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Situation map
Situation map
Waters Pacific Ocean
Archipelago Philippines
Geographical location 12 ° 3 ′  N , 125 ° 7 ′  E Coordinates: 12 ° 3 ′  N , 125 ° 7 ′  E
Samar (Philippines)
surface 13,080 km²
Residents 1,080,000
83 inhabitants / km²

Samar is the fourth largest island in the Philippines after Luzon , Mindanao and Negros and belongs to the Visaya Islands .

It is 13,080 km² and has around 1.08 million inhabitants. The most important branches of the economy are the mining of copper and iron ore , fishing and the timber industry as well as the extraction of coconut oil .

Samar was discovered by the Spaniard Ruy López de Villalobos in 1543 . In 1901 the Balangiga massacre took place on the island .

Samar includes three provinces :


The Gulf of Leyte extends in the south, and the San Juanico Strait in the southwest , which separates Samar from the neighboring island of Leyte and merges into the Samar Sea . The San Juanico Bridge spans San Juanico Street.

To the northwest, across the San Bernardino Strait , is Sorsogon , the southernmost province on the island of Luzon . The Philippine Sea , which is part of the Pacific Ocean , extends to the east .

The topography of the island is determined by a flat hilly terrain that rises in the center up to 800 meters above sea level. The largest river in Samar is the Catubig , which has its source in the northern center of the island and flows into the Philippine Sea. In the southeast of the island there is a karstified ridge; In this is the Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park , which is part of the Samar Natural Park .


  • The Church of La Inmaculada Concepcion is on the list of proposals of the Philippines for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List .
  • The Tarangban Falls , which are 40 km north of the city of Calbayog City.
  • The Marian Place of Reflection . This is a man-made structure in Kutay Islet in Barangay Malajog. Its main feature is the 22-foot statue of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary that stands on the island. The area offers views of Malajog Beach, Barangay Malajog and the Samar Sea. It also shows the Way of the Cross (which the believers walk down 49 steps and 50 steps), the manger, the two archangels, the risen Christ and a chapel. Among other things, the place has become a popular place for pre-nuptial and religious photo shoots. It can be reached on foot from the beach at low tide.

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