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Rose Mary Gaines (born June 26, 1960 in Martinez , California ) is an American singer , accompanist , songwriter and keyboardist . She worked with Prince , among others , and was a founding member of his companion band The New Power Generation in late 1990 .

Gaines has released nine studio albums so far, but they were not commercially successful. The musical style of their albums can be assigned to contemporary R&B , funk , pop music and rock music. They also published the 1990 mid EPs on which remix versions of their songs in the genre Electronic dance music , Euro Dance and House exist. Gaines is also featured as a guest singer on some records .


Childhood and youth

Rose Mary Gaines was born in Martinez , Northern California, in 1960 and grew up there as the youngest of ten siblings, two of whom died in childbirth. Her mother Mattie Mae (born August 20, 1929 - July 12, 2019) was married from 1944 to 1961 to Gaines' father, who was stabbed to death in 1966 . In 1974 she married Curtis L. West (born July 5, 1934, † June 24, 2011), whom Gaines also referred to as "father". Two brothers and three sisters of Rosie Gaines' siblings are still alive (as of July 2019).


Gaines was married twice. She met her first husband Curtis Ohlson (* 1957) at high school in Pittsburg , California. Gaines played the piccolo in the marching band there , while Ohlson was the band leader . The two worked for a total of five years - of which they were married for two years - in the band. Ohlson later worked as a musician, record producer and composer and released two of his own studio albums in the 1980s.

The second time Gaines was married to the Dutch Francis Jules, whom she had met in the summer of 1990 during the Nude tour . Gaines has a daughter, Latoya, who was born in 1978 and is also a singer and has two sons. In addition, Gaines is the aunt of the US R&B singer Ronnie James Tucker (born November 19, 1987), who is known under the pseudonym Ro James .

Believing in reincarnation, Rosie Gaines said in 1995 that considering all the lives she has lived, she was "probably 400 to 500 years old." She does not count her own age in the traditional sense and takes the view that people will never die.

Health problems (since 2009)

In 2009, Rosie Gaines was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Rotterdam for inpatient treatment after injecting herself with an overdose of insulin ; she is diabetic and has been overweight for years . In 2014, her health deteriorated and Gaines spent most of the year in hospitals because she refused insulin therapy . As a result, her legs became swollen and infected .

In addition to her health situation, Gaines' social lifestyle also changed; In 2014 she occasionally stayed in front of the Bay Point, California subway station . Although she temporarily lived with one of her brothers, her daughter, and her mother, all of whom offered her help, she insisted that Gaines contact a doctor. She angrily refused this proposal and disappeared, whereupon her daughter filed a missing person report ; she finally found her mother in a phone booth, dressed in pajamas. According to Curtis Ohlson, Gaines' first husband, friends offered her accommodation and an unnamed prominent musician provided her with a house in Hayward , California, complete with a piano and swimming pool. “I don't like Hayward. Hayward is angry, ”Gaines replied and refused the house. She also organized the US singer Brenda Vaughn (* 1958), a friend of Gaines, accommodation in a guest house in Vallejo , California, which Gaines also refused. "She would have had her own room and three meals a day, but she didn't go along mentally," said Vaughn. Gaines does not want to "work with us" and only live in Pittsburg or Antioch . “That's what we're looking for,” added Vaughn. Some musicians tried to contact Gaines, but since she has no internet access or a phone, “she didn't hear anything.” For example, Bootsy Collins wanted to send her money for the song Don't Let 'Em (2002), Vaughn said. In addition, Prince also helped.

