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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Heinsen community
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Heinsen highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 53 '  N , 9 ° 26'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Holzminden
Joint municipality : Bodenwerder pollen
Height : 90 m above sea level NHN
Area : 18.63 km 2
Residents: 765 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 41 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 37649
Area code : 05535
License plate : HOL
Community key : 03 2 55 019
Association administration address: Münchhausenplatz 1
37619 Bodenwerder
Website : muenchhausenland.de/trägersgemeinden-buergerservice/gemeinde-heinsen
Mayor : Andreas Jacob (Heinsen Voting Association)
Location of the community of Heinsen in the Holzminden district
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The municipality Heinsen is a municipality in the district of Holzminden in Lower Saxony ( Germany ). It belongs to the joint municipality of Bodenwerder-Polle .


Geographical location

Heinsen is located on the Oberweser in a scenic spot in the Weser Uplands . From the Stollenberg , which is part of the local area , you can see several Weser loops. Other smaller elevations in the area are Waul, Wilmeröder Berg, Hopfenberg and the broken wood. Not far away is the Köterberg , the highest mountain in the Weser Uplands, which can be seen well from the tunnel.

Expansion of the municipal area

Heinsen has a large forest area that is divided into two hunting areas. The area is limited by the forests belonging to Stahle, Bödexen , Polle and Hummersen.

Neighboring communities

The community of Heinsen borders on the places Höxter (districts Stahle and Bödexen) , Polle , Bevern (district Forst) and Lügde (district Hummersen) .


View of Heinsen from "that side" (the right side of the Weser). Photo taken in summer 1955

Heinsen was first mentioned in a document in 832 as Higenhusen, later referred to as Heienhusen. Over the centuries, alongside the long-established farming families, shipping , fishing and rafting have shaped the village . The coat of arms, in which an anchor is depicted, is derived from this.

In 1889 a rifle club was established and in 1919 a gymnastics and sports club (Tuspo) was founded. During the Second World War , a small military airfield and a lighthouse were in operation in Heinsen.

As part of the regional reform , Heinsen came from the Pyrmont district to the Holzminden district on January 1, 1973 .

A Förderverein Personenfähre Heinsen e. V., who has been reviving ferry operations in the old tradition since 2005.

Population development

  • 1885: 0929 inhabitants
  • 1925: 0987 inhabitants
  • 1933: 1099 inhabitants
  • 1939: 0964 inhabitants
  • 1996: 1039 inhabitants
  • 2007: 0942 inhabitants
  • 2010: 0877 inhabitants
  • 2012: 0831 inhabitants
  • 2013: 0817 inhabitants
  • 2015: 0794 inhabitants
  • 2017: 0772 inhabitants

After the Second World War, Heinsen, like other village communities, had to take in a large number of displaced persons from eastern Germany . At that time, the population reached a peak of around 2000.

From 1968 to 2004 the population in Heinsen decreased by 13.9 percent. The average age of the population was 41.8 years (as of 2003).


Evangelical Lutheran parish of St. Liborius


Municipal council

Municipal election 2016
n. k.
(-74.52  % p )
n. k.
(-25.48  % p )
( n. K. )


Turnout: 62.70%

After the local elections on September 11, 2016 , the municipal council consists of:

  • Voting community Heinsen (WG): 8 seats


The Mayor of Heinsen has been Andreas Jacob (Heinsen Voting Association) since April 2019.

Culture and sights


The Heinser amateur theater group "Die Wittenburger" has been performing plays every year since autumn 2004.


In the Heimat- und Schifffahrtsmuseum (Heimat- und Schifffahrtsmuseum) a documentation of the history of the place, the development of the rural and handicraft culture, a very early church tradition and an associated school as well as a special part of an exhibition on the importance of shipping for Heinsen is shown.


The Liborius Church was built around 1300. A new wooden tower was built at the end of the 16th century and further renovations followed until the 20th century.

