Grand Theft Auto V.

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Grand Theft Auto V.
Studio Rockstar North
Publisher Rockstar Games
Senior Developer Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
composer Tangerine Dream , The Alchemist , Woody Jackson, Oh No
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3: September 17, 2013 Xbox One, PlayStation 4: November 18, 2014 Microsoft Windows: April 14, 2015


platform PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Windows , Xbox 360 , Xbox One
Game engine RAGE , Euphoria
genre Action-adventure
open world game
Game mode Single player , multiplayer
control Gamepad , mouse , keyboard
medium DVD-ROM , Blu-ray Disc , download
language Audio: English
Subtitles: German
Current version Xbox 360:
1.29 (November 17, 2015)
PlayStation 3:
1.36 (December 9, 2016)
Xbox One / PlayStation 4:
1.50 (July 23, 2019)
Online 1.50 (July 23, 2019)
copy protection Rockstar Games Social Club
Age rating
USK from 18
PEGI from 18

Grand Theft Auto V (short mostly GTA V called) is an open-world - computer game , which the Scottish studio Rockstar North has been developed. It was launched worldwide by Rockstar Games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, 2013. It is the eleventh part of the video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and the fifth "main part". GTA V is set in the fictional city of Los Santos , which is modeled after Los Angeles . Los Santos is located in the fictional state of San Andreas , which is similar to Southern California and was previously the location of the fifth Grand Theft Auto game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas . For the first time in the history of the series, the player controls three different protagonists.

GTA V broke several records in video game history : it had sales of more than $ 1 billion in just three days, beating Call of Duty: Black Ops II , which only brought in about half of that in that time. A total of more than 45 million copies were sold by February 2015 and 75 million by February 2017. So far, over 1.5 million copies have been sold in Germany.

About two weeks after the launch, Rockstar Games activated the multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online through an update in which up to 16 players can play together. With the version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 , this limit was extended to 30. In the first few weeks, Grand Theft Auto Online was hardly playable due to server problems, which is why all players received play money as compensation after the fix.


All locations are in fictional US states and cities, which are based on real locations. Real US authorities are also only shown in fictional form.

In 2004, Michael Townley (played by Ned Luke ) and Trevor Philips (played by Steven Ogg ) together with their accomplice Bradley Snyder robbed a bank in Ludendorff in the fictional US state of North Yankton. Michael, who is a big fan of Hollywood films and loves quotes from various film heroes, was unmasked by a security guard during the robbery and countered with a quote from a fictional, in-game film: “ You forget a thousand things every day. So you'll forget about this right away, okay? ". Trevor heard this quote and was able to free Michael from the policeman's violence. During the escape, Brad and apparently Michael were killed while Trevor was still able to escape.

The story continues nine years later in 2013. Michael, who actually survived the exchange of fire with the police at the time, lives with his family under witness protection and under the name de Santa in affluent circumstances in Los Santos, San Andreas. Franklin Clinton (played by Shawn Fonteno ), a penniless young African American from a shabby neighborhood, works with his best friend Lamar Davis for a seedy car dealer. For this they should get back the car of Michael's son Jimmy because of unpaid installments. But when the car is stolen, Michael hides in the back seat, threatens Franklin with a gun and forces him to drive the car through the window of the dealership. Franklin is fired as a result, but becomes friends with Michael. When Michael catches his wife Amanda red-handed with their tennis instructor, he and Franklin follow him to his alleged villa, which they finally destroy. But the building belongs to the Mexican drug lord Martin Madrazo, who threatens Michael and is now demanding compensation. In order to raise the money for the repairs, Michael finds himself forced to embark on a criminal career again. With the help of his old accomplice and friend, Lester Crest, who now also lives in Los Santos, the two decide to rob a jeweler. The robbery succeeds and brings in enough money to pay Madrazo's debts. Trevor, who now lives in a trailer in Sandy Shores, a shabby town in the desert of Blaine County north of Los Santos , learns of the robbery through media coverage and, through a witness account, realizes to which Michael it was Film quote from Ludendorff nine years ago says that behind the robbery was his former accomplice, whom he had previously thought to be dead. After finding Michael, on whom he initially wants to get revenge, in Los Santos, he reunites with him.