In 2015, Gaines lived in a homeless shelter in Richmond , California, where staff had made sure that she was taking medication. On January 31, 2015, a benefit concert for Rosie Gaines was held in Oakland , California at the Geoffrey's Inner Circle music club, which has a maximum audience capacity of 1,255. Depending on the price category, entry was either $ 20 or $ 30. The moderators of the benefit concert were Luenell Campbell and Nikki Thomas. The benefit motto was “I Am My Sister's Keeper” and the concert was organized by Gaines' friend Brenda Vaughn, who was born in Oakland. Musicians such as D'wayne Wiggins from the US band Tony! Toni! Toné! , Otis Redding III from The Reddings , Lenny Williams from Tower of Power , Maxine Jones from En Vogue and Levi Seacer Jr. According to Vaughn, the proceeds will be invested in a house for Rosie Gaines located in Pittsburg or Antioch, both in the US state of California, where her daughter also lives with her two sons.

On the occasion of Prince's death in April 2016, a tribute evening was held in Pittsburg's California Theater on April 29th in honor of the musician, at which Rosie Gaines should also have performed and sung. However, she could not take part for health reasons and was represented by her daughter Latoya. According to the daughter, Gaines was "devastated" by Prince's death.

Gaines has lived in her daughter's house since 2017 and in March of the same year Morris Hayes, a former keyboard player in Prince's backing band, announced the re-establishment of the original formation of The New Power Generation , in which Gaines was unable to participate. In February 2018, US blogger DrFunkenberry, who is closely following Prince's musical career, said Gaines had suffered further health setbacks and was still suffering from diabetes and depression , which Gaines' daughter confirmed in October 2018.

In April 2019, local Minneapolis , Minnesota artists raised funds for Rosie Gaines, who continues to suffer from health problems. The fundraiser was celebrated on the third anniversary of Prince's death and a four-day celebration was held at the Paisley Park Studio in Chanhassen , Minnesota.


Musical beginnings

Rosie Gaines' musical development began in her childhood; her mother listened to music from the genres of blues , country and R&B , her father liked funk . Gaines cites Aretha Franklin , Bessie Smith , Billie Holiday , Chaka Khan , Ella Fitzgerald and Tina Turner as musical influences in her own music . She also names musicians such as Bob Marley , Curtis Mayfield , Donny Hathaway , George Clinton and Stevie Wonder . She was also influenced by Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington , but her keyboard playing was influenced by church music . Gaines cannot read music .

Gaines originally wanted to be a musician . As a child, her mother gave her a small organ , but her mother also encouraged her singing . Gaines had her first live performance at the age of four, which took place at the Cotton Club in Pittsburg, California . According to her own statements, she knew from that point that she wanted to make music for the rest of her life. At the age of five she sang and played in the band Unity, which was made up of members of her family; her brother Carl played the electric bass, her sister Mal played the drums, her cousin the guitar and her sister-in-law did the backing vocals . Unity was assigned to the music genres funk and soul, but the band did not record any albums or songs. As a teenager , Gaines sang in various bands called The Oasis, A Touch of Class and Flash.

In the early 1980s, Don Cornelius was the music manager of Gaines, which during this time worked with The Whispers , among others . However, her musical focus was on appearances as a solo singer in music clubs in Northern California.

In 1985 Gaines signed a record deal with Epic Records and released her debut album Caring , which was not commercially successful. On the album act, among other things Dann Huff , Paulinho da Costa , alto saxophonist Marc Russo of the Yellowjackets , Wilton Felder , Greg Phillinganes and electric guitarist Levi Seacer Jr. with. Producers and arrangers of Caring were Don Cornelius and Gaines' first husband Curtis Ohlson.

Gaines' second studio album, No Sweeter Love, was originally scheduled to appear on Epic Records in 1987. But the already completed album was not released and the single Crazy was withdrawn, after which it was initially available for purchase. The reasons for this have not been made public. Ultimately, the album was only released in 2000 on the Expansion Records label.

For Curtis Ohlson's debut album So Fast (1987), Gaines wrote the song You , and she sang the lead on the title track. She also appeared on Ohlson's second album Better Than Ever (1989) and took over, for example, the main vocals of the song A Thousand Years .

