom they could buy free by winning the pod race and leave the planet with him. Anakin later returned to Tatooine as a Jedi in search of his mother, Shmi Skywalker , who had to remain on the planet as a slave. However, Anakin learned that Shmi was kidnapped by Tusken robbers and taken to their camp. He saw his mother only briefly before she died of exhaustion. It was a crucial moment on Anakin's journey to the dark side.

Mos Eisley was one of the larger cities of Tatooine and housed one of Tatooine's main spaceports . She starred in Star Wars and Return of the Jedi . Luke Skywalker, the droids and Obi-Wan Kenobi first met Chewbacca and Han Solo in the local bar, Chalmun's Cantina , which was home to all kinds of species like Ithorians, Duros and Aqualish .

Many years later, after defeating the First Order and the Emperor, the Jedi student Rey buried the Skywalker twins 'lightsabers in the sand near Owen Lars' former wet farm.

The planet has appeared in six Star Wars films so far . Most of the recordings were made in Tunisia. The name comes from the local Berber town of Tataouine . Other locations were Death Valley National Park and the Buttercup Valley of the Yuma Desert in the USA. Tatooine is the nickname of the exoplanet Kepler-16b .

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Utapau is a planet in the Outer Rim that was neutral at the time of the Clone Wars, so it belonged neither to the Republic nor to the Separatists. It is covered by barren rocky landscapes with only very little vegetation, which are repeatedly broken through by huge holes, the gullet holes . These holes extend hundreds of meters deep into the subterranean ocean that encompasses the entire planet. In these holes are cities that were built on the rock walls, such as the capital Pau City. The planet is inhabited by the Pau, large, long-lived humanoids, the Utai, smaller creatures that do not have such a long life, and many birds and reptiles, such as the dragon horses. On one of these, Obi-Wan Kenobi pursued General Grievous , who had conquered the planet before the attack on Coruscant and was using it as the headquarters for the separatists. It was here that he was finally killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi while trying to escape and after sending the separatist leadership into the Mustafar system. Utapau was finally liberated by the republic.

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Vardos , a planet in the Jinata system, was known as an Imperial Utopia during the Galactic Civil War. Still an independent world in the Clone Wars, the planet was conquered and occupied by Imperial forces shortly after Palpatine's rise to power . Huge cities and military facilities were built in the years that followed, and became home to numerous loyal citizens of the Empire. After the destruction of the second Death Star in the Battle of Endor, Vardos was one of the first targets of Operation Ashes, on the initiative of the late Emperor Palpatine. The subsequent manipulation of the climate devastated a large part of the planet's surface and severely decimated the population.

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On Vandor coat Han Solo to steal refined Coaxium an Imperial Conveyex van with his troops to Tobias Beckett.

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The planet Wobani is located in the central edge of the galaxy. It served the empire as a camp for prisoners. Here Jyn Erso was freed from a prisoner transport by the rebels.

The name of the planet is an anagram from the name of the character Obi-Wan .

Appears in:

  • Movies: Rogue One
  • Novels: Rebel Rising , Leia - Princess of Alderaan

Yavin IV

Tikal ( Guatemala ), backdrop for the temple complexes on Yavin IV.
The famous scene in which the rebels take off to attack the Death Star was filmed here.

Yavin IV is one of the many moons of the gas giant Yavin . It served as a rebel base until shortly before the Battle of Yavin. In this the first Death Star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker. This event serves as the zero point of the galactic calendar: VSY / NSY means before or after the battle of Yavin IV.

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In Zeffo it is a clammy world whose surface is characterized by flooded Plateau and Rocky Mountains. In its earlier history, this planet was home to the Zeffo, an ancient civilization that once explored power. She left behind many ruins and tombs here, which were dedicated to several Zeffo wise men and were protected by tomb guards. In the times of the Republic, the planet was mainly visited by archaeologists and pioneers who wanted to discover ancient Zeffo artifacts. When the Galactic Empire came to power, the peaceful community was destroyed by the looting of historic sites and sacred tombs.

Spaceships and stations

At this point, important and well-known spaceships and stations of the Star Wars universe are listed that are part of the official canon.

Death stars

A total of two death stars were built.