The protagonists' everyday life begins to get out of hand. Michael's family is leaving him for a long time. Franklin does not like Lamar's influence by Harold "Stretch" Joseph, a gangster who has secretly defected to a rival gang. Trevor 's efforts to dominate the Blaine County's methamphetamine and arms markets lead him to fight rival criminal organizations.

Some time later Michael is forced by the corrupt FIB agents Dave Norton and Steve Haines to do odd jobs with Franklin and Trevor in order to take out their rival agency, the IAA, for example with a robbery on an IAA money transporter. The FIB also forces the trio to clear the air and then torture a witness to find out the whereabouts of a terrorist suspect. In addition, the three protagonists carry out an attack on their own behalf, in which they steal a closely guarded nuclear weapon from the hands of the Merryweather private army , which they have repeatedly robbed in the course of the plot , but which they have to surrender under pressure from the authorities. When Trevor and Michael do a job for Madrazo, Trevor falls in love with his wife and kidnaps her. Trevor and Michael have to flee Los Santos for fear of the criminal's vengeance. During this exile they carry out further serious attacks, including a. a raid on the bank in Paleto Bay . Michael, who wants to get back to a regular life with his family as quickly as possible and also wants to realize his dream of being involved in the production of a Vinewood film, persuades Trevor, Madrazo's wife (who suffers from Stockholm Syndrome ) to join her husband to be brought back so that he will no longer be chased by it. In return, he promises him the coup the criminals have dreamed of all their lives: the theft of the gold bars in the Union Depository .

Trevor finds out, however, that Brad, the then accomplice in the North Yankton robbery, was killed on the run and not, as he previously thought, is in jail. He feels betrayed by Michael, who has kept the death of his former friend from him, and leaves him alone in a shootout against the Triads . Michael is kidnapped by the Chinese and ends up in the slaughterhouse in Los Santos, where he can be saved from his murder by Franklin. Without Trevor, the group undertakes another major raid for the FIB, but instead of leaving him alone as promised, Norton and Haines lure Michael into a trap that gets out of control when various government organizations and the Merryweather mercenaries show up. Finally Trevor Michael saves the life in the firefight and now insists on carrying out the planned raid together.

After intensive planning and preparation, as well as Lester's help, the attack succeeds and the gold is to be divided among the crew. But the billionaire Devin Weston tries to convince Franklin to kill Michael. However, the FIB has given him the task of killing Trevor beforehand. At this point, the player must decide which of three alternative endings to choose. The decision cannot be postponed for a storage process, for example, and is binding after a telephone call.

  • If you decide to kill Trevor, he will escape after a conversation and the chase comes along a highway until Trevor crashes into a tank on an oil field and lies on the ground and curses either from Franklin or (if you hesitate) is set on fire by Michael. The two survivors go their separate ways. Both get half of Trevor's share from the robbery. Michael now seems to be living in an intact family.
  • If one wants to kill Michael on Weston's behalf, Trevor Franklin refuses to support this betrayal. Michael and Franklin arrange to meet in the desert, but when Michael realizes the danger, he escapes and Franklin pursues him into an industrial area, where the hunt continues on foot and under fire until a fight breaks out on the platform of a chimney Michael falls over the parapet and is only held by Franklin. You can either drop him here or save him. In the latter case, however, Michael gives Franklin a headbutt before being rescued and thus falls into his death through his own fault. The shocked Franklin calls his old friend Lamar, from which it can be concluded that he wants to return to his old gangster life. Michael's millions from the robbery go to his family.
  • The third variant is called the "death wish", but does not represent Franklin's suicide, but the possibility of ending the game with all three protagonists. To do this, the trio lures those responsible from FIB and Merryweather to an old iron foundry, where there is a large-scale shooting. Then the three split up in order to track down and execute the heads of the individual enemy organizations throughout the city. Trevor shoots Steve Haines while filming in the Ferris wheel on Del Perro Pier, Franklin kills the Triad's head on a drive-by, and Michael kills Franklin's traitorous ex-companion "Stretch". Then Trevor kidnaps Devin Weston, who cheated on the group on a car deal and also had Michael's family attacked, from his villa and drives him in the trunk to a cliff. There Michael, Trevor and Franklin meet one last time in the evening sun and push the car with the billionaire over the cliff and the protagonists want to lead a normal life from now on. Then everyone goes their own way again. Dave Norton was the only FIB agent to be spared the revenge and seems to leave Michael alone from now on.