Collaboration with Prince (1989–1992)

In mid-December 1989 Levi Seacer Jr. invited Rosie Gaines to Prince 's Paisley Park Studio in Chanhassen , Minnesota . Seacer now played guitar in Prince's band at the time and knew Gaines from the recordings of their 1985 debut album Caring . Gaines was supposed to sing Prince's song I Want U at Paisley Park Studio , which Seacer originally wanted to produce for The Pointer Sisters . Seacer also arranged a meeting between Gaines and Prince: “I convinced Prince that he should hear about her What's Going On from Marvin Gaye . He couldn't believe what he was hearing, ”Seacer recalled. Prince asked Gaines if she would like to join his newly formed backing band. But Gaines wanted to work as a solo artist, to which Prince replied: “Join us and I'll record a record with you.” Gaines agreed and Prince hired her as a singer and keyboard player for his nude tour in the summer of 1990.

But Gaines didn't feel comfortable in the backing band; She was the only woman on the tour bus and often spent most of the time after the concert. She felt that various band members were jealous of her for having a prominent role on the Nude tour. She was also teased because of her overweight. After Gaines finally threatened to leave the ongoing nude tour, Prince responded and Gaines was able to ride in a separate tour bus together with Mavis Staples - she appeared in the European part of the nude tour in the opening act.

In the summer of 1990, Prince began recording Gaines' album, which he had promised her. It was to be called Concrete Jungle and he recorded some songs for her in London. In early December 1990 he integrated Gaines into his new backing band The New Power Generation .

In mid-September 1991, Gaines and Prince got into an argument. Gaines had been negotiating a possible deal with record companies in Los Angeles , California, even though she was under contract to Prince's Paisley Park Records label at the time. She was disappointed with Prince, who put little work into her album Concrete Jungle . In addition, he did not help her to start a solo career. Prince, however, was upset about Gaines' negotiations with other record companies and insisted on the current contract Gaines had signed with him. Both finally agreed that Gaines would be available for the upcoming Diamonds and Pearls world tour in 1992 and that the New Power Generation would be able to leave after this tour was over. But Prince will not invest any more work in the album Concrete Jungle .

From October 1991, Rosie Gaines' popularity increased. On the internationally successful album Diamonds and Pearls, which was released by Prince at the time, Gaines played a few songs as a singer, for example the top ten singles Gett Off , Cream and Diamonds and Pearls . Regarding the Diamonds and Pearls album recordings , she said, "You had to get used to only three hours of sleep, nine hours of rehearsal, and if you were lucky enough to have lunch". Nevertheless, the year 1991 was her "best time" with Prince because the entire band contributed to the album, Gaines said later.

Immediately after completing the Diamonds and Pearls tour in July 1992, Gaines left The New Power Generation and drove home to her hometown of Pittsburg. She had continued to feel uncomfortable with Prince's backing band and believed that some of the band members were jealous of their collaboration with him. She pointed this out to Prince, but Prince didn't care. During the three-month tour , Gaines made about $ 2,200 a week (about $ 3,500 at the time), most of which she sent home. At the end of the tour, she says she only had $ 800 left (around DM 1,286 at the time). Furthermore, Prince did not release her from the three-year contract she had signed with him. Because of this, Gaines could not sign a contract with the Motown record company for the time being . It wasn't until 1996 that she worked with Prince again.

Looking back, Gaines said about working with Prince, among other things: "We didn't really socialize with each other." For example, she asked him into her house so he could meet her husband. But Prince only came to her once, parked his car in front of the house and called her from the car so Gaines could sit in his car and listen to new songs. Prince never went into her house. According to Gaines, the relationship with Prince was like a "love-hate relationship". She also accused him of improperly paying her and The New Power Generation.

Prince and Levi Seacer Jr., 1993

But Gaines also said that Prince had boosted her confidence. For example, she didn't want to appear in music videos because she was uncomfortable because of her excess weight. But now she prefers to have an excellent voice than to be thinner. Gaines also said Prince gave her the opportunity to do things that she normally would never have had the opportunity to do. She regards it as "probably the most exciting and greatest experience" she has had in her life.

