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Radically young - the festival of young directors has been held annually at the Munich Volkstheater since 2005 . It has set itself the task of offering young directors a forum and a stage.

A jury selects productions by young directors from the German-speaking theater landscape. At the end of the festival week, an audience award of 3,000 euros since 2020 (previously 2,500 euros) will be awarded. A supporting program will take place parallel to the productions. In addition to the audience discussions with the respective directors and a member of the jury, the future of theater and new ways of funding will be discussed.



Thalia Theater Hamburg : Port , directed by David Bösch
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg : Don Karlos , directed by Laurent Chétouane
Burgtheater Vienna : underground blues , directed by Friederike Heller
Schauspiel Frankfurt : Jack and Jill , directed by Christiane Schneider
Schauspiel Frankfurt: Dantons Tod , directed by Philipp Preuss
Münchner Volkstheater: What you want , director Jorinde Dröse
Munich Volkstheater: Purgatory in Ingolstadt , directed by Jorinde Dröse
Munich Volkstheater: Lower Bavaria , directed by Florian Fiedler


Schauspiel Frankfurt: The Sorrows of Young Werther , directed by Florian Fiedler (winner of the audience award)
Staatstheater Stuttgart : Fruits of Nothing , directed by Roger Vontobel
Schauspielhaus Bochum : Phaidras Liebe , directed by Lisa Nielebock
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg: Lila / Purple , directed by Jens Zimmermann
Münchner Volkstheater: Much Ado About Nothing , directed by Jorinde Dröse
Girls choir Giessen : Dirty dancing , directed by Susanne Zaun
Schauspiel Essen : A Midsummer Night's Dream , directed by David Bösch (winner of the audience award)
Thalia Theater Hamburg: Antigone , directed by Christine Eder


German National Theater Weimar : Othello, the Moor of Venice , directed by Tilmann Köhler
Deutsches Theater Berlin : Waldstein or the death of Walter Gieseking on June 6, 2005 , directed by Hanna Rudolph (winner of the audience award)
Schaubühne at Lehniner Platz Berlin : Augenlicht , directed by Ingo Berk
Thalia Theater Hamburg: Much Ado About Nothing , Director David Bösch
Münchner Volkstheater: Spring Awakening , directed by Christine Eder
Thalia Theater Hamburg: Finkenwerder Herbstprinzen or how apples learned to fly , directed by Frank Abt
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg: play instinct , directed by Roger Vontobel
Grillo-Theater Essen: Blood Wedding , directed by Rafael Sanchez
Münchner Kammerspiele : Engel , directed by Felicitas Brucker


Thalia Theater Hamburg: Saved , directed by Jette Steckel
Theaterhaus Jena : Second life - "As real as you feel" , directed by Tomas Schweigen
Münchner Volkstheater: Schilf , directed by Bettina Bruinier (winner of the audience award)
Staatstheater Stuttgart: the kids are alright , directed by Seraina Maria Sievi
Staatsschauspiel Dresden : Antigone , directed by Yael Ronen
schauspielfrankfurt: Robinson Crusoe or Friday, I'm in Love , directed by Robert Lehniger
schauspielfrankfurt: Don Quixote , directed by Simon Solberg
Deutsches Theater Berlin: Roberto Zucco , directed by Jakob Fedler
Schauspielhaus Graz : Alice , directed by Viktor Bodó


Drama Leipzig : July , directed by Mareike Mikat
Deutsches Theater Berlin: Caligula , director Jette Steckel (winner of the audience award)
Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Berlin : The Robbers , directed by Lars Eidinger
Thalia Theater Hamburg: Last Territory , directed by Corinna Sommerhäuser
Theater Academy Hamburg : Oedipus , directed by Felix Rothenhäusler
Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin : Faith, Love, Hope , directed by Ronny Jakubaschk
Theater Erlangen : Die Reise , directed by Eike Hannemann
Munich Volkstheater: Faust , directed by Simon Solberg


schauspielfrankfurt: Hedda Gabler , directed by Alice Buddeberg
Munich Volkstheater: Romeo and Juliet , directed by Simon Solberg
Münchner Volkstheater: Eros , directed by Christine Eder
Thalia Theater Hamburg: America , directed by Bastian Kraft (winner of the audience award)
Thalia Theater Hamburg: Life is Serious (Bunbury) Directed by Anna Bergmann
Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin: The Ghost Seer , directed by Antú Romero Nunes
Schauspiel Leipzig: Im Pelz , directed by Johannes Schmit
Schauspielhaus Bochum : Himmelangst , directed by Lilli-Hannah Hoepner