If you choose one of the first two variants, it is no longer possible to select the dead character. This means that personal missions are no longer playable. Depending on the decision, the friendly characters show different reactions to the behavior after the credits.

Game world

The game world of GTA V is San Andreas, a fictional US state that is very similar to Southern California . San Andreas is the largest and most detailed game world of all Rockstar Games games and exceeds the size of GTA IV , Red Dead Redemption and GTA: San Andreas combined. For the second time in the game series, the game world can be fully explored from the start, but cannot yet be fully viewed on the map.

San Andreas has a varied geography: there are coastlines, a desert, mountain landscapes, forests and various bodies of water including rivers, lakes and the ocean, the latter with an underwater world to explore. The game world is enlivened by a diverse flora and fauna . It can happen to the player that he is attacked by a dangerous animal, e.g. B. in a national park from a puma or in the sea from a great white shark . The player can also get high from ingesting toxic plants. The airspace can be explored as in the previous parts, but is significantly larger and higher.

The only big city is the metropolis Los Santos, which is modeled after Los Angeles . In addition to Los Santos, there are a few small towns in the rural Blaine County, a district in San Andreas that is based on various regions of Southern California. Among other things, there is a replica of Salvation Mountain in the game . Forbidden areas, such as a military base, can also be entered, provided one accepts large-scale police prosecution.

Game principle and technology

There are three different protagonists in the game: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. They are criminals whose missions are related. So the player is able to switch between the characters. If you want to change players, a small menu opens in which you can select the character you want and see their skills at the same time. The camera is then zoomed out so that you have the game world in front of you, the camera then focuses on the selected figure and zooms in on it; this is significantly shortened when changing characters in a mission. The player can also pursue non-criminal activities such as golf, tennis or triathlon, with each character having his own hobbies. For the first time, each of the protagonists has an individual special ability that can be activated for a limited time; the duration increases as the game progresses. Franklin can perceive his surroundings more slowly when driving, Michael can dodge bullets with a very quick reaction when hit by fire and Trevor can increase his physical strength with a fit of anger. The different protagonists also each have different strengths and weaknesses in different areas, which depend on the previous story. Trevor, for example, used to be a pilot and therefore has the highest value of the protagonists in the flying category at the beginning of the game.

A form of mobile phone use known from GTA IV , but modified, is also possible in GTA V. The mobile phone also has access to the game's own Internet and various apps. The functions of the Internet have been expanded compared to its predecessor, for example securities trading is possible, which can be partially influenced by the action.

In addition, there are more land, water and air vehicles available in GTA V than in the previous games. In the game, almost all controls known from the predecessors should be feasible.

Differences between the current-gen and old-gen versions

Compared to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, the versions for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have, among other things, a higher resolution , slightly improved graphics, a more stable frame rate , new vehicles and tuning parts , an expanded animal world, the possibility to switch to the first person view , an improved vegetation and weather system as well as a higher traffic density. As of update 1.29, DLCs are no longer released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


In late November 2009, producer Dan Houser announced in an interview with The Times that he would be writing a 1,000-page GTA V script .

On October 25, 2011, GTA V was finally officially announced, including a. with the unveiling of the official logo and the announcement of the first trailer for November 2nd. It was consciously decided to publish the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, although the successor models PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should appear a short time later. Houser said that the games released at the end of a generation are the best. A PC version, on the other hand, was not announced, despite persistent rumors. In October 2012, Rockstar Games parent company Take Two announced a release date for the spring of 2013 for the first time, but this was postponed to September 17, 2013 in November.

