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Malik , Malek , Mālik or Malík is a male given name and a family name .

Origin and meaning

Malik ( Arabic ملك) is Arabic and means king . Even in pre-Islamic Arabia, some tribal chiefs had this title, for example Haudha ibn ʿAlī, the head of the Banū Hanīfa. In Armenia, Malik is a title of nobility.

The name Malik or Malík also exists in the Slavic region (e.g. in the Czech Republic) and means little finger in Czech ; in Bulgarian малък (malək) means small . The feminine form is Malika . The Turkish version of the name is Melik. The name Malik also occurs in Greenland , the Greenlandic meaning is "wave".


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In 2000-2003, Malik was the most popular boy name in Greenland.

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