The first death star appears in:

The second death star appears in:


The term Advanced universe (Engl. Expanded Universe ) were in Star Wars all licensed -Context Star Wars passed materials outside the movies. The expanded universe includes books, comic books, games, and other media that expand the stories told in the films. The expansion of the Star Wars universe began in 1978. With the takeover of the Star Wars brand by Disney in 2012, Disney announced that the formerly expanded universe was no longer part of the official canon and would continue to exist independently under the collective name of Legends . This section lists places that fall under this collective term. Some of the planets mentioned here already exist in the current canon, but have not yet achieved sufficient relevance through mere mentioning in the new media and are therefore initially listed here.


Duro is a core world on the Corellian trade route. The atmosphere of this planet was highly toxic, almost nothing grew on the surface and only a few robust insects lived on it. The inhabitants of the planet, the duros, lived in orbital cities above the poisonous sulfur clouds; the capital is Bbuburru City. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, some 20 years after the fall of the empire, the surface was home to many of Selcore's refugee settlements; the Gateway main settlement was headed by Leia Organa Solo. When the planet was conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong, they made it habitable again.

Appears in:

  • The Legacy of the Jedi 6: Planet of the Lost
  • The Legacy of the Jedi 14: Ways of Fate


The planet Kalee is the home planet of the Kaleesh, an anthropomorphic , warlike reptile species. Droid general Grievous was a respected Kaleesh warlord before being remodeled into a cyborg and named supreme separatist leader.


Korriban is a world covered with arid deserts and mountains and the home planet of the Sith. It is on the edge of the old Sith Empire. After the first Jedi Civil War, which took place many millennia before the events of Knights of the Old Republic, the renegade Jedi, under the leadership of Xendor, fled to Korriban and named their faith after the primitive inhabitants, the Sith, of whom they looked like gods were worshiped. Korriban is home to many of the most dangerous and aggressive beasts in the galaxy. They are said to have been corrupted by the dark power inherent in Korriban. One of them was the tuk'ata, a wolf-like animal whose power immunity makes it a serious opponent. Tuk'ata live in packs and never attack alone. They are also drawn to power. The Valley of the Dark Lords, at the end of which there was a Sith Academy at 4000 VSY, was the burial place of the four greatest Sith Lords of Korriban: Naga Sadow, Marka Ragnos, Ajunta Pall and Tulak Hord. Naga Sadow's grave contained part of the starforge's site plan. It was said that on his return Darth Revan found Ajunta Pall's grave and met his ghost there, from whom he received the old sword from Ajunta Pall's grave. At the time of Darth Revan the academy was directed by Master Uthar Wynn. Almost 3000 years later, in the time of Darth Bane, there were many new academies in place of the old Sith Academy above the Valley of the Dark Lords, which were located in old Sith temples. Korriban's academies then trained the best of the Sith. Korriban was only sparsely populated at all times, as the planet was firstly very dangerous and secondly completely sterile. The only settlement was Dreshdae, an outpost of the Czerka Corporation.

Appears in:


Manaan is a planet almost completely covered by water that was on the edge of the Republic without belonging to it. Manaan was the hometown of the Selkath, an amphibious form of life that communicated with a language of slurping sounds that was difficult for others to understand. Manaan was the only known planet where the powerful medicine Kolto could be mined. It was the most powerful cure in the galaxy and was both anti-inflammatory and highly wound healing. Kolto was the substance that was in the tanks in which the injured were treated to regenerate. Later it was replaced by the stronger substance Bacta that in Episode V appears.

Manaan only had one city, Ahto City , which was because the Selkath lived underwater. Ahto therefore mainly served as a station for refining and selling the Kolto. Although the Republic and the Sith Empire fought for Manaan in the war described in " Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ", it remained strictly neutral, even if more and more voices were voiced for the Sith to be despised.

Appears in:

Ord Mantell

This planet is mentioned in The Empire Strikes Back . Han Solo reported that he ran into a couple of bounty hunters who were trying to collect the reward Jabba the Hutt had put on his head. The planet is one huge junkyard, which, like the planet Coruscant, is one huge city.

Appears in:


The planet Ossus was one of the most important Jedi bases at the time of the Sith Wars (approx. 4000 VSY). There was the largest Jedi library (founded by Odan-Urr) and a huge Jedi training center. The library was guarded by the Ossus Guardians, a group within the Jedi Guardians who in principle combined the characteristics of Jedi Guardians and Jedi Envoy, but not as with the Jedi Guardians, but actually achieved perfect training Perfection in power and in battle. Ossus was later devastated by a supernova triggered by Sith Lords, but most of the knowledge was saved by the Jedi Master Atris.