According to Rockstar Games, GTA V is the largest game ever produced. According to the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman in September 2013, the development of the game is said to have cost a total of 170 million pounds sterling (189.7 million euros; 204.4 million Swiss francs). The publication was accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign, which also included the placement of advertising trailers on television.

The USK announced in August 2013 that the game could be published uncut and from the age of 18 in Germany.

A so-called companion app for iOS devices was already available with the release of GTA V. A version for smartphones with Android operating system followed at the end of October 2013, and in November 2013 the app also appeared for the Windows Phone platform.

In June 2014, Rockstar Games announced technically and visually revised versions for Windows , Xbox One and PlayStation 4 .

On September 12, 2014, Rockstar Games officially announced that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions would be released on November 18 and the PC version on January 27, 2015. However, the release of the Windows version was postponed to March 24th two weeks before the originally announced date, which was justified with an extended trial period. On February 24th, Rockstar Games announced that the Windows version would be postponed for a further three weeks to April 14th, on the grounds that they wanted to deliver a product that was as error-free as possible and needed more time.

Modifications and cheating

Shortly after the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V was released , mods were released by the gaming community . These expand the single player mode mainly with new, smaller game elements, new objects and visual changes. Rockstar Games allowed mods in single player mode, but prohibits mods in Grand Theft Auto: Online that can be used for cheating . Initially, Rockstar Games spoke out against modding in general. Some players have complained about being banned from GTA Online due to single player and optical mods . Rockstar Games said, however, that this is not true, but mods can lead to technical problems with new updates for GTA Online , as Rockstar does not develop for the mods. However, GTA Online also has to deal with many hackers and cheaters who break the rules of the service in order to gain an advantage in the game or attack players. Hackers have also already managed to kill players in single player mode. This loophole was quickly fixed by Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games and 2K successfully requested a police search and seizure against the cheat software Infamous . In 2017, Rockstar Games also issued a warning against the modding tool OpenIV, which made it possible to play on the Liberty City map from GTA 4, for licensing reasons , so that the Liberty City mod was discontinued and the tool continued ran. The reaction caused anger among gamers and resulted in poor Steam user ratings (peak at 87% negative ratings).

A well-known mod is GTA 5 Redux , which improves the graphics in the game. Many mods for the game are fun mods that introduce pop culture content or fun gameplay mechanics.

The developers of the multiplayer modifications GTA: MP and FiveM , who have been informing players about the developments since 2015, were asked by 2K to stop development because they violate the guidelines and are in competition with GTA Online . After a started online petition had no effect on 2K, the development was temporarily stopped. Nonetheless, the multiplayer mods have been continued and improved since 2017 and expand the game mainly with role-playing aspects that give the game more realism , creativity and social interaction . So the player can z. For example, accepting jobs, buying and selling goods, getting involved in illegal business and joining gangs, running businesses, or crafting items. Similar to Altis Life from ArmA 3 , communication takes place via voice chat. The standard therefore also describes the mod server as modern Second Life . Role play servers on the live stream platform Twitch are particularly popular . GameStar sees the reality soap opera character of the streams as the reason for the success on Twitch. The multiplayer launcher RageRP has also been established since 2019 .


Grand Theft Auto V was received euphorically by the trade press when it was released and received consistently positive ratings. The Metascore is 97 (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) out of 100 possible points for 50 tests, the GameRankings website calculates an average rating of 97.01% (PlayStation 3) and 96.10% (Xbox 360) for Grand Theft Auto V. Numerous magazines such as Edge , , or IGN US awarded the highest rating. The German-language magazine GamePro rated the game with 97% and called Grand Theft Auto V as "the best video game of all time" . Computer Bild Spiele gave the final grade very good (1.18).


