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Miami Marlins
founded in 1993
earlier names)
Florida marlins
Nickname (s)
The Fish, The Boys in Teal, The Fightin 'Fish, Miracle Marlins
Club colors
Black, orange, blue, yellow, white



Ball park (s)

Michael Hill

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The Miami Marlins are an American baseball team. You play in the Eastern Division of the National League . The team has been called Florida Marlins since it was founded in 1993 and, with the renaming on November 11, 2011, takes into account the previously used venue Miami . The team played their home games at Sun Life Stadium until 2011 , and has played in Marlins Park in Downtown Miami since 2012 .

In 1997 the team won the World Series against the Cleveland Indians , in 2003 the Marlins prevailed in the 2003 World Series in six games (4-2) against the New York Yankees . The Marlins won the World Series in their only two playoff appearances, making them one of the most successful expansion franchises (teams that have been newly admitted since the 1970s).


The creation of the Florida Marlins

The story of the Florida Marlins began at the turn of the year 1989/1990 when the MLB announced that it would take on two new franchises to expand the National League . It had been agreed that one of the two teams would be formed in Florida , as there was no professional baseball team in the state. On March 17, 1990, Wayne Huizenga announced that he would take up this task and organize the development of the team. He got the contract. From now on, the question was where the team should be based. Orlando was a tourist destination, so maybe vacationing tourists would check out the sport too. Tampa Bay already had an amateur-owned baseball stadium at the time. Nevertheless, the choice fell on Miami.

Start of play and the first title

The team was officially established on June 10, 1991. The founding name was Florida Flamingos. However, this was quickly converted into Florida Marlins and the logo was adapted. In the 1993 season they took on game operations with the Colorado Rockies . The first few years passed calmly and without any special incidents. In the 1997 season, the Marlins were then able to qualify for the playoffs for the first time via the wildcard . In the first round they met the San Francisco Giants , who they defeated 3-0 with ease. In the NL Championship Series they played against East Division rivals Atlanta . They also won this series and entered the World Series with an overall score of 4–2. In this they met the Cleveland Indians , which they could defeat with 4–3. Thus, after four years of gaming, they were already World Series winners and at that time the most successful MLB franchise.

According to the title - financial difficulties and sporting misery

Prior to the 1997 season, the Marlins made a large number of transfers . During the pre-season preparations for the 1998 season, financial difficulties were confirmed by the club. This resulted in a wholesale sale to players. This was reflected in the following season, when they achieved the worst result in the club's history with only 54 wins and 108 losses. To date, the Marlins are the only team to lose more than 100 games in the season after a World Series title. The owner Wayne Huizenga sold the team to John Henry. As a result of the many changes in the club, the number of spectators fell.

The rebuilding and the second title

Manager Jack McKeon receiving George W. Bush after winning the 2003 World Series

The Marlins recovered relatively well from the changes made in previous years. With well-chosen draft picks and excellent management, the Marlins managed to rebuild a competitive team. Before the 2003 season, there was an important transfer when they swapped the No. 1 draft pick from 2000, Adrian Gonzalez with the Texas Rangers for Ugueth Urbina . At the beginning of the season the team played poorly and on May 11, 2003 Jeff Torborg was replaced by Jack McKeon as manager. This resulted in an excellent season when they clearly missed the division win, but qualified for the playoffs via the wildcard. In the first round, like in 1997, you met the San Francisco Giants , which you could defeat again. In the Championship Series you met the Chicago Cubs . This series ran the full distance of seven games. In the end, the Marlins got the upper hand and moved into the 2003 World Series . There they met the record champions New York Yankees . It was clear to experts that the Marlins would lose without a chance. The surprise was all the greater when the Marlins won their first game in New York . In the two subsequent games, however, they lost to the Yankees. The professional world saw the first game as a slip and it seemed like the way to the title was open for the Yankees. All the more surprising was the victory of the Marlins in the fourth game, which went into overtime and ended after twelve innings with 4-3. The Marlins also won the next game. In the sixth game at Yankee Stadium it came to a showdown. The Marlins won 2–0 and thus the World Series 4–2, Josh Beckett was voted the most valuable player in the series.