Heimathafen Neukölln (Berlin) : ArabQueen , director Nicole Oder (winner of the audience award)
schauspielfrankfurt: Peer Gynt , directed by Antú Romero Nunes
Small theater "Duško Radovic" Belgrade : God is a DJ - Bog je di džej , directed by Miloš Lolić
Schauspielhaus Zürich : Stiller , directed by Heike M. Goetz
Burgtheater Vienna: Dorian Gray , directed by Bastian Kraft
Ballhaus Naunynstraße Berlin : Crazy Blood , directed by Nurkan Erpulat
Munich Volkstheater: The Fifth Empire , directed by Mareike Mikat
Gate Theater London / ATC : Fatherland , directed by Caroline Steinbeis
Théâtre national de Belgique Brussels : Life: Reset , directed by Fabrice Murgia
Centraltheater Leipzig : Parricide , directed by Robert Borgmann


Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin: Rocco and his brothers , directed by Antú Romero Nunes
HOPPart Company Budapest : Korijolánusz , directed by Csaba Polgár
International Institute of Political Murder : Hate Radio (UA) , directed by Milo Rau
Theaterhaus Jena : Faust , directed by Moritz Schönecker
Staatsschauspiel Dresden: Tschick (UA) , directed by Jan Gehler
Het Huis van Bourgondië Maastricht : This is my dad (WP) , directed by Ilay den Boer
Münchner Volkstheater: Felix Krull , director Bastian Kraft (winner of the audience award)
schauspielfrankfurt: The Great Gatsby , directed by Christopher Rüping


Schauspielhaus Zurich: Children of the Sun , directed by Daniela Löffner
Theater Bielefeld : Humility Before Your Deeds Baby (WP) , directed by Babett Grube (winner of the audience award)
Thalia Theater (Hamburg): The Protocols of Toulouse (WP) , directed by Malte C. Lachmann
City Theater Klagenfurt : Winterreise , directed by Marco Štorman
International Institute of Political Murder : Breivik's Declaration , directed by Milo Rau
O-Team with the Theaterhaus Jena : Thank you for everything (WP) , directed by Samuel Hof
Home Made Ensemble Tel Aviv: Shall we dance (WP) , directed by Abigail Rubin / Yoav Bartel
Munich Volkstheater: Arabboy , directed by Abdullah Kenan Karaca
Schauspiel Köln : Die Glasmenagerie , directed by Sebastian Kreyer
Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv: My Jerusalem - a performance by Sabine Sauber (WP) , directed by Eyal Weiser


Independent production: This is the land - the zionist creation rejects' salon (WP) , directed by Eyal Weiser
all exclusive productions / in-house festival : Life & Strive (UA) , direction and concept Anat Eisenberg and Mirko Winkel
Independent production: The Lottery (UA) , direction and concept Saar Székely and Keren Sheffi
Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin: Learning to swim , directed by Hakan Savaş Mican
Schauspielhaus Zürich: The Radio Family , directed by Mélanie Huber
Teatru Spălătorie Chișinău : Dear Moldova, can we kiss just a little bit? (WP) , directed by Jessica Glause
Ballhaus Naunynstraße and Landestheater Niederösterreich as well as Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin: I call my brothers , directed by Michael Ronen
Uncoordinated movement : Austrian Psycho ( WP )
Munich Volkstheater: The Great Gatsby , directed by Abdullah Kenan Karaca
si vous pouviez lécher mon coeur with Festival d'Avignon u. a .: les particules élémentaires , directed by Julien Gosselin (winner of the audience award)
Nationaltheater Mannheim with Hessian Theater Academy: Whore children Schusterjungen (WP) , directed by Tarik Goetzke
Schauspiel Frankfurt: 2nd Symphony Rush (premiere) , directed by Ersan Mondtag


