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The essence of the constitution of the Republic of Austria means that although political parties are mentioned in the Federal Constitutional Act , they are not defined there. This is done in the Political Parties Act , Section 1 of which has constitutional status:

(1) The existence and diversity of political parties are essential components of the democratic order of the Republic of Austria.
(2) A political party is a permanently organized association which aims to exert a comprehensive influence on state decision-making through joint activities, in particular through participation in elections for general representative bodies and the European Parliament, and whose statutes are deposited with the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
(3) The establishment of political parties is free, unless otherwise stipulated by federal constitutional law. Their activity must not be subject to any restrictions by special legal provisions.

There is, of course, a constitutional restriction under the Prohibition Act .

With the deposit of the statutes with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the political party acquires legal personality . The statutes must contain: organs of the party and their power of representation (at least a general assembly, a management body and a control body must be defined), rights and obligations of the members, the structure of the party, provisions on the voluntary dissolution of the party.

Parties represented in parliaments

The following parties are represented in the National Council , in the European Parliament or in at least one state parliament:

logo Political party Abbreviation Members (as of 2017) State
National Council
European Parliament

Year of foundation
Logo SPÖ.svg Social Democratic Party of Austria SPÖ 000000000180000.0000000000180,000 000000000000009.00000000009 000000000000040.000000000040 000000000000005.00000000005 000000000000132.0000000000132 1888
Logo new VP tuerkis.png Austrian People's Party ÖVP 000000000600000.0000000000600,000 000000000000009.00000000009 000000000000071.000000000071 000000000000007.00000000007th 000000000000136.0000000000136 1945
Logo of Freedom Party of Austria.svg Freedom Party of Austria FPÖ 000000000060000.000000000060,000 000000000000009.00000000009 000000000000030.000000000030th 000000000000003.00000000003 000000000000110.0000000000110 1955
Green Logo.svg The Greens - The Green Alternative GREEN 000000000007000.00000000007,000 000000000000009.00000000009 000000000000026.000000000026th 000000000000002.00000000002 000000000000037.000000000037 1986
NEOS - The New Austria logo.svg NEOS - The New Austria and Liberal Forum NEOS 000000000002700.00000000002,700 000000000000009.00000000009 000000000000015.000000000015th 000000000000001.00000000001 000000000000015.000000000015th 2012
Communist Party of Austria Logo.svg Communist Party of Austria KPÖ 000000000002000.00000000002,000 000000000000009.00000000009 - - 000000000000002.00000000002 1918
List Fritz Dinkhauser FRITZ ? 000000000000001.00000000001 - - 000000000000002.00000000002 2008
Team Carinthia TK ? 000000000000001.00000000001 - - 000000000000003.00000000003 2017
Team HC Strache logo.png Team HC Strache - Alliance for Austria HC ? 000000000000002.00000000002 - - 000000000000003.00000000003 2019

Other parties

Further parties in the list of parties

A party must deposit its statutes in the Federal Ministry of the Interior to be founded. Since there are not many legal requirements, well over 1000 statutes of political parties are stored at the BMI (as of March 15, 2019).

Of these parties, the following parties ran for state parliament, national council or European elections between 2014 and 2019 (in alphabetical order):

Electoral alliances and lists

Electoral parties can also be formed independently of political parties and run for elections:

Other parties

The following still active parties competed in state parliament, national council or European elections:


Historical parties

Historical parties that were active in the Republic of Austria or its predecessor state Cisleithanien :

Historic electoral alliances


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Individual evidence

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