Ovesne Kladruby

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Ovesne Kladruby
Coat of arms of Ovesné Kladruby
Ovesné Kladruby (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Karlovarský kraj
District : Cheb
Area : 1806.3243 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 57 '  N , 12 ° 47'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 57 '18 "  N , 12 ° 46' 51"  E
Height: 720  m nm
Residents : 123 (Jan 1, 2019)
Postal code : 353 01
License plate : K (old CH)
Street: Mariánské Lázně - Teplá
Railway connection: Mariánské Lázně – Karlovy Vary
Status: local community
Districts: 1
Mayor : Aurelie Skřivanová (as of 2018)
Address: Ovesné Kladruby 16
353 01 Mariánské Lázně 1
Municipality number: 539473
Website : www.ovesnekladruby.cz
Location of Ovesné Kladruby in the Cheb district

Ovesné Kladruby (German Habakladrau , formerly also Kladrau ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic . The village is located five kilometers east of Mariánské Lázně and belongs to the Okres Cheb .

View from the Podhorn mountain to Ovesné Kladruby
The old place name sign with a view of the village


Geographical location

Ovesné Kladruby is located south of the Imperial Forest in the Tepler Highlands . To the north-west rises the 847 m high Podhorní vrch , the area of ​​which was already geognostically described by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe . In the northeast lies the Podhora drinking water reservoir, which is fed by the Teplá .

Community structure

No districts are designated for the municipality of Ovesné Kladruby. Basic settlement units are Ovesné Kladruby ( Habakladrau ) and Vysočany ( Wischezahn ).

The municipality is divided into the cadastral districts of Ovesné Kladruby and Vysočany u Ovesných Kladrub.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring towns are Horní Kramolín in the northeast, Mrázov in the east, Bezvěrov in the southeast, Výškovice and Pístov in the south, Martinov in the southwest, Vlkovice and Milhostov in the west and Zádub and Závišín in the northwest.


Since 1242 there was a parish station for the surrounding villages in the place. First documented the existence of the property of the convent Tepl associated village Avenatika Cladruna (from Latin avena = oats;. See also Czech oves = oats; Klady cases robots = strains woodcutter village, s. Kladrau ) 1273 occupied. The Habakladrau parish had been in existence since 1363 and consisted of the villages Habakladrau, Abaschin , Hohendorf , Müllestau, Wischezahn and Wischkowitz.

The monastery granted the village several privileges , including the inheritance of properties under German law, brewing rights and lower jurisdiction. On April 25, 1611 a major fire destroyed part of the village with the church; in the same year 130 residents died of the plague within four months. In the 17th century there were plans to acquire the status of a market, a town or even city rights. In 1717 the monastery withdrew the right to freely inherit the farms from the town.

After the replacement of the patrimonial Habakladrau was in 1849 part of the district Tepl . In 1882 the place consisted of 73 houses in which 501 inhabitants lived. With the establishment of the Marienbad judicial district in 1888, Habakladrau belonged to it. With the construction of the Marienbad – Karlsbad branch line in 1898, the town received a railway connection.

After the Munich Agreement , the place was added to the German Empire and belonged to the Marienbad district until 1945 .

After the Second World War, the German-Bohemian population was expelled. As a result, there was an increased influx of Czechs from the interior, Slovaks, repatriates and Roma.

In 1960 it was incorporated into Mariánské Lázně; since November 24, 1990, Ovesné Kladruby is again an independent municipality.

Culture and sights

  • Parish church of St. Laurentius, built from 1746 to 1748 in place of the ruins that existed after the fire of 1611
  • Rectory, built in 1830
Church of St. Lawrence in Ovesné Kladruby
  • The old train station of the place


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