Pruntrut (District)

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District of Pruntrut
(French: District de Porrentruy)
District of Pruntrut (French: District de Porrentruy)
Basic data
Country: SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Canton of JuraCanton of Jura Law (JU)
Main town : Pruntrut
FSO number : 2603
Area : 335.10  km²
Height range : 364–981 m above sea level M.
Residents: 24,440 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 73 inhabitants per km²
Map of the district of Pruntrut (French: District de Porrentruy)

The district of Pruntrut ( French District de Porrentruy ) is a district in the canton of Jura , the main town is Pruntrut .

Since the former municipalities of Epauvillers and Epiquerez belonged to the Franches-Montagnes district , the area of ​​the Pruntrut district increased by the area of ​​these two municipalities on January 1, 2009 after the merger to form the municipality of Clos du Doubs .

With 24,440 inhabitants (December 31, 2018), the district is one of the small regions in Switzerland in terms of population ( 102nd place out of 148). In terms of area , it is large (rank 38). The population density per square kilometer is very low.

In this article, comparable properties across all regions of Switzerland are divided into five empirical quantiles , each with a frequency of 20%. These key figures describe the collected data as a whole. They differentiate between very small / small / medium / large or very large and relate to the years 2014–2016.


The age structure of the permanent resident population on December 31, 2016 shows the large proportion of the somewhat older population compared to the younger generations.

Age structure of the population in the District de Porrentruy

The education of the residents is roughly measured at the highest level completed, starting with compulsory school. In the District de Porrentruy, the permanent resident population aged 25 and over has a small proportion of upper secondary level (44% - 48%) and a very small proportion of universities (<23%).

The language of the permanent resident population in private households is French. A second main language with a share of over 10% is not available, although the respondents were able to name up to three languages ​​several times. 7% speak fluent German, French 91%, Italian 2%, Romansh 0%, English 2%. Other languages ​​are represented with 8%, which is a very small proportion compared to Switzerland with 19.5%.

In the national statistics on living conditions according to type of resident , the apartments used are divided into paid tenancies (including cooperatives) and property (including other such as tenants or free company apartments by employers). The District de Porrentruy ranks 125th out of 148 with 38% rental apartments, so it has very few rental apartments. Across all districts with five quartiles , the thresholds are 40% / 45% / 51% / 58%, the maximum is around 90%, the minimum around 23%.

The standardized employment rate is defined as the number of economically active persons measured against the permanent resident population aged 15 and over in private households. Switzerland has an employment rate of 66%, in the districts it is between 53% and 73%, the five quantiles have threshold values ​​of 63.0% / 65.4% / 67.6% / 68.6%. The District de Porrentruy has a very low employment rate of 57.9% (<63.0%).

Daily commuters (if you know your place of work and people living in Switzerland) are relatively rare at 43% (<45%). Switzerland has between 38% and 60% work commuters, counted as commuters from the region including internal commuters. In terms of direction, the streams are mostly commuters.

Municipalities in the district

The following municipalities belong to the district ( as of January 1, 2018 ):

Political municipalities of the Porrentruy district (Canton of Jura)
coat of arms Name of the parish German name Population
(December 31, 2018)
in km²
per km²
All Hall 1850 10.60 175
Basse-Allaine 1230 23.04 53
Beurnevésin Birschwiler 123 5.09 24
Boncourt Bubendorf 1225 9.02 136
Bonfol JU
Bonfol Pumpfel 666 13.58 49
Bure Burnen 659 13.68 48
Clos du Doubs
Clos du Doubs 1286 61.75 21st
Coeuve Runners 734 11.62 63
Cornol Gundelsdorf 1010 10.45 97
Courchavon Vogtsburg 294 6.19 47
Courgenay Jennsdorf 2331 18.44 126
Courtedoux Ludolfsdorf 765 8.21 93
Damphreux 176 5.67 31
Fahy 350 7.78 45
Fontenais 1685 19.99 84
Grandfontaine 395 8.97 44
Haute ajoie
Haute ajoie 1095 40.93 27
La Baroche
La Baroche 1162 31.07 37
Lugnez 186 5.10 36
Porrentruy Pruntrut 6678 14.76 452
Vendlincourt Wendelinsdorf 540 9.15 59
Total (21) Pruntrut district 24'440 335.10 73

Changes in the community

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