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Bezirk Feldkirchen Bezirk Hermagor Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Bezirk Klagenfurt-Land Bezirk Sankt Veit an der Glan Bezirk Spittal an der Drau Villach Bezirk Villach-Land Bezirk Völkermarkt Bezirk WolfsbergLocation of the Wolfsberg district in the state of Carinthia (clickable map)
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Basic data
state Carinthia
NUTS III region AT-213
Administrative headquarters Wolfsberg
surface 974 km²
Residents 52,607 (January 1, 2020)
Population density 54 inhabitants / km²
License Plate WHERE
website https://www.ktn.gv.at/Verwaltung/Bezirke/BH-Wolfsberg
Bad St. Leonhard im Lavanttal Frantschach-Sankt Gertraud Lavamünd Preitenegg Reichenfels Sankt Andrä Sankt Georgen im Lavanttal Wolfsberg Sankt Paul im LavanttalLocation of the municipality of the district of Wolfsberg in the district of Wolfsberg (clickable map)
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The Wolfsberg district is a political district in the Austrian state of Carinthia .


The district is located in the Lavant Valley in eastern Carinthia in the Lower Carinthia region ; Koralpe and Packalpe form the border with Styria . The Wolfsberg district is crossed by the Lavant River , which flows into the Drau at Lavamünd . The lower part of the district is embedded between the cliff zone and Saualpe . The upper part of the district lies between the Packalpe and the Seetal Alps and borders the Obdacher Sattel to the north .

Adjacent local authorities

Murau Murtal Voitsberg
St. Vitus Neighboring communities Deutschlandsberg
Völkermarkt Slovenia

Administrative division

The Wolfsberg district is divided into nine communities , including three towns and four market communities . The number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2020 are in brackets.

Community reforms

There were once 32 parishes in the Wolfsberg district. Before the most recent community reform in January 1973, there were 23:

# Church today Parish in 1972 Wolfsberg district
1 Bad St. Leonhard in Lavanttal
Municipalities in the Wolfsberg district
2 Frantschach-St. Gertraud
3 Lavamünd
4th Preitenegg
5 Reichenfels
6th St. Andrä in the Lavant Valley
  • Fishing ring
  • Granitztal (part)
  • Maria Rojach
  • Schönweg
  • St. Andrä
  • St. Georgen im Lavanttal (part)
  • St. Marein (part)
  • St. Paul im Lavanttal (part)
  • St. Stefan im Lavanttal (part)
7th St. Georgen in the Lavant Valley
  • Ettendorf (part)
  • St. Georgen im Lavanttal (part)
8th St. Paul in the Lavant Valley
  • Granitztal (part)
  • St. Paul im Lavanttal (part)
9 Wolfsberg
local community Slovenian location Ew km² Ew / km² Judicial district region Type
Bad St. Leonhard in Lavanttal
Coat of arms at bad-st-leonhard-im-lavanttal.png
Bad Sankt Leonhard im Lavanttal in the district WO.png 4,328 111.83 39 Wolfsberg urban
Frantschach-Sankt Gertraud
Coat of arms at frantschach-st.-gertraud.png
Frantschach-Sankt Gertraud in the district WO.png 2,556 100.94 25th Wolfsberg market
Coat of arms at lavamuend.png
Labot Lavamünd in the district WO.png 2,870 93.7 31 Wolfsberg market
AUT Preitenegg COA.jpg
Preitenegg in the district WO.png 930 68.36 14th Wolfsberg local community
Coat of arms atreichenfels.png
Reichenfels in the district WO.png 1,792 87.23 21st Wolfsberg market
Saint Andrew
Coat of arms of St. Andrä (at) .svg
Sankt Andrä in the district WO.png 9,873 113.59 87 Wolfsberg urban
Sankt Georgen im Lavanttal
Coat of arms at st-georgen-im-lavanttal.png
Sankt Georgen im Lavanttal in the district WO.png 1,960 72.34 27 Wolfsberg local community
Sankt Paul im Lavanttal
Coat of arms at st-paul-im-lavanttal.png
Sankt Paul im Lavanttal in the district WO.png 3,273 47.46 69 Wolfsberg market
AUT Wolfsberg (Kaernten) COA.svg
Volšperk Wolfsberg in the district WO.png 25,025 278.63 90 Wolfsberg urban

Population development

The population is expected to continue to decline, with a decline of over 6% by 2030. The causes are both the birth deficit and the high rate of emigration . The very high rate of emigration among the 20 to 34 age group is particularly noticeable.