Schauspiel Leipzig: Das Tierreich (WP) , director: Gordon Kämmerer
Theater Bremen: The Perfect Man (WP) , director: Alexander Giesche
Monster Truck and Theater Thikwa : Genghis Khan (WP)
Schauspiel Köln: Invasion! , Directed by Pinar Karabulut
Ballhaus Naunynstraße: Kings (WP), director: Nora Abdel-Maksoud
Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus : La chemise Lacoste (WP) , director: Alia Luque
Schauspiel Frankfurt: Orpheus # (WP) , director: Ersan Mondtag
Darmstadt State Theater: Prince Friedrich von Homburg , Director: Juliane Kann
Guest performance from Ukraine: R + J ( WP ) , director: Sashko Brama
Monster Truck and Theater Thikwa: Director (WP) , Director: Sabrina Braemer, Jonny Chambilla, Oliver Rinke
Münchner Volkstheater: And now: The world! , Director: Jessica Glause (winner of the audience award)


Flimmerskotom (WP), team of authors and directors: Gregor Glogowski, Alisa Hecke and Benjamin Hoesch. This production does not show any people and, according to the curators, is based on a lot of “darkness and technology”.
Schauspiel Frankfurt: Miss Julie , Director: Daniel Foerster
Director 2 (WP), director and production: Monstertruck in coproduction with No Limits Berlin and Sophiensæle . Monstertruck, selected for the second time, is a group from Berlin that works with actors with Down syndrome .
Staatstheater Kassel : Tyrannis (UA), director and author: Ersan Mondtag. Mondtag was selected for the third time so that the audience would have the opportunity to follow the development of directors. The piece works without language.
Münchner Volkstheater: Katzelmacher (based on the film of the same name by Rainer Werner Fassbinder , director: Abdullah Kenan Karaca)
JUDITH (UA), direction and team of authors: Marja Christians and Isabel Schwenk
Caliband Théâtre Rouen : Raging Bull (WP), directed by Mathieu Létuvé (winner of the audience award), based on the biography by Jake LaMotta
Teatro Nacional D. Maria II , Lisbon : António e Cléopatra , directed by Tiago Rodrigues , based on William Shakespeare
Nationaltheater Mannheim: the unmarried (German premiere), director: Florian Fischer , by Ewald Palmetshofer
Campo Gent , Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, Julius-Hans-Spiegel-Zentrum Theater Freiburg : Beauty Evening (WP), direction and team of authors: Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek


Thalia Theater Hamburg: Nathan the wise, director: Leonie Böhm, based on Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin: STÖREN, director: Suna Gürler, by Suna Gürler and ensemble
Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin: The Making-of, director: Nora Abdel-Maksoud, by Nora Abdel Maksoud
Thalia Theater Hamburg: When the role sings or the perfect angler, director: Johanna Louise Witt (winner of the audience award), by Thomas Niehaus and Paul Schröder
Co-production studioNAXOS and the Hessian Theater Academy : Der 2. Mai, director: Jan Philip Stange, by Jan Philip Stange
Münchner Volkstheater: Das Schloss, director: Nicolas Charaux, by Franz Kafka
Staatsschauspiel Dresden: God is waiting at the bus stop, director: Pinar Karabulut, by Maya Arad Yasur
Cock, Cock ... Who's There ?, directed by Samira Elagoz, by Samira Elagoz
Nt Gent : Kroniek or how to forget a dead person in the apartment next door for 28 months, director: Florian Fischer