A scene of torture within the game caused controversy. As Trevor Phillips, the player has to interrogate an innocent prisoner using torture methods in a scene for the fictional secret service FIB. These include smashing the kneecap with a pipe wrench, electric shocks , pulling teeth, and waterboarding . The torture requires direct control commands from the player, the scene is also necessary to advance in the game and cannot be skipped. The entire section takes around ten minutes. This provoked protests, among others by the organization Freedom from Torture (German: freedom from torture ), which accused the developer of playing down the real problem of torture. The British Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) warned that children could not adequately classify this scene. Other journalists, however, argued that the game does not downplay torture and, unlike in TV series such as 24, does not present it as a necessary solution. In fact, it does not bring any game advantages, which is then commented accordingly by the player character: “Torture is only for those who torture. It's a good time only for him. It is useless as a means of obtaining information. ”The torture scene is therefore cynical, but ultimately part of the satire and the social criticism conveyed in the game. Carsten Görig from Spiegel also suspected a planned controversy behind this. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, however , the brief moral reappraisal in a subsequent car trip is still too succinct for many and therefore an insult to their fight against torture for human rights organizations.

In their Zeit -Article Not am Mann: The Weakened Sex , the authors Elisabeth Raether and Tanja Stelzer described computer games as the male counterpart to the soap operas of women. They highlighted Grand Theft Auto V and described the game, which is mostly bought by male consumers, as “kitsch for men”, “escape from reality” and “the opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful world without foreign expectations”.

A petition from Australia in December 2014 alleged that gamers were "incited to sexual violence and the murder of women". As a result, the game was taken out of sale by various retail chains in New Zealand and Australia.

The American rapper Daz Dillinger sued the game in October 2013 because, according to him, his two songs C-Walk and Nothin 'But the Cavi Hit were used in GTA 5 without permission and without paying him . He asked for damages or a recall of the game. Even Lindsay Lohan sued the game; she claimed she was illicitly portrayed as a digital character in the game. However, the lawsuit was denied.

In May 2020, the Epic Games Store offered GTA V a few days for free. As a result, there were many so-called "modders" or "cheaters" who kept creating new accounts and creating various objects in the GTA Online lobby. Since a ban could also be circumvented by creating a new (free) account, GTA V could not actively ban enough for several days, which pushed the servers to their limits and the game became unplayable for some players.

Sales figures

On the first day of its release, the game had sales of 800 million US dollars (670 million euros), setting a new sales record. The previous record holder was Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012) with $ 500 million in the first 24 hours. After three days of sales, the game generated over a billion dollars in sales, which no other video game or film had achieved before ( Call of Duty: Black Ops II only managed this after 15 days). According to analysts, over 15 million copies of GTA V are said to have been sold. On October 30, 2013, Rockstar Games stated that GTA V had sold over 29 million times, surpassing the sales of its predecessor GTA IV , which had sold around 25 million times by then. As of August 2014, a total of 34 million copies of the action game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 had been sold. In Germany, Grand Theft Auto V was sold a total of 1.5 million times. In February 2015, Take-Two announced they had sold more than 45 million copies of the game, and in May they announced they had sold nearly 52 million copies. On May 18, 2016, Take-Two's financial report announced that more than 65 million units had been sold worldwide. In the annual report for the second quarter (July to September 2016) of the current financial year, Take-Two Interactive GTA 5 states that it has delivered more than 70 million times worldwide since the start of sales. As of May 2018, the game had sold over 95 million times. With over $ 6 billion in sales, GTA 5 is the top-selling audiovisual entertainment medium. The film with the highest gross sales at the time, Avatar - Departure to Pandora , brought in only 2.8 billion US dollars. As of May 2019, the game had sold over 110 million times. The growing number of players in GTA Online is mainly due to the " Games as a service " concept, which the game regularly expands with new updates. With the introduction of new update expansions , GTA V often reached game records, most recently with the casino DLC. By November 2019, the game had sold a total of around 115 million times. As of June 2020, 130 million copies of the game had been sold.

GTA Online

GTA online logo

There is a multiplayer mode with Grand Theft Auto Online , which Rockstar Games advertises as a standalone game, but is only available with the main game.

