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Peter Lustig in October 2005

Peter Fritz Willi Lustig (born October 27, 1937 in Breslau , Prussian Province of Lower Silesia , † February 23, 2016 near Husum ) was a German television presenter and children's book author . He was best known as the main actor and author of the ZDF children's series Löwenzahn and its offshoot right in the middle .

Education and career

Peter Lustig was a trained radio technician and studied electrical engineering after completing his training . After completing his studies, he started working as a sound engineer at the US radio station AFN , and later he went to the SFB . There he also wrote radio plays for the radio , was a lecturer at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin , responsible for the sound of the film recording of John F. Kennedy's speech Ich bin ein Berliner in front of the Schöneberg Town Hall and the Günter Grass filming Katz und Maus and also worked in the Schöneberger Weltlaterne in Berlin's Motzstrasse .

In 1972 Peter Lustig appeared on the show with the mouse in clips titled Peter and Atze , in which he and the robot bird Atze explained technology (e.g. a telephone or a bell). He then moderated the Wolpertinger Wochenschau for Bayerischer Rundfunk . Lustig was discovered as a presenter and main character in a television production for the program Pusteblume in 1979 on ZDF . He stayed that way even after the program was renamed Löwenzahn . His hallmarks were his blue dungarees , his blue construction trailer converted into a caravan , his nickel glasses and his regular requests to the child audience to turn off the television after the broadcast. In addition to Löwenzahn , whose author and copywriter he was, from 1989 to 1995 he moderated the television series in the middle , which was aimed more at a young target group, and in 1998 was the spokesman for the television series Raumschiff Erde at KiKA .

In 1984, Lustig developed lung cancer , which was treated in seven operations. One lung was removed. During his hospital stays, he wrote child-friendly letters to his son, which were published as a children's book under the title Dear Momme - Whimsical Letters .

In 2004 the cartoon series Mammutland started , which was the result of a German-French-British collaboration. Peter Lustig edited the German version of the program and spoke to the inventor. The series is set on an island where people keep mammoths as workhorses. In each episode, the characters make thematically related inventions and explain physical relationships.

Due to the health restrictions, Peter Lustig announced his retirement into private life on March 23, 2005. On 16 October 2005, he was in the dandelion -Spielfilm The journey into the adventure to see the 25th anniversary of the series. There were four last new episodes in November and December of the same year; In addition to the film mentioned, a total of 197 episodes with Peter Lustig were created on ZDF. In addition, he appeared in the episode Lebenswandel - Zeitreise in Bärstadt (first broadcast on October 28, 2007) as a guest together with his successor Guido Hammesfahr .

Among other things, Lustig has written a book about setting films to music and has contributed to two handicraft books as well as the book series on dandelions . There is also the technology comic How does a car work? which he drew in response to this question from his son. He also lent his voice to the inventor and inventor of the same name in the first four games of the Willy Werkel computer game series.

On September 4, 2007, Lustig was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon by Federal President Horst Köhler .

In 2012, a Peter Lustig exhibition started as a traveling exhibition to provide information about technical inventions. The exhibition was initiated by the Technikmuseum Freudenberg (Siegerland). Due to its great success, it was continued in 2013, from April 2nd to October 31st of the same year.


The Fresenhof in Bohmstedtfeld

His father died when Peter Lustig was one year old - his mother had to flee from Breslau.

Peter Lustig belonged to the neo-sannyas movement in the 1980s until its founder Osho died in 1990. In his second marriage he was married to Elfie Donnelly (author by Bibi Blocksberg and Benjamin Blümchen, among others ), who also became a student of Osho and with whom he had a son (Momme Pavi). Donnelly wrote the children's book Peters Flucht about the escape of eight year old Peter from Breslau.

Peter Lustig lived with his wife Astrid Berge in Bohmstedt on the Fresenhof near Husum for more than ten years . In 2014 they moved to Berlin-Charlottenburg .

Lustig died on February 23, 2016 with his family. He had four children. He was buried at sea in close family circles .

Media controversy

In 2002 the tabloid Bild am Sonntag published a headline out of context with the title Peter Lustig - I don't like children , which he was accused of from then on. The occasion was an interview with the Stuttgarter Zeitung , in which he described how exhausting it is to work with children in front of the camera - especially for them it is a “torment”. He takes young people as they are: “Sure, children are annoying and sticky, so what? They know that themselves. ”The ironic undertone was suppressed in the following reports; the interviewer Kai Biermann described the interpretation by other media as "twisted" and "bent".



Acting roles

Television appearances

Synchronous roles

  • 1998: Building cars with Willi Werkel
  • 1999: Building ships with Willi Werkel
  • 2001: Building aircraft with Willi Werkel
  • 2003: Building houses with Willi Werkel
  • 2003-2004: Mammoth Country
  • 2005: Building spaceships with Willi Werkel
  • 2007: Gordo's Journey to the End of the World


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