HC Olomouc

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HC Olomouc
HC Olomouc
Greatest successes

Czech champion 1994

Club information
history Spartak Moravia Olomouc (1955–1965)
TJ Moravia DS Olomouc (1965–1979)
TJ DS Olomouc (1979–1992)
HC Olomouc (since 1992)
Location Olomouc , Czech Republic
Club colors Red White
league Tipsport Extraliga
Venue Zimní Stadium Olomouc
capacity 5,300 seats (including 3,900 seats)
executive Director Erik Prince
Head coach Jan Tomajko and Zdeněk Moták
Season 2018/19 6th place (main round)
6th place (quarter-finals)

HC Olomouc is a Czech ice hockey club from Olomouc that has been participating in the Czech extra league again since 2014 .

Club history

In 1955 the club Spartak Moravia Olomouc was founded, which was able to rise to the 2nd division after only one season. From 1965, the club began under the new name TJ Moravia DS Olomouc . In 1974, the club was relegated from the second division and immediately returned to the same. In 1983 Olomouc won the Czech group (I. ČNL) of the 2nd division, but was clearly defeated in the final for promotion to the first division to the Slovak representative HC Dukla Trenčín . In the next few years the team always belonged to the top of the 2nd division without being able to win it. Olomouc succeeded in 1988/89, but just in this game year a relegation with six participating teams was introduced, of which the two first-placed promoted teams were in the first division. Olomouc landed one point behind Poldi Kladno in third place. Curiously, the same thing happened in the next season 1989/90, with the difference that HC Slovan Bratislava was one point better this time. However, this year the third relegation rank was enough for promotion, as the 1st division was enlarged from 12 to 14 participants. In the first three first division years, Olomouc ended up in eleventh place.

In the founding season of the Czech Extra League , the club, renamed HC Olomouc in 1992, caused a surprise when it won the championship title. After 44 games, Olomouc was in seventh place, so you went into the play-offs as an outsider . Sequentially switched the team to Jiří Dopita the HC Ceske Budejovice and HC Kladno made. In the final, HC Pardubice was waiting , which won the first game 3: 2. In the second game, Olomouc turned the tables, won 2-1 and now had two home games ahead of them. Olomouc won the first 5-2, the 2-1 in the fourth game meant winning the championship. HC Olomouc was unable to defend the title and was fifth in the following season and only ninth a year later.

Before 1997/98 the Extraliga license of HC Olomouc was sold to HC Becherovka Karlovy Vary . In place of this, HC Olomouc bought HC Slezan Opava from its first division license and thus belonged again to the second division after seven years in the highest division. In 1999 the first division license was also sold, so that there was no longer a men's team in Olomouc. Two years later, HC Olomouc acquired the second division license of HC Uherské Hradiště and in 2003 HC Olomouc rose to the first division . In 2014 the club returned to the Extraliga after 16 years.


Home ground

HC Olomouc plays its home games in the ice rink in Olomouc. This was completed in 1948 , covered in 1966 and renovated in 1982 . The total capacity is 5,300 seats, of which 3,900 are seated and 1,400 are standing. The city of Olomouc has owned it since 2004 .

Seasonal statistics since 1993

season league Clubs Main round Points placement captain Head coach
1993/1994 Extra league 12 7th place 45 1st place Jiří Matějů , Lubomír Fischer - Josef Augusta , Miloš Říha
1994/1995 Extra league 12 3rd place 48 5th place Josef Augusta, Lubomír Fischer, Jaromír Přecechtěl
1995/1996 Extra league 14th 7th place 40 9th place Josef Augusta, Lubomír Fischer, Jaromír Přecechtěl
1996/1997 Extra league 14th 12th place 43 12th place Jiří Látal , Miroslav Venkrbec
1997/1998 1st League 14th 7th place 59 7th place Kamil Přecechtěl
1998/1999 1st League 14th 6th place 51 6th place Kamil Přecechtěl; Jan Kacl
1999/2000 no license
2000/2001 no license
2001/2002 2nd league - group east 12 8th place 55 8th place Miroslav Venkrbec , Luděk Konopčík
2002/2003 2nd league - group east 12 1st place 99 1st place Richard Brančík Josef Zavadil
2003/2004 1st League 14th 5th place 66 5th place Richard Brančík Josef Zavadil, Kamil Přecechtěl
2004/2005 1st League 14th 11th place 57 11th place Michal Šafařík Kamil Přecechtěl, Karel Suchánek
2005/2006 1st League 14th 8th place 78 8th place Michal Šafařík Aleš Tomášek
2006/2007 1st League 14th 14th place 40 14th place Michal Šafařík Aleš Tomášek
2007/2008 1st League - Group East 8th 1st place 86 3rd place Richard Brančík Petr Fiala , Petr Vlk
2008/2009 1st League 16 8th place 62 7th place Richard Brančík Petr Fiala, Petr Vlk
2009/2010 1st League 16 3rd place 81 3rd place Richard Brančík Petr Fiala, Petr Vlk
2010/2011 1st League 16 4th Place 75 5th place Martin Vyrůbalík Petr Fiala, Jan Tomajko
2011/2012 1st League 14th 3rd place 95 3rd place Jakub Bartoň Petr Fiala, Jan Tomajko
2012/2013 1st League 14th 2nd place 113 2nd place Jakub Bartoň Petr Fiala, Jan Tomajko
2013/2014 1st League 14th 2nd place 107 2nd place Jakub Bartoň Petr Fiala, Jiří Dopita
2014/2015 Extra league 14th 13th place 54 13th place Pavel Patera Petr Fiala, Jiří Dopita
2015/2016 Extra league 14th 5th place 85 5th place Martin Vyrůbalík Zdeněk Venera , Jan Tomajko
2016/2017 Extra league 14th 12th place 70 11th place Martin Vyrůbalík Zdeněk Venera, Jan Tomajko
2017/2018 Extra league 14th 8th place 75 8th place Martin Vyrůbalík Zdeněk Venera, Jan Tomajko
2018/2019 Extra league 14th 6th place 85 6th place Martin Vyrůbalík Jan Tomajko, Zdeněk Moták

Former known players

Champion team 1993/94

goalkeeper Pavel Cagaš , Ladislav Blažek , Zdenek Nejtek
Defender Aleš Flašar , Jiří Kuntoš , Jan Vavrečka , Jiří Látal , Josef Řezníček , Tomáš Brejník , Cam Brown
Attacking player Martin Smeták , Jiří Dopita , Michal Slavík , Igor Čikl , Michal Konečný , Pavel Nohel , Miroslav Chalánek , Zdeněk Eichenmann , Milan Navrátil , Aleš Pavlík , Michal Černý , Radek Haman
Trainer Josef Augusta and Miloš Říha

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