Ukrainian women's national ice hockey team

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UkraineUkraine Ukraine

Ukrainian women's national ice hockey team
Association Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation
First international match
Latvia 0: 3 Ukraine
Riga , Latvia ; November 1, 1992
Biggest win
Bulgaria 1: 5 Ukraine
Cape Town , South Africa ; January 14, 2019
Biggest defeat
Finland 31-0 Ukraine
Moscow , Russia ; October 7, 1994
World Championship
Participation since 2019
best result 35th place
(As of December 9, 2019)

The Ukrainian national ice hockey team is the national ice hockey team of Ukraine in women's ice hockey .


The Ukrainian national ice hockey team made their debut when they failed to qualify for the B group at the 1993 European Championships to Latvia in November 1992 , but were subsequently allowed to participate in the tournament. At the B-EM, the Ukrainians took fifth and last place. At the European Championships in 1995 , the Ukraine first took fourth and last place in Group 2 at the B-EM and then failed in the game for seventh place with 0-2 to Great Britain . The Ukrainian women's national team has not played a game since then.

After 24 years, the team returned to international play for the 2019 World Cup . In the qualification for Division IIB you get four wins and the associated promotion to Group B of Division II. A year later, she was relegated to the newly introduced Division III.

Placements at world championships

  • 2019 - 1st place, qualification for Division IIB (promotion to Division IIB)
  • 2020 - 6th place, Division IIB (relegation to Division III)

Placements at European Championships

  • 1993 - 5th place, B-EM
  • 1995 - 8th place, B-EM

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