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Gunnar is a male given name .

Origin and meaning

Gunnar is a Nordic name. Like Günther , he comes from gund (battle) and heri (army). It is derived from the Old Norse name Gunnarr , which is made up of the components gunnr (war) and arr (fighter). The second syllable can also be understood as a weakening of nor (north), so Gunnar would be the warrior from the north.

In Iceland in 2012 it was the fourth most common name after Jón , Sigurður and Guðmundur , but before Ólafur .


  • Gunner
  • Gunder
  • Gunar
  • Gunārs (Baltic)

Derived surnames are, following the Nordic name custom:

Name days

See Günther (first name)

Name bearer


As a middle name:




As a middle name:

Legendary figure

Individual evidence

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