Schauspiel Köln: Romeo and Juliet, directed by Pinar Karabulut, by William Shakespeare
Münchner Kammerspiele: Mittelreich, director: Anta Helena Recke, based on the novel by Josef Bierbichler
Schauspiel Köln: Everything I don't remember, director: Charlotte Sprenger, based on the novel by Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Thalia Theater Hamburg: Pictures of your great love, director: Marie Rosa Tietjen, by Wolfgang Herrndorf
Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin: Skeleton of an elephant in the desert, director: Ayham Majid Agha, by Ayham Majid Agha
Staatsschauspiel Stuttgart: Fahrenheit 451, director: Wilke Weermann , based on the novel by Ray Bradbury
Not Letting It In, directed by Jason Danino Holt, directed by Jason Danino Holt
Orchiectomy right, directed by Noam Brusilovsky , by Noam Brusilovsky
DON'T WORRY BE YONCÉ XS edition, directed by Stephanie van Batum, by Stephanie van Batum and Stacyian Jackson
Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin Studio Я: Valeska Gert - The Animal Show, director: Marina Frenk, by Marina Frenk
Deutsches Theater Berlin: Drop on hot stones, director: Philipp Arnold, by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Münchner Volkstheater: Children of Tomorrow, director: Corinne Maier (shared winner of the audience award), by Tina Müller and Corinne Maier
Theater Rabenhof Vienna: YES EH! Beisl, Bier und Bachmannpreis, director: Christina Tscharyiski (shared winner of the audience award), by Stefanie Sargnagel


The Agency: Medusa Bionic Rise , Director: Yana Thönnes, from "The Agency"
Animal Architecte: Durée d'exposition , in French with German surtitles, director: Camille Dagen, from "Animal Architecte"
Theater Neumarkt Zurich: Café Populaire , director: Nora Abdel-Maksoud, by Nora Abdel-Maksoud
Meding / Recke: Angstpiece , directed by Anta Helena Recke, by Julia * n Meding / Recke
Wiener Schauspielhaus: The capital based on the novel by Robert Menasse , director: Lucia Bihler
Peter Mills Weiss & Julia Mounsey: [50/50] old school animation , in English, directed by Peter Mills Weiss & Julia Mounsey, by Julia Mounsey, Mo Fry Pasic, Peter Mills Weiss and Sophie Weisskoff
Münchner Kammerspiele: Yung Faust based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, directed by Leonie Böhm
Thalia Theater Hamburg: third republic , directed by Elsa-Sophie Jach & Thomas Köck, by Thomas Köck
Münchner Volkstheater: Amsterdam (DSE), German by Matthias Naumann, director: Sapir Heller, by Maya Arad Yasur
Berliner Ensemble: Revolt. She said. Revolt Again. (DSE) and Mar-a-Lago , Double Feature, directed by Christina Tscharyiski, by Alice Birch and Marlene Streeruwitz
Frascati Producties Amsterdam: White [Ariane] , in English, directed by Ariah Lester, by Ariah Lester (Audience Award Winner)
Staatsschauspiel Dresden: Operation Kamen , director: Florian Fischer , by Florian Fischer
Residenztheater Munich: The Tenant , directed by Blanka Rádóczy, by Roland Topor
Landestheater Niederösterreich St. Pölten: Um die Wette , director: Philipp Moschitz, by Eugène Labiche


Maxim Gorki Theater: Or: You Deserve Your War (WP, Eight Soldiers Moonsick), Director: Sasha Marianna Salzmann, by Sivan Ben Yishai
ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg: Das Deutschland , directed by Bonn Park, by Bonn Park
Production by caner teker in coproduction with SOPHIENSÆLE: Kırkpınar ( WP ), director: Caner Teker
Theater Basel: Resurrection of the Birds (WP), director: Katrin Hammerl, by Thiemo Strutzenberger
Theater Osnabrück: IKI.Radikalmensch ( WP ), director: Rieke Süßkow, by Kevin Rittberger
State Theater Nuremberg: I love you, Turkey! (DSE), directed by Selen Kara, by Ceren Ercan
DANCE. A sylphidic dreaming in stunts ( WP ), directed by Florentina Holzinger
Münchner Volkstheater: Hedda Gabler , Director: Lucia Bihler, by Henrik Ibsen
The Miracle of Love / Das Wunder der Liebe (UA), directed by Daniel Cremer
Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg: Das Totenfest , director: Max Pross, by Jean Genet in the German translation by Marion Luckow
Münchner Kammerspiele: The Insults of Mankind (WP), director: Anta Helena Recke
Thalia Theater: The Boxer (WP), director: Ewelina Marciniak, based on the novel by Szczepan Twardoch and adapted by Jarosław Murawski

The 16th event of the festival at the Münchner Volkstheater planned for April 25 to May 2 was canceled on March 13, 2020 due to the planning uncertainty caused by the corona epidemic.

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