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Werner Best (born June 7, 1927 in Waldgirmes ; † January 10, 1993 ibid) was a German politician ( SPD ), Hessian Minister of State and member of the Hessian state parliament .


Werner Best joined the NSDAP on April 20, 1944, Hitler's birthday , at the age of 16 .

education and profession

After attending secondary school, Best was drafted into the military in 1944 and graduated from high school after returning from captivity. He studied law and graduated in 1954 with the second state examination and in 1956 with a doctorate. in economics. From 1957 he worked as a lawyer in Wetzlar .


Werner Best was a member of the SPD and was a member of the Wetzlar district executive.

In terms of local politics, Best was active as a community representative in Waldgirmes and as a member of the district council from 1956 to 1965. In 1965, Best was elected district administrator in the Wetzlar district. He held this office until his appointment as Hessian Agriculture Minister on December 17, 1970. At the beginning of 1972 Werner Best was confronted by the opposition with the accusation that he had profited from his office in private property deals. While Best survived these allegations in office, he had to resign on October 8, 1973 because of the Hanau toxic waste scandal involving illegal practices in the disposal of hazardous waste by SPD member Plaumann.

Werner Best was a member of the Hessian state parliament from December 1, 1958 to November 30, 1978. From October 21, 1969 to December 8, 1970 he was chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, and from December 7, 1974 until he left the state parliament he was deputy parliamentary group chairman.

In 1959, 1964 and 1969 Best was a member of the Federal Assembly .

Other offices

Since 1984 Best was the federal state chairman for bird protection .


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