In this mode, there is only a loose plot, the time before GTA V is located. The player takes on the role of a criminal who keeps himself afloat with illegal jobs and gets to know different people (such as Trevor). The character does n't speak a word (as in previous GTA games).

At the beginning you create your own character with an editor. As in the online mode of GTA IV, you have the option of playing with a female character. In addition to the appearance, you can also distribute a few points on strength, endurance, etc.

After creating it, there is a long intro video as well as a pre-made tutorial that has to be mastered. In this, the player is introduced to the online world, which differs from GTA V in some points .

Once the tutorial has been completed, the online world is open to you and there is no longer a common thread. You will receive missions via SMS in regular sections, which you can complete either alone or with several other players. There are also many areas across the map where you can join races , death matches , last team standings , parachute jumps or arm wrestling competitions or host them yourself.

Other options include a visit to "Ammu-Nation" (to buy and modify weapons), a visit to a clothing store (to adjust clothes), a visit to a small shop (to buy drinks, snacks and cigarettes or to rob the shop) , a visit to a “Los Santos Customs” workshop (to modify your vehicle), a visit to a hairdressing salon (to adjust your hairstyle, beard and make-up), a visit to a tattoo shop (to adjust your tattoos) and buying vehicles or real estate / garages. These can be bought over the Internet (in the game on the smartphone / laptop), whereby a vehicle (the Elegy RH8 - a vehicle based on the Nissan GT-R) can be ordered free of charge as soon as you are a member of the Rockstar Social Club . Since the Festive Surprise Event DLC one has owned three properties. You can currently own six properties with a total of up to 60 garage spaces for your own vehicles.

You can also join a crew or create one yourself on the Rockstar Social Club homepage . Afterwards it is possible to wear the crew logo on the vehicles and clothing, as well as paint clothing and vehicles in the crew color. Crew members are also displayed in the crew color on the minimap and you now have a crew rank in addition to the normal rank. It is possible to join up to five crews, whereby only one is activated at a time.

The goal is to rise in rank with experience points that you get from the above activities and to unlock tattoos, clothing, weapons and tuning parts as well as to earn money that you invest in real estate, vehicles, tattoos, clothing, weapons and ammunition or that you can simply spend in free mode (e.g. by placing a bounty on another player). The limit is only reached at rank 8000, whereby you unlock the last reward (the mini-gun) when you reach rank 120.

The vehicles can be optically modified more and more with increasing rank. It doesn't matter which vehicle class you win races with, the engine tuning parts are activated in all classes.

Since the release, 35 free DLCs and updates have come out. These include new vehicles that can be ordered, new weapons, new hairstyles and clothes as well as new jobs or missions. The Heist DLC was released in early March 2015 . The DLC gives players access to the new "Heists" or bank robberies, including numerous cars and weapons that the player can purchase after completing certain Heist missions.

In 2016, Rockstar Games had already made half a billion dollars with GTA Online.

Furthermore, a free creator mode is implemented. In this mode you can create races, deathmatches and capture missions yourself and share them with the world. The best are verified by Rockstar and then appear worldwide alongside the original Rockstar races, deathmatches and capture missions.

By introducing the "Motor Wars" game mode, Rockstar Games tried to build on the battle royale hype.

In July 2020, Rockstar Games announced it would add an all-new location in the largest GTA Online DLC to date.


GameStar praised the spectacularly staged Heist missions and the numerous free DLCs. The server and lobby system is described as inflexible. In addition, the extremely high paywall at the end of the game is a reason for criticism. From a technical point of view, the extremely long loading times and recurring disconnections after numerous content patches are criticized. GamePro criticized the small lobby size of only 16 players and the limitation of missions to a maximum of 4 players. Furthermore, player profiles disappeared in the early days due to technical errors. Some game modes show extremely poor game design , but can be rated with a thumbs up / down function.


The casino DLC has been banned in 53 countries because governments believe that it promotes gambling and that game chips can be bought for real money. In the DA-CH region, however, the DLC is still permitted, as the definition of gambling in computer games is not adequately regulated by law or is not explicitly prohibited.

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