Important transfers and the years on average

Hanley Ramírez , shortstop for the Marlins in July 2009.

The Marlins sold a large part of the established players after the end of the 2004 season. Through further transfers, the Marlins brought Hanley Ramírez and Aníbal Sánchez from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Gold Glove winner Mike Lowell and the 2003 World Series MVP Josh Beckett. In the 2005 season, for the first time in the history of the MLB, there were six rookies in the starting nine of an opening game. The team developed better than expected and the Marlins managed a balanced season with the lowest budget of all major league teams, they established themselves in the midfield of the MLB. It was different with management, when you had three different managers between 2005 and 2007. A Florida Marlins Junior Team has also existed since the 2006 season. This increased the emphasis on youth work and placed the core of the team on young players. In 2008 and 2009, the Marlins narrowly missed the playoffs.

The more recent history

The 2010 season

The 2010 season started for the Marlins with eight of 13 games won and after 52 games they had won 26 and lost 26. On May 29th, the Marlins were involved in a perfect game . In a home game against the Philadelphia Phillies , Roy Halladay threw the 20th perfect game in MLB history. The pitcher of the Marlins, Josh Johnson , in turn, allowed only one unearned run , which ended the game with the minimum score of 1–0. In the Grapefruit Series of the Interleague Games , the Marlins won five out of six games against the Tampa Bay Rays . On June 23, the manager Fredi González was replaced by Edwin Rodríguez during the current season . As part of a PR campaign from 28-30 June three games against the New York Mets in San Juan , the capital of Puerto Rico . On September 1, a mass brawl broke out between the players during a home game against the Washington Nationals . The game ended 16-10 for the Marlins. It is the most points-rich game in the history of the Marlins and was the most points-rich game of the 2010 MLB season. The Marlins finished the season with a result of 80 wins and 82 losses. They were 17 wins behind Conference winner Philadelphia . At the end of the season it was confirmed that work on the new ball park was on schedule and that the stadium would probably be ready for occupancy in the 2012 season. In the offseason, the contract negotiations with the two-time All-Star Dan Uggla , who was then signed by the Atlanta Braves , failed . In return, the Florida Marlins received Omar Infante from Atlanta.

The 2011 season

The 2011 season was the final season for the Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium before they moved to the new ball park in Downtown Miami and renamed the Miami Marlins. The regular season began for the Marlins on April 1, 2011, a week earlier than last year, with a home game against the New York Mets , which they won 6-2. This calendar change was made by the MLB to avoid that the World Series does not end in November as in the previous year. The Marlins got off to an unexpectedly successful start to the season. After a month of play in late May, they were tied with the Philadelphia Phillies in first place in their division. Up to this point they had only lost one series of games, the first against the New York Mets . This was the only time of the current season in which they had a negative record. A large part to these successes gave the pitcher at. On April 22nd, in the game against the Colorado Rockies , Aníbal Sánchez almost managed a no-hitter . He lost this with a punch in the right field by the outfielder Dexter Fowler , in the ninth inning. The game ended 4-1. At the turn of the month, however, the performance of the Marlins flattened again after they lost three games in a row. On May 8th, however, the Marlins found their strength back when they celebrated a shutout against their division rival Washington with an 8-0 . But even this boost in performance should not last long. At the end of May, the road trip to the west coast was due, which began extremely successfully when you could win all three games against the San Francisco Giants . The subsequent games against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks were less successful and the Marlins fell increasingly behind the Philadelphia Phillies. The bad end of the road trip was also the beginning of a series of eight defeats in a row. The Marlins lost seven times with only one run. As a result, the Marlins fell further behind and are now in third place behind the Atlanta Braves , the place where they mostly ended the season in recent years.

