Football Association League Saxony-Anhalt

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Association League Saxony-Anhalt
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Association Football Association of Saxony-Anhalt
First edition 1990/91
hierarchy 6th league
Teams 19th
master no master
Record champions Hallescher FC , SV Merseburg 99 (3 titles each)
Current season 2020/21
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↓ Regional League North (VII)
Regional League South (VII)

The Association League Saxony-Anhalt is the top division of the football association in Saxony-Anhalt .


The Association League Saxony-Anhalt has been one of the sixth highest divisions within the game operations of the German Football Association since 2008. The master rises directly to the Oberliga Nordost , while the regional situation decides whether the club is integrated into the northern or southern relay. The number of relegated teams depends on the relegated teams from the higher leagues, but as a rule two clubs relegate to the regional league (northern and southern relay). In the 2006/07 season, the association league was named " Radio Brocken Association League" after the sponsor, a private radio station .


There was already a soccer league in the state of Saxony-Anhalt from 1948 to 1952. After the previous sports system collapsed at the end of the Second World War , a regionally narrowly limited soccer game began to develop in the Soviet occupation zone from 1946. In Saxony-Anhalt, a soccer championship was played for the first time in the 1948/49 season in a state-wide league system. 20 teams were divided into two relays of the national class (north and south). Among them were the predecessors of the later GDR upper division

In the final of the Saxony-Anhalt Championship in 1949, SG Freiimfelde Halle won 2-0 over SG Blau-Weiß Stendal. The other masters were BSG Eisenhüttenwerk Thale (1950), BSG Stahl Magdeburg (1951) and BSG Chemie Wolfen (1952).

In 1948/49 the state class Saxony-Anhalt was like the corresponding leagues in the other East German states, the highest league in the Soviet occupation zone. In the 1949/50 season it was second class under the new DS-Oberliga and after the introduction of the GDR league in 1950/51, the third-highest league.

With the abolition of the East German states and the introduction of the GDR districts , the state leagues were also discontinued, and were replaced by 15 district leagues (in Saxony-Anhalt, the Halle district league and the Magdeburg district league) (until the 1989/1990 season). The district champions were able to qualify for the GDR league via promotion games.

In the 1990/91 season, due to the political changes in the GDR and the associated re-establishment of the states, a regional league was reintroduced in Saxony-Anhalt. It formed the third highest division in the last GDR season. In the following season, all teams of the former GDR, now organized in the NOFV , took part in the DFB's game operations . It was the first season since the end of the Second World War in which an all-German champion was determined again and all German clubs again played for points within a league system. The Landesliga Sachsen-Anhalt formed the fourth highest division until the end of the 1993/94 season. The reintroduction of the regional leagues with the beginning of the following season again meant a devaluation of the league. The highest league in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, which has meanwhile been renamed the Association League, formed the fifth-highest level in the German football league system until the introduction of the 3rd division in the 2008/09 season.

National championship title

Title holder

1The Haldensleber SC did not exercise its right of promotion, whereby the runner-up SG Union Sandersdorf rose to the league.
2The BSV Halle-Ammendorf did not exercise his right of promotion, whereby the runner-up Askania Bernburg rose to the league.
3The BSV Halle-Ammendorf did not exercise its right of promotion, whereby the runner-up SV Blau-Weiß Zorbau rose to the league.
4th1. FC Romonta Amsdorf did not exercise their right of promotion, which means that second-placed VfB IMO Merseburg was promoted to the league.
5The season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic .

Number of titles by club

rank society Cup victories Years
1 Hallescher FC Logo 2012.svg Hallescher FC 3 1996/97, 1999/00, 2011/12 1
Svmerseburg99.gif SV Merseburg 99 3 1990/91, 1992/93, 2015/16
3 BSV Halle-Ammendorf.png BSV Halle-Ammendorf 2 2013/14, 2017/18
Coats of arms of None.svg 1. FC Aschersleben 2 1993/94, 1997/98
Coats of arms of None.svg FC Anhalt Dessau 2 1998/99, 2000/01
SV Dessau 05.svg SV Dessau 05 2 2003/04, 2005/06
VfL Hall 96.svg VfL Halle 1896 2 1994/95, 2008/09
8th FC Romonta Amsdorf.svg 1. FC Romonta Amsdorf 1 2018/19
FSV Barleben 1911.jpg FSV Barleben 1 2014/15
Sv-braunsbedra-logo.svg SV Braunsbedra 1 2001/02
Germania-Wappen.svg VfB Germania Halberstadt 1 2002/03
Haldensleber SC.svg Haldensleber SC 1 2012/13
1. FC Magdeburg.svg 1. FC Magdeburg II 1 2009/10 2
SV Fortuna Magdeburg.svg SV Fortuna Magdeburg 1 1995/96
Grunweisspiesteritz.svg FC Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 1 2010/11
VfBSangerhausen logo.jpg VfB Sangerhausen 1 2006/07
1. FC Lok Stendal.svg 1. FC Lok Stendal 1 2016/17
TSV Völpke.svg TSV Völpke 1 2004/05
FC unit Wernigerode.svg FC unit Wernigerode 1 1991/92
Fcgwwölker.gif FC Grün-Weiß Wolfen 1 2007/08
1 The title was won by the second team of Halleschen FC.
2 The title was won by the second team of 1. FC Magdeburg.

Members of the Association League Saxony-Anhalt

Venues of the Association League Saxony-Anhalt 2020/21

In the 2020/21 season the following 19 teams will play in the Association League Saxony-Anhalt:

society 2019/20
BSV Halle-Ammendorf 03.
1. FC Romonta Amsdorf 01.
SV Edelweiss Arnstedt 12.
FSV Barleben 06th
TV Askania Bernburg 0A.
1. FC Bitterfeld-Wolfen 11.
SV Dessau 05 14th
SV Blue-White Dölau 10.
SV Eintracht Elster 04th
SSV Gardelegen 0N.
Haldensleber SC 08th.
SV Kelbra 15th
SV Fortuna Magdeburg 09.
FC Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 0N.
VfB Sangerhausen 17th
SG Rot-Weiß Thalheim 16.
SSC Weissenfels 05.
FC unit Wernigerode 13.
SV Westerhausen 07th

A. = Relegated

N. = climber

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