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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Belum
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Belum highlighted

Coordinates: 53 ° 49 '  N , 9 ° 0'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Cuxhaven
Joint municipality : Land Hadeln
Height : 0 m above sea level NHN
Area : 25.72 km 2
Residents: 812 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 32 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 21785
Area code : 04752
License plate : CUX
Community key : 03 3 52 004
Community structure: 7 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Marktstrasse 21,
21762 Otterndorf
Website : Joint municipality of Land Hadeln - municipality of Belum
Mayor : Matthias Peter ( Citizen List Belum Kehdingbruch [BBK] )
Location of the municipality of Belum in the district of Cuxhaven
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The church in Belum

The community of Belum ( Belen in Low German ) is a member of the community association Samtgemeinde Land Hadeln in the Lower Saxony district of Cuxhaven .



The municipality of Belum is located directly on the estuary and the Niederelbe in the district of Cuxhaven and belongs to the combined municipality of Land Hadeln .

Today's Oste flows into a canal a little further east into the Elbe, since an eastern barrier was built in 1964 and the oxbow lake was closed by two broad dams, so the Ostesee was created at the eastern barrier.

Community structure

  • Bahrdorf
  • Belum (main town)
  • Belumerdeich
  • Hollanderhof
  • Kehdingbruch
  • Königswisch
  • Western village

Neighboring communities

Otterndorf Neighboring communities Neuhaus
Easter break Bülkau



The name

Since Belum is located in the north at the old estuary on the Elbe, the name can be traced back to the geographical location. The "column in the country" - the tributary to the Elbe was called Beilheim and Belem and over the centuries it became today's Belum.

First mention

Belum was first mentioned on March 23, 1377 in a contract between the parish of Belum and the council of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. This contract was about the intention not to rob each other anymore. (Other sources speak of 1150.)

The St. Vitus Church was built around the year 1230; it was renovated at the turn of the century in 2000 at great financial expense.

middle Ages

Belum became known in the Middle Ages for its small port, located on the Belumer Wettern. As the main hub for wood in the region, the place came to some prosperity. Two markets a year have survived, the one-week St. Vitus market and the much longer wood market.

Belumer Schanze

Among the main defenses of the Thirty Years' War which belonged Belumer ski jump at the mouth of the Oste . During the Second World War there was an air defense position of the 8.8 cm flak, which fought the Allied bomber formations in the direction of Hamburg with three kills. After the war was between Belum and Kehdingbruch HAWK missiles position of NATO established. In the course of the location of air defense in the Bundeswehr, it was dismantled in the 1990s. Today only a street name and a bus stop remind of the "Schanze".

Beacon in Belum

The beacon in Belum

The lighthouses in Belum are also part of the lighting of the Elbe and the North Sea. Across from the Ostebank, a sandbank in the Elbe near the mouth of the East, a lighthouse similar to the Balje lighthouse was built in 1904 . This white tower, based on a round brown brick base, with a railing platform and a conical brown roof, was the first to be operated with petroleum light. Converted to liquid gas in 1927, they had installed a 250 mm belt light as optics. In contrast to the lighthouse in Balje, the tower in Belum was switched off in 1982 and demolished a year later. Today's so-called "leading light line" consists of the Belum upper fire, a thin, red and white striped 44 meter high tower with an inverted conical roof, as well as the Belum lower fire, 1,340 meters away, at the same time the Otterndorf lower fire, which is built the same but only 25 meters high is. The lighthouses can be seen 18 nautical miles.


As part of the regional reform in Lower Saxony , which took place on July 1, 1972, the previously independent municipality of Kehdingbruch was incorporated into the municipality of Belum.

Population development

year Residents source
1824 00- 10
1848 0936 2
1910 676
1925 652
1933 601
1939 565
1950 984
1956 780
1961 1120 3
1970 1079 4
1973 10450
year Residents source
1975 1052 50
1980 988 5
1985 966 5
1990 974 5
1995 949 5
2000 909 5
2005 871 5
2010 829 5
2015 838 5
2019 812 5
0 0 0

1 155 fires
2 in 152 houses (parish Belum total)
3 census results on June 6, including Kehdingbruch
four census results on May 27, including Kehdingbruch
5 at December 31


Municipal council

The Belum parish council consists of eight councilors and councilors. This is the specified number for the member municipality of an integrated municipality with a population between 501 and 1000 inhabitants. The council members are elected for a five-year term by local elections. The current term of office began on November 1, 2016 and ends on October 31, 2021.

The mayor is also entitled to vote and sit on the council.

The last local election on September 11, 2016 resulted in the following:

Political party Proportional votes Number of seats
Belum / Kehdingbruch Citizens' List (BBK) 69.95% 6th
CDU 22.99% 2
Green 07.04% 1

The turnout in the 2016 local elections was 67.14%, above the Lower Saxony average of 55.5%.


The local council elected councilor Matthias Peter (BBK) as honorary mayor for the current electoral term. His deputies are Hartwig Meyer (BBK) and Joachim Schlichting (BBK).

coat of arms

Belum coat of arms
Blazon : "In blue a golden winged Mercury hat over the part of a golden entrenchment as a shield base ."
Justification of the coat of arms: The Merkurius hat is a symbol of trade and refers to the Belumer Vitimarkt, which was once important for the entire surrounding area. The entrenchment is reminiscent of the Belumer Schanze , which played a role especially in the wars of the 17th century.

Culture and sights

Architectural monuments

Regular events

  • Belum shooting festival: second weekend in June
  • Schützenfest Kehdingbruch: first weekend in June
  • Autumn festival: third weekend in September
  • Fire brigade ball of the volunteer fire brigade Belum: last Saturday in October

Clubs and organizations

  • Kehdingbruch fishing club
  • Carrier pigeon club Elbbote Belum
  • German Red Cross Belum
  • German Red Cross Kehdingbruch
  • Friends of the Voluntary Fire Brigade Belum e. V.
  • Volunteer firefighter
  • Belum-Kehdingbruch local history association
  • Belum hunting community
  • Kehdingbruch hunting community
  • Kehdingbrucher Sportclub e. V.
  • Church Council Belum
  • Church council Kehdingenbruch
  • Belum Sheep Club
  • Schützenverein Belum e. V.
  • Schützenverein Kehdingbruch e. V.
  • TSV Belum e. V.



Sons and daughters of the church

People connected to the community

  • Georg Wilhelm Wilhelmy (1748–1806), organ builder who initially worked in Northern Hesse and then from 1781 to 1806 in Stade, from 1783 to 1786 he created the organ for the local St. Vitus Church
  • Ernst Cammann (1888–1978), farmer and politician (DNVP, CDU), in 1918 he took over his father's farm in Belum
  • Rowan West (* 1953), organ builder from Altenahr, in 2001 he created a new building behind the historic prospectus on the organ of the local St. Vitus Church

Myths and legends

  • The compliant assistant


  • Willi Klenck: home book of the former district Neuhaus an der Oste . 1957.
  • Eberhard Michael Iba (Ed.): Hake Betken siene Duven. The saga of the Elbe and Weser estuaries (=  special publications by the men from Morgenstern , Heimatbund at the Elbe and Weser estuaries . Volume 16 ). 3. Edition. Men from Morgenstern Verlag, Bremerhaven 1999, ISBN 3-931771-16-4 .

Web links

Commons : Belum  - collection of images

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