In this year's Interleague Games , the division of the Marlins, the National League East , meets the American League West . The three home games against the Seattle Mariners have to be moved from Miami to Seattle due to a U2 concert at Sun Life Stadium . Officially, the Marlins still have home rights, so there is no designated hitter . It is the first game in an American League stadium in a long time without the designated hitter.

Current squad

Miami Marlins players
Active players (25-player group) Inactive players (40-player group) Trainer / Others


Starting rotation












Injury icon 2.svgInjury list (7 or 10 days)
* Banned
Roster updated on August 18, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic , the number of players in the active squad at the beginning of the 2020 MLB season on 23/24. July increased to 30 players. Two weeks later there was a scheduled reduction to 28 players. Another two weeks later, the number of players is to be reduced to 26 and maintained for the entire 2020 season. In the case of double-headers , the teams may appoint a 27th player to the active squad.


The Florida Marlins are one of the MLB's most successful franchises . They won the World Series twice, the first in 1997 against the Cleveland Indians and the second in 2003 against the New York Yankees . Despite this success, they never managed to win their division. Both times they qualified for the playoffs via the wild card. Thus, the Marlins have won the World Series every time they appear in the playoff.


Sun Life Stadium

View of the Sun Life Stadium .

The Florida Marlins have played at Sun Life Stadium since their inception . The stadium is located north of Miami in the city of Miami Gardens . The Florida Marlins have seen all seven of the stadium's name changes, from the first name Joe Robbie Stadium to Sun Life Stadium. The stadium is designed for football and will be adapted for baseball games from the field and the stands, reducing the capacity of the stadium from 75192 seats to 38560 seats for marlin games. Since the Marlins are only tenants and not owners, they are limited in planning the game schedule and no income can be generated from doing business in and with the stadium, while the franchise has to pay considerable rental costs to the stadium operator. In the 2011 season, for example, three home games against the Seattle Mariners had to be moved from Miami to Seattle due to a U2 concert . In addition, the stadium does not have a lockable roof. In Miami's tropical monsoon climate, there were therefore often delays or game cancellations due to the weather. In order to counter these problems, attempts were made to build a new stadium of their own before the turn of the millennium, but by the end of 2008 all planning failed due to the financing, so that in the meantime the team's move to another location was discussed. Until shortly before the start of construction, there were objections to the partial financing of the new building from public funds, but these were rejected by the court.

Marlins Park

Marlins Park

The new ball park was built in Downtown Miami on the site of the former, now demolished Orange Bowl Stadium . Construction began on July 1, 2009. The construction was carried out on schedule and was ready for occupancy in the 2012 season. The stadium, estimated to cost $ 515 million, was funded by the Florida Marlins, Miami-Dade County, and the City of Miami. The Marlins will be the sole operator. The stadium has a lockable roof and is designed for around 37,000 spectators. With the move to the new stadium, the name of the team in Miami Marlins will also change, as will the stadium in Marlins Park . The first game of the Miami Marlins in the new ball park of the regular MLB season 2012 took place on April 4, 2012 against the St. Louis Cardinals .

useful information

- The Florida Marlins currently have the lowest budget of any MLB team.
The Florida Marlins were the first MLB team to create a cheerleading team , the Marlins Mermaids.
- The Florida Marlins' main competitor is the Tampa Bay Rays , which they face 6 times in one season in the Interleague Games .

Special honors

Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Miami Marlins Hall of Famers
Membership in the National Baseball Hall of Fame
Florida marlins
Andre Dawson Trevor Hoffman
Tony Perez
Mike Piazza
Tim Raines
Iván Rodríguez
Players in bold are depicted on their Hall of Fame boards with Marlins badges.

Numbers that are no longer assigned

Minor league teams of the Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins franchise
AAA AA A. Rookie
Wichita Wind Surge Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp
Jupiter Hammerheads
Greensboro Grasshoppers
Batavia Muckdogs
Dominican Marlins
Gulf Coast Marlins

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