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The list of political parties in Portugal contains the most important Portuguese political parties, past and present. The political landscape of Portugal has been characterized several times by a strong fragmentation of the party system. Therefore, only the most important parties are mentioned here.

Pre-constitutional time

In the pre-constitutional period (before the end of Miguelistenkrieges 1832 bis 1834 ) there was no real political parties in Portugal, but political tendencies, namely:

Constitutional monarchy since the end of the Miguelist War

In the first phase after the end of the Miguelistenkrieg one can still not speak of political parties, but three political currents can be distinguished:

  • the Miguelisten ( "Miguel touristas") d. H. the followers of the exiled King Michael (in Portuguese Dom Miguel). Since Michael was the last king to rule absolutistically, they were mainly recruited from the supporters of the former absolutists.

The parties that were to shape Portugal until the end of the monarchy developed from these currents:

  • the historical party (Partido Histórico), founded in 1854 , left-wing liberal, the political heirs of the Setembrists. The most important politician of this party was the Duke of Loulé .
  • the Portuguese Socialist Party (PSP), founded in 1875, is considered the oldest socialist party to be founded, but could only achieve limited political influence and dissolved in 1926 with the end of the First Republic ;
  • the Republican Party , which was founded in 1876 , never had a government during the period of the monarchy, was often subjected to persecution, and was never able to win a large number of parliamentary seats due to an unfavorable electoral system. Even so, the Republicans quickly became a significant political force outside of parliament.

First republic

Military dictatorship and Estado Novo

During the years of the Salazar dictatorship, the Estado Novo , there was only one unity party, namely the

Third Republic

Party foundations after 1974

After the Carnation Revolution , the country's main political parties were re-established. These are:

Today existing parties in Portugal

For an overview of the currently active parties in Portugal, the following list of the parties that stood for the parliamentary elections in Portugal in 2015 can be used, in descending order of votes:

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