In 30 NSY, Luke Skywalker moved his Jedi Academy to Ossus after the Masassi Temple on Yavin IV was destroyed.


Quesh lies in the Huttenraum and was discovered by the Republic. The planet's poisons are dangerous to most species, but some have beneficial effects. The republic tried to filter the substance Venenit Shadaaga from the atmosphere. When this failed, they asked the Hutts for help, even though it violated the neutrality treaty with the Empire. After this was exposed, a large part of Hutta as well as the Empire launched a major attack on Quesh.

Appears in:

Rakata Prime

Rakata Prime or Lethon was the homeworld of the Rakata and the capital of the Infinite Empire at that time. Most of its surface is covered with an ocean dotted with many archipelagos. It is circled by two fashions, one covering a large part of the sky.

The planet was discovered by the Sith Darth Revan 3359 BBY, where he found the Star Forge. After a fight in orbit, a group of Jedi succeeded in capturing Darth Revan and destroying the Star Forge, although Darth Revan's student, Darth Malak, escaped.

Appears in

  • Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 5 (novel)
  • Dawn of the Jedi: The Prisoner of Bogan 4 (novel)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Novel)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Novel)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan (novel)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal ThroneTimeline 8: The Jedi Civil War (novel)
  • Darth Bane: The Rule of Two , Drew Karpyshyn, Blanvalet (novel)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMORPG)


Tython is a planet in the deep core of the galaxy and is believed to be the cradle of the Old Jedi Order. Shortly after the end of the Great Galactic War between Jedi and Sith , the Jedi Knights retired to Tython to reform their order there. In the millennia that followed, the planet slowly fell into oblivion again due to its difficult-to-navigate location in the deep core. When Darth Bane came to Tython ten years after the Battle of Ruusan , the planet was on the verge of drifting back into the realm of legend.

Appears in:

Zonama Sekot

Zonama Sekot is a planet outside the territory of the Old Republic. The peculiarity of the planet is that it was a single living organism. The celestial body alone is called "Zonama", the spirit that arose in power and controls the entire planet is known under the name of "Sekot". Sekot controls the entire environment of the planet, which consists mainly of boras, tree-like beings with collective consciousness. The Ferroans living on the planet are in contact with Sekot through a power-sensitive Magister. Sekot shows himself to this in a physical form. In the novels that were u. a. the Jedi Vergere , the Yuuzhan Vong designer Nen Yim or a young version of Anakin Skywalker.

Zonama Sekot appears for the first time in the novel Planet of the Traitors , set three years after Episode I , in which Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin are supposed to search for the missing Jedi Vergere. In the end, however, they can only find out that she left the planet with the Far Outsiders to protect the colonists from further attacks by the unknown alien race. After the Jedi leave Zonama Sekot, the entire planet flees into hyperspace with engines created by Sekot to avoid an invasion of Wilhuff Tarkin, who led a fleet of the Trade Federation.

The events of the novel are revisited in the Legacy of the Jedi series : The Far Outsiders turn out to be the Yuuzhan Vong, with whom Vergere returned to the known galaxy about 50 years after their disappearance. Shortly before her death, she tells Jacen Solo about the lost planet that once repulsed a fleet of the Yuuzhan Vong without assistance. A Jedi expedition under Luke Skywalker finally discovers the planet deep in the unknown regions of the galaxy. Luke can persuade Sekot to join the forces of the Galactic Federation. After the Yuuzhan Vong War, Sekot made it available to the surviving Yuuzhan Vong as a new home.

Appears in:

  • Traitor Planet , Greg Bear, Blanvalet Verlag ISBN 3-442-35494-3 (novel)
  • The Legacy of the Jedi 16: The Lost Planet , Blanvalet Verlag (novel)
  • The Legacy of the Jedi 17: Against All Hope , Blanvalet Verlag (novel)
  • The Legacy of the Jedi 18: The Last Prophecy , Blanvalet Verlag (novel)
  • The Legacy of the Jedi 19: United by Force , Blanvalet (novel)


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