Schwarzensee (St. Wolfgang)

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Schwarzensee with Schafberg
Geographical location Upper Austria , Austria
Drain Schwarzenbach (Moosbach)IschlTraunDanubeBlack Sea
Location close to the shore St. Wolfgang on Lake Wolfgang
Coordinates 47 ° 45 '12 "  N , 13 ° 29' 48"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 45 '12 "  N , 13 ° 29' 48"  E
Schwarzensee (St. Wolfgang) (Upper Austria)
Schwarzensee (St. Wolfgang)
Altitude above sea level 716  m above sea level A.
surface 48 ha
length 1.35 km
width 400 m
volume 13,000,000 m³
Maximum depth 54 m
Middle deep 27.1 m
Catchment area 8.6 km²


Nature reserve , reservoir , bathing lake

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The Schwarzensee is a mountain lake rich in fish belonging to the Salzkammergut near Sankt Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee .

Location and landscape

It lies between the Wolfgangsee , Attersee and Mondsee at the southern foot of the Schafberg at an altitude of 716 m. It is up to 54 m deep. The south-west bank is flat, the north-east bank slopes rocky and steep.

At the outflow on the south- west edge there is an excursion inn , at the south end of the lake the Gramerhauseralm , on the west bank the Simmerlalm , on the north bank the Bacherlalm . The lake is traversed by the Schwarzenbach - especially on the run above the lake, in the area of ​​the Moosalm , also called Moosbach. Another tributary is the Hofalmbach from the Vormauerstein  ( 1450  m above sea level ).

Hydrography, geology and nature

The lake is artificially regulated, it is operated as an annual storage power plant ( Energie AG ), and can have up to 6 m level fluctuations, so that when the water is low, its banks are muddy. The power house of this small power plant is at the end of the Schwarzenbach gorge.

The high manganese content in the depth is remarkable hydrologically . The origin of the name is not documented, but it is assumed that it refers to the black coloring by manganese: In the rare complete mixing, dissolved manganese salts could rise and form manganese (IV) oxide hydrates ( manganite , brownstone) with oxygen . Somewhat northwest of the lake, the Black Sea marble is still being mined, a limestone vividly colored by manganese and iron oxides (pseudo marble). The Schwarzensee basin is a deepening milled out by the Wolfgangsee glacier in its branch of the Attersee glacier. At the level of Schafberg and Vormaueralm as well as the summit plain of Spitzeck, courtyard wall and Breitenberg at about 1300- 1400  m above sea level. A. , is probably the oldest valley floor in the Wolfgangsee area. The Strubeck – Lugberg –Gartenwand mountain range , at around 800–900  m above sea level. A. , probably represents a younger valley floor level. When the ice flow later became weaker, the supply of the Atterseegletscher collapsed, the periglacial Wolfgangsee glacier only deepened the main valley, so that the drainage of the Schwarzensee basin - and also the Haleswiessee basin to the east (this lake itself is a Karstpolje) - collapsed through the old soil.

The lake is designated as a nature reserve ( Schwarzensee in St. WolfgangN016 , 48.7719 ha). The water quality is very good. The seasonal water fluctuation corresponds to the natural regime of the lake with its small catchment area in the limestone karst of the Schafberg group and is only slightly increased by the overflow.


The Schwarzensee is a little-used bathing lake of good bathing water quality (best level). There are several swimming opportunities on the west bank. Boating, even with small bathing boats, is prohibited.

The lake can be reached from Strobl am Wolfgangsee via the small village of Rußbach . Access by car (parking fee subject to charge) and a circular walk are possible. There is a seasonal refreshment stop, the excursion inn at the southern end of the lake.

The Schwarzensee is a popular hiking destination. Paths lead west to Mönichsreith , Aschau and St. Wolfgang and over the Vormauerstein to the Schafberg summit, in the north to the Moosalm and over the Eisenau to Scharfling and See am Mondsee and to the Schafberg summit, as well as the Burggrabenklamm to Burgbachau and over the Lasseralm to Burgau , both on the Attersee, and eastwards along the road to Rußbach, or on the way at the Kösselfall northeast over the Haleswiessee into the Weißenbachtal as well as on the Zimnitz / Leonsberg summit.

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