The time after (1993–2011)

In September 1993 Prince 's greatest hits compilation The Hits / The B-Sides was released, on which the song Nothing Compares 2 U can be heard in a live version by Gaines and Prince.

When Warner Bros. Records ended the collaboration with Prince 's record label Paisley Park Records on February 1, 1994 , Prince founded his new label, NPG Records . Gaines' contract, which she had signed with Paisley Park Records, no longer existed and the album Concrete Jungle could not be released. Originally it was supposed to be released in March 1994 and My Tender Heart was planned as the first single release . Gaines recorded more songs for Concrete Jungle and renamed the album Closer Than Close . The songs recorded at the time that are not present on Closer Than Close were released by Gaines in 2005 on the album Try Me .

After her three-year contract with Prince had expired, Gaines signed a new contract with the Motown label in 1995 . On June 13, 1995 she released the album Closer Than Close on the label, which includes three songs written by Prince. When Motown was acquired by Polygram , employees were also replaced. Contractual content that Gaines had previously agreed with Motown employees became less important. The Scottish label Big Bang bought some songs from the album Closer Than Close and released remixes that can be assigned to the music genre Electronic Dance Music , Eurodance and House . In 1995, the soundtrack of the Walt Disney film Goofy was released, on which Gaines sings the song I 2 I together with Tevin Campbell .

In 1996 Gaines was on the Prince albums Chaos and Disorder (July 1996) and Emancipation (November 1996) with some songs as a guest singer. “We hadn't spoken in a year when Prince called and said, 'This is stupid. We love each other. '"According to Gaines, the collaboration with Prince on the two albums was" much quieter "than in 1992, since he had meanwhile replaced all the musicians from four years ago. Gaines received no fee for her contribution to the song Jam of the Year (Emancipation) .

In 1997, Gaines' album Arrival was released , which was initially only available for purchase on their homepage at the time and was limited to 2,000 CDs. On November 10, 1997 she received the British Music Prize MOBO for the single Closer Than Close in the category "Best International Single". The single sold 260,000 copies in the UK and can be found on over 200 compilations worldwide. In 2014, Clean Bandit's Grace Chatto said their 2014 hit Rather Be was inspired by Gaines' song Closer Than Close . Clean Bandit had explicitly listened to music from the 1990s and wanted to write a song with a similar tempo and musical style to Closer Than Close .

From 1998 to 2002 Gaines took an artistic hiatus and devoted himself to her family. During this time she only appeared occasionally in public; For example, on January 4, 1998, she made a guest appearance on Prince's then Jam-of-the-Year tour in Kansas City , Missouri, at the Kemper Arena, and appeared on Gary Barlow's March 1998 single, Hang On in There Baby . In February 1999 the Prince EP 1999 - The New Master was released , on which Gaines can also be heard as a guest singer. According to his own statements, he did not pay her again. On December 18, 1999, Gaines took part in a Prince concert in Chanhassen at Paisley Park Studio and appeared as a guest singer on four songs. Prince released the concert on DVD in 2000 under the title Rave Un2 the Year 2000 .

It wasn't until 2002 that Gaines went back to a music studio and worked with Bootsy Collins and Snoop Dogg , including the song Don't Let 'Em , the original version of which can be found on their album Arrival (1997). The new version was released on Collins' album Play with Bootsy - A Tribute to the Funk (2002). Gaines also signed a new contract, this time with the British independent label Dome Records. With this label she released her fifth studio album You Gave Me Freedom in 2004 . Similar to the Big Bang label in 1995, Dome Records also reworked some older Gaines songs and released them as remixed versions in the genre of electronic dance music, eurodance and house.

In 2006 Rosie Gaines founded her own music label Dreadlix Records, which still exists today. She had no contact with Prince in previous years, she said in an interview at the time. On July 15, 2007 she took part in the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam and performed with Candy Dulfer , among others .