The lime kiln is one of the most important structures in the area and was built between 1999 and 2002 by an archaeological group of students from the Campe-Gymnasium in Holzminden, with the help of the Heimat- und Kulturverein, the workers' association, the Heinsen community, the district archeology and the Holzminden youth workshop restored and is now protected as an industrial monument. The lime that was burned in Heinsen found u. a. used in city walls and was shipped to Bremen on the Weser by Heinser boatmen. There used to be more lime kilns in Heinsen, but these are no longer preserved today.

Some older half-timbered houses are also listed . In addition, the Söffge family has been running a mill in Heinsen for around 1000 years. This ceased operations in 2011 and was sold in 2014 under the estate insolvency procedure. Due to the economic situation, operating a small mill is no longer profitable. The new owner is therefore not interested in the milling trade.

Natural monuments

A popular hiking destination is the “Thick Beech” in the “Bürstenkempen” area. There is a large bench to rest in front of the beech, a path leads to it so that you can actually find it. Many Heinser have already immortalized themselves in their bark.

More Attractions

  • The groundless: pond in the local area, which, according to a legend, is groundless. Attempts to sound them out are said to have come to a bad end. Until the 1950s, the girls of the village met at its tributary to do laundry, exchange village gossip and pass on old stories.
  • Boulder at the end of the village in the direction of Wilmeröder Berg, erected on the occasion of Heinsen's 1150th anniversary.
  • Weser promenade with bread oven, café and passenger ferry


First of all, TuSpo Heinsen 1919 e. V. to call. A separate football area was given up a few years ago in favor of competitiveness and so a game community Wesertal was formed, which is made up of different places in the communities Heinsen, Polle and Brevörde. The football pitch in Heinsen is leased cheaply by the club.

The second largest club is the Schützenverein von 1889 e. V. Heinsen. Statistically, every 10th inhabitant is a member here. Traditional events: King's shooting, placing of the king's discs and king and summer ball.

Regular events

  • Easter fire on Holy Saturday from 6:00 p.m.
  • Christmas market on the 2nd Saturday of Advent
  • Every May 1st, hike by the sports club followed by setting up the maypole on the sports grounds
  • Ferry festival of the Heinsen ferry club in spring on different dates at the Weserbackofen near the ferry



The federal road 83 connects Heinsen with Holzminden and Bodenwerder .

The R99 cycle path runs through Heinsen and was expanded as part of the village renewal, in which Heinsen is participating.

At the ferry station of the former passenger ferry on the Weser, there has been a motor-driven ferry for eight people and bicycles since 2005. The ferry service is ensured from April to October by the friends' association.


A church visit report (inspection visit after the Reformation) mentions a sexton school with 10 boys in Heinsen in 1588. The old Küsterei on the Weser had to be demolished in 1796 because it was dilapidated. In 1795, 64 boys and 75 girls were still in school. A new building was erected on the same site, which today houses the parish office. From 1869 another school building for the 5th to 8th school year was added opposite the church with a teacher's apartment. In 1870 223 students were taught. From 1912 to 1913 a new schoolhouse was built on the western outskirts of Heinsen and a third teaching post was set up. A primary school was last located in this building, but it was closed in summer 2013 due to insufficient student numbers.


  • Walter Hansmann, former mayor, holder of the Federal Cross of Merit
  • Gerhard Hornemann, 1778–1790 pastor in Heinsen, author of various articles in the journal Hannoverisches Magazin
  • Volkmar von Heinsen (pseudonym and regional legendary figure), was first mentioned in the local sagas and history in the late 18th century: out of envy and resentment towards him, the citizens of Heinsen told themselves horror stories about him. In truth, however, he was one of the people who built up the organized postal system in the then still backward region and who also made great strides in local fire-fighting by restructuring the fire service and reorganizing it into new structures.


In and around Heinsen a number of legends have arisen, such as The Devil on the Wittenburg , The Klüngelhund , Grundlose , The Treasure in Schäferskampe and The White Women in Bruchholz .


  • Friedrich Wittkopp: Heinsen - The story of an upper Weser village. Self-published by the Heimatbund Lower Saxony.

Web links

Commons : Heinsen  - collection of pictures, videos and audio files

Individual evidence

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