Otto Theodor von Manteuffel

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von Manteuffel, Minister of the Interior
von Manteuffel, Minister of the Interior
Otto Theodor von Manteuffel
Signature of Otto von Manteuffel
Otto Theodor von Manteuffel
Gut Krossen around 1860, Alexander Duncker collection

Otto Theodor Freiherr von Manteuffel (born February 3, 1805 in Lübben (Spreewald) ; † November 26, 1882 at Gut Krossen in the Luckau district , Niederlausitz ) was a conservative Prussian politician . From 1850 to 1858 he was the Prussian Prime Minister and led a highly conservative policy.


Manteuffel was born as the son of Friedrich Otto Gottlob Freiherr von Manteuffel (born April 6, 1777, † January 20, 1812 in Lübben) and his wife Auguste nee. von Thermo (born December 4, 1782 in Zieckau, Luckau district, † March 2, 1810 in Lübben). The father was the head of the regional government and the consistorial director of the Lower Lusatian margravate . Otto Theodor was the older brother of the later Prussian Minister of Agriculture Karl Otto von Manteuffel .


He attended the Pforta State School from 1819 and studied law and camera science at the University of Halle from 1824 to 1827 . There he became a member of the Corps Saxonia Halle .

In 1830 he started a traineeship . In 1833 he was appointed district administrator of the Luckau district , and in 1841 he was appointed senior government officer in Königsberg i. Pr. And in 1843 appointed Vice-President of the Government in Szczecin . In 1844, the Prince of Prussia, then Chairman of the State Ministry, appointed him as a lecturer. Soon afterwards Manteuffel was also appointed a member of the Prussian State Council. He worked in finance until he became a director in the Ministry of the Interior in 1845.

Since 1833 he was a member of the provincial parliament of the province of Brandenburg as a knightly representative for the Luckau district , and later became its chairman. The United State Parliament of 1847 gave him the opportunity to prove his parliamentary skills, whereupon Manteuffel proved to be an energetic champion of the bureaucratic state and opponent of constitutional liberalism .

On November 8, 1848, he joined the cabinet of Friedrich Wilhelm Graf von Brandenburg as Minister of the Interior . Manteuffel played a significant part in the Prussian constitution of December 5, 1848; But it was also he who brought in the message of January 7, 1850, which repealed essential provisions of that constitution, and defended it before the chambers.

After Count Brandenburg's death, he was entrusted with the interim management of foreign affairs. In November 1850 he took part in the Olomouc Conference and sent the Bundestag to the Austrian restoration of the German Confederation. "The strong man takes a step back," with these words he tried to calm the chambers, which were dissatisfied with these measures. On December 19, 1850 he was finally appointed President of the Ministry of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in which capacity he also took part in the Paris Congress in 1856 . He kept his position, to be sure, relying more and more on the reactionary party, until the establishment of the reign (October 1858).

On November 5, 1858, he and the entire ministry were dismissed. For his services to Prussia was Frederick William IV. Him to the rank of count rise and with a hereditary primogeniture reward. Manteuffel wrote on it:

“When I took over the office of minister ten years ago, it was out of love for my king and the fatherland, out of ancestral loyalty, without any prospect of external recognition or reward. I have always kept my personal wishes silent when it comes to the interests of the king and the country. Now that I am returning to my private life, I claim it as a right for me to take my own feelings into account again in matters that only affect my person and their circumstances. I cannot wish for the rank increase and the majority foundation. I also want to leave the current situation without any external signs of recognition. Ew. I therefore sincerely ask your Royal Highness to refrain from the awards intended for me. "

- Otto von Manteuffel

Manteuffel retired to his estates in Lusatia . Elected to the Prussian House of Representatives for Görlitz in 1849 and re-elected four times, he did not particularly participate in the debates. On January 1, 1861, he resigned from his seat. Since 1864 a member of the manor house , he repeatedly advocated conservative principles.


He married Bertha von Stammer (* September 7, 1807; † 1891) from the Görlsdorf house on December 22, 1841 . The couple had a son:

  • Otto Carl Gottlieb (born November 29, 1844; † March 4, 1913), District Administrator ⚭ 1872 Helene Johanne Luise Isidore von Brandenstein (born January 6, 1849; † 1934), a daughter of the government councilor Karl Heinrich von Brandenstein


On February 6, 1850, he became an honorary citizen of Berlin , and Manteuffelstrasse in Kreuzberg was named after him. In the southern part of Wilhelmshaven , a Manteuffelstrasse was also inaugurated on June 17, 1869 in the presence of King Wilhelm I. The Manteuffelplatz (parade ground) was on the street. He was also an honorary citizen of Danzig , Brandenburg an der Havel , Stettin and all cities of Niederlausitz .

Manteuffel memorial in Lübben (1908)

In the city of Lübben a monument was erected to the city's great son based on the design by the Cologne sculptor Peter Bürger , which was ceremoniously unveiled in the Lübbener Hain in 1908. However, because of the urgently needed non-ferrous metal, the monument was dismantled and melted down during the First World War. The empty plinth was preserved and was used again during the restoration of the Lübben hunting monument in 1938.

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