This is astonishing, since both unemployment are low and incomes are high: The unemployment rate in the Wolfsberg district in 2017 was 7.7%, well below the average for the federal state of Carinthia and also below the average for Austria . The gross median income of EUR 2,563 is significantly higher than that of Carinthia and Austria:

Unemployment rate in percent
Average income (gross)


2.3% of the population work in agriculture and forestry ( primary sector according to the NACE definition). That is well above the average for Carinthia (0.9%) and Austria (0.7%). The production sector is even more pronounced: 42.6% compared to 26.4% in Carinthia and 25.2% in Austria. The share in the service sector is correspondingly lower:

Pulp factory in Frantschach

Agriculture and Forestry

The number of agricultural and forestry operations in the Wolfsberg district is falling continuously, the number fell from 1,955 in 2006 to 1,671 in 2017.

In the valley areas, grain maize is predominantly grown with pigs and chickens. Fruit is grown in the Lower Lavant Valley, especially apples for must and schnapps products. In 2018, 2 million kilograms of fruit were processed. At higher altitudes and also in the Upper Lavant Valley, grassland management predominates. With 36,528 animals, the district had the highest herd of cattle in Carinthia in 2017. The timber industry with the large spruce stands on Koralpe and Saualpe is also of great importance . In 2017, 227,000 cubic meters of wood were sold in the district , of which 212,000 cubic meters were softwood .


The top 5 industrial companies in the Wolfsberg district are (as of 2017):
  • Steiner Bau GmbH in St. Paul: 600–800 employees, implementation of construction projects throughout Austria.
  • Kostmann GmbH in St. Andrä: branches in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania, construction services of all kinds.
  • Mondi Frantschach GmbH in St. Gertraud: part of the international Mondi Group, kraft sack paper production.
  • SCHWING GmbH in St. Stefan: Steel construction and cylinder production.
  • Geislinger GmbH in Bad St. Leonhard: Headquarters in Salzburg, production of clutches and vibration dampers.

There are also a large number of wood processing companies (sawmills, pellet manufacturers, carpenters) and Austria's largest harmonica manufacturer in Bad St. Leonhard.

Number of establishments per municipality


Wolfsberg: old town, parish church and castle

The number of overnight stays is low compared to most other Carinthian districts. The Wolfsberg district recorded a total of 320,000 overnight stays in 2017. 5 Carinthian districts had between 1 and 2 million overnight stays, the Spittal district had over 3 million overnight stays in the same year.

Overnight stays in the tourism year 2017 (in thousands)

Iron mica mining in Waldenstein


Iron mica ( hematite ) near Waldenstein is currently being mined in the Wolfsberg district . Hematite is mainly used for anti-corrosion coatings. For on the Koralpe lying lithium -Occurrence drill testing have been conducted since the 2016th Commercial dismantling is planned for 2021.

Motorway bridge at Preitenegg

Infrastructure / traffic

  • Railway: From 2010, the line from Zeltweg to Bad St. Leonhard has only been used by freight trains from the railway line, which was once continuously passable from Zeltweg to Klagenfurt . Passenger traffic between Bad St. Leonhard and Wolfsberg has also been suspended since the end of 2018. The tunnel breakthrough was celebrated on August 14, 2018 when the new Koralm Railway was built. The connection line to Wolfsberg will also be electrified by the time it is completed.
  • Road: The main traffic artery is the south A2 motorway , which leads from Vienna to Klagenfurt and on to the national border with Italy . It crosses the district from Packsattel to Griffner Berg .

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