Canadian General Election 2021

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2019General election 2021
(Forecast in%)
Gains and losses
compared to 2019
 % p
Distribution of seats in the new lower house (forecast)
25th 34 158 119 
A total of 338 seats

The 44th Canadian General Election ( English 44th Canadian General Election , French 44e élection fédérale canadienne ) was held on September 20 2021st The 338 members of the Canadian House of Commons (English House of Commons , French Chambre des Communes ) were elected. The ballot papers were issued by Governor General Mary Simon on August 15, 2021 after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requested that Parliament be dissolved for an early election .

Starting position

In the 2019 general election, the Liberals, led by incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, lost both their parliamentary majority and top position in terms of number of votes, but still won the most seats and remained in office with a minority government . The Conservatives gained seats and won most of the votes, but remained the official opposition. The Bloc Québécois regained parliamentary group status as the third largest party. He replaced the New Democrats , who lost seats and slipped to fourth place. Although the Greens gained seats, they did not reach the number of twelve MPs required for official group status.

Immediately after the election, all party leaders announced that they would continue to lead their respective parties in the next legislative period . However, Elizabeth May stated that she might not lead the Greens in the 44th election and eventually stepped down as chair on November 4, 2019. Two days later, the members of the Conservative faction decided not to take any action that would have given them the opportunity to remove Andrew Scheer as party leader. His leadership role would have been reviewed again at the next party conference, which was scheduled for April 2020. On December 12, however, Scheer announced his resignation as party chairman after it was revealed that he had misappropriated party donations to educate his children in a private school. He remained in office for the time being until Erin O'Toole was elected as his successor on August 24, 2020.

When Prime Minister Trudeau prematurely dissolved parliament on August 15, 2021, he justified this step by stating that he needed a strong mandate from the electorate in order to end the COVID-19 pandemic as quickly as possible and to deal with its social and economic consequences. New elections were called on the same day as the capture of Kabul . This led to criticism in the first two weeks of the election campaign that the government had not responded quickly enough to the advance of the Taliban to evacuate the Afghans who supported Canada's military and diplomatic efforts in the Afghan war .

Political party ideology position Chairman Results 2019 upon dissolution
Voices (%) Seats Seats
Liberal Party of Canada Liberalism, social liberalism Center to center left Justin Trudeau 33.12%
Conservative Party of Canada Conservatism, economic liberalism Center right to right Erin O'Toole 34.34%
Bloc Québécois Separatism in Quebec Middle left Yves-François Blanchet 07.63%
New Democratic Party Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism Center-left to left Jagmeet Singh 15.98%
Green Party of Canada Green politics Center-left to left Annamie Paul 06.55%
Independent - 00.40%
vacant -


Opinion polls in the Canadian election campaign in 2021
Opinion poll during the pre-election phase of the 44th Canadian election


Overall result

Political party Chairman candidates
Seats in
+/- voices proportion of +/-
Liberal Party Justin Trudeau 338 157 155
  Conservative Party Erin O'Toole 337 121 119
Bloc Québécois Yves-François Blanchet 078 032 032
New Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh 338 024 024
Green party Annamie Paul 252 003 002
Independent   091 001 005
People's party Maxime Bernier 312 000 000
Other parties 264
vacant 001
total 2010 338 338 338

Result by provinces and territories

Political party BC AWAY SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NL NU NT YT total
Liberal Party Seats
Percentage ownership %
  Conservative Party Seats
Percentage ownership %
New Democratic Party Seats
Percentage ownership %
Bloc Québécois Seats
Percentage ownership %
Green party Seats
Percentage ownership %
People's party Seats
Percentage ownership %
Independent and small parties Seats
Percentage ownership %

Individual evidence

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