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Antonius Anderledy.

Anton Maria Anderledy (born June 3, 1819 in the hamlet of Berisal above Brig-Glis , Canton Valais ; † January 18, 1892 in Fiesole , Tuscany ) was the 23rd general of the Jesuits .


Anton Maria Anderledy was born the son of a postman in German-speaking Switzerland. After completing high school in Brig , he joined the Jesuit order in 1838. After the novitiate he studied ancient languages, from 1842–44 he taught at the college in Freiburg in Üechtland . 1844–46 he studied philosophy and theology at the Universities of Gregoriana, Rome and 1846–47 Freiburg (Switzerland) . After the defeat of the conservative cantons in the Sonderbund War in 1847 and the dissolution of the Sonderbund , the Jesuits were also expelled. He first found refuge in Chambéry , France , then Anderledy traveled to Piedmont . When the Jesuit order was also banned here in 1848, he joined a larger group of Jesuits to come to the USA . There he was ordered to St. Louis ( Missouri ) to complete his theology studies there. On September 29, 1848 he received by Archbishop Francis Patrick Kenrick , the ordination to thereafter in Green Bay ( Wisconsin to be pastorally active).

In 1851 he was called back to Germany and headed Jesuit missions in Bavaria, Warmia and the Lower Rhine for two years , until in 1853 he became vice-rector of the theological college of the Society of Jesus in Cologne . He made his perpetual vows on March 26, 1855 in Cologne. In 1856, Anderledy was appointed rector of the Paderborn Theological College . In 1859 he was promoted to Provincial of the Order. From 1865 he became a professor of moral theology in the college of the Abbey of Maria Laach , which he founded and which was acquired by the order. Four years later he became rector there .

In 1870 he was appointed assistant to the Jesuit general Pierre Jean Beckx , responsible for the German-speaking provinces, in Rome . After he had held this important office for 13 years and had proven himself both through his firmness of character and through high spiritual gifts, he was elected vicar general with succession right by the General Congregation of the Jesuit Order, which met in Florence in 1883 , but only after lengthy negotiations and not without resistance from the Romance order members. When in 1884 Peter Beckx resigned as general of the Society of Jesus because of old age , he succeeded him on March 4, 1887, in order to hold the office for another five years.

The new Jesuit missions in Moldova , Pune (India) and El Minya (Egypt) were created under Anderledy . The number of Jesuits increased from 11,481 to 13,275.


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