In 2010 Gaines finally released the album Concrete Jungle , which should originally have been released in 1994. Alternate versions of I Want U (Purple Version) and My Tender Heart are featured on the album . In addition, a slightly modified version of the Prince song Hit U in the Socket can be heard, which Prince had already published on May 15, 2001 via his homepage

Rosie Gaines had her last public appearance in 2011 in London .


Studio albums

year Title
music label
1985 Caring
Epic Records
First published: October 8, 1985
March 30, 1999: Bonus tracks Crazy and In a Jam
1995 Closer Than Close
First published: June 13, 1995
1997 Arrival
Dredlix Records
First published: February 11, 1997
initially only available for purchase over the Internet
2000 No Sweeter Love
Expansion Records
First release: September 21, 2000
the album was created in 1987
2004 You Gave Me Freedom
Dome Records
First published: February 23, 2004
2005 Try Me
Dredlix Records
First published in 2005
, the album was already in 1994
only as download available
2006 Welcome to My World
SuSu Records
First published: October 30, 2006
2010 Concrete Jungle
Dredlix Records
First release: April 4th, 2010
Compilation of songs from the albums Closer Than Close and Try Me
only available as a download
2013 Soul Survivor
Dredlix Records
First published: February 16, 2013
only available for download


year Title
music label
2015 Essential Rosie
Dredlix Records
First published: January 23, 2015
Dance With Me
Dredlix Records
First published: January 23, 2015
only available for download


year Title
music label
1991 Be Strong / I Only Wanna Be in your Arms / Heart Like Stone
About Time Records
1995 I Want U - The Mixes
Dredlix Records
I Want U - The Mixes Vol. 2
Dredlix Records
Are You Ready - The Mixes
Dredlix Records
Are You Ready - The Mixes Vol. 2
Dredlix Records
1997 Closer Than Close - The Mixes
Dredlix Records
Closer Than Close - The Mixes Vol. 2
Dredlix Records
I Surrender - The Mixes
Dredlix Records
2005 Dance With Me - The Mixes
Dredlix Records
First published: July 25, 2005
2006 Closer Than Close - The Mixes Vol. 3
Dredlix Records
2010 Closer Than Close 2010
Nod Factor Records
First published: November 22, 2010


year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1985 Skool-ology (Ain't No Strain)
1987 Crazy
No Sweeter Love
the single was withdrawn for unknown reasons
1990 Clean Up Woman
single track
Original version sings Betty Wright , released in 1971
Hard work
single track
1993 After the Rain
single track
First release: November 1st, 1993
feat. Kevin 'The Loveman' Nash
1995 Are You Ready
Closer Than Close
First published: August 22, 1995
I Want U
Closer Than Close
UK70 (2 weeks)
First published: October 12, 1995
1997 Closer Than Close
Closer Than Close

(12 weeks)UK
First published: May 19, 1997
I Surrender
single track
UK39 (2 weeks)
First published: October 27, 1997
1998 Be Strong
No Sweeter Love
First published: March 13, 1998
single track
First published: September 7, 1998
2003 I Can't Get You Off My Mind
You Gave Me Freedom
First published: November 16, 2003
2004 Run to My Heart
You Gave Me Freedom
First published: April 9, 2004

Contributions as a guest singer

year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1992 I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing
Whatever Happened to the Blues
First release: 1992
Phil Upchurch feat. Rosie Gaines
1998 Hang On in There Baby
Open Road
DE69 (9 weeks)
First published: March 1998
Gary Barlow feat. Rosie Gaines
2005 Release the Pressure - The Mixes -
First release: October 4th, 2005
RED feat. Rosie Gaines
2007 Rock My Body -
First published: July 23, 2007
Funk Marauders feat. Rosie Gaines
2010 Never Quite the Same
Miami Sampler
First published: April 12, 2010
Hippie Torrales feat. Rosie Gaines

Guest singer with Prince


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