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Siegfried Lowitz (born September 22, 1914 as Siegfried Wodolowitz in Berlin , † June 27, 1999 in Munich ) was a German actor .

Gravestone of Siegfried Lowitz at the Bogenhauser Friedhof in Munich


Lowitz's parents were the sculptor Franz Wodolowitz and Hulda Hermine, born in Lindstaedt.

Lowitz lived in Berlin at the beginning of his life. When he was four years old, his mother moved with him to Amsterdam to work as a dressmaker. After his mother died of stomach cancer , he grew up from the age of six with his father and his second wife in Mainz. Lowitz graduated from the humanistic grammar school in Mainz and then attended the state drama school in Frankfurt . There he made his theater debut in 1934. Then he played in Mainz , Giessen and Breslau .

In 1941 Siegfried Lowitz was drafted into the 6th Rifle Regiment of the 7th Panzer Division as a grenadier , fought on the Eastern Front and in France, then in 1943 he was unfit for the front because of an injury sustained in a motorcycle accident and served as a soldier dismiss.

After the war, Lowitz began in Munich in 1946 in the cabaret " Die Schaubude ". There the director and general manager Heinz Hilpert saw him , who brought him to his Frankfurt theater . With Hilpert Lowitz went to Konstanz and later to the German Theater in Göttingen . From there he moved to Hans Schweikart at the Münchner Kammerspiele , of which he was a member of the ensemble from 1950 to 1956 and then again from 1962 to 1968. From 1968 to 1978 Lowitz was a member of the Bavarian State Theater, which is also based in Munich .

In the 1950s and 1960s, the actor appeared in four Edgar Wallace film adaptations : The Frog in the Mask , The Forger of London , The Witcher and The Eerie Monk . He stood several times in front of the camera with Heinz Rühmann , who made sure that Lowitz got the role of the thief Flambeau in the film The Black Sheep ( Pater Brown film , 1960) because he could interact with Lowitz at eye level. In 1966, in the television classic The Gentlemen ask for cash , he was Horst Tappert's opponent as Inspector Macleod .

He has also appeared twice in the Derrick series , once in 1974 in the episode Foundation Festival , as a family man who sexually molested and accidentally killed a young woman, and in 1988 in the episode A Kind of Murder as a mean robbery who killed his own son in revenge committed suicide.

In 1968 Siegfried Lowitz received the Golden Camera for the respective title role in the literary films The Drinker based on the novel of the same name by Hans Fallada and Biedermann and the Arsonists based on Max Frisch .

In the German-Spanish co-production Dr. M strikes from 1972 he was in the leading role of Dr. To see Orloff. The aim of the film was to build on the successful Dr. Mabuse film series.

He played his best-known role from 1977 to 1985 in the ZDF series Der Alte , where he played chief detective Erwin Köster in 100 episodes.

After that, Lowitz, who suffered from anemia, returned mainly to the theater. From 1994 to 1997 he worked in the television series Anna Maria - A woman goes her way in 26 episodes in the role of the father of one of the main characters in a leading role.


His second wife Marianne Probst, with whom Lowitz had been married since 1952, also worked as an actress. Lowitz was buried in the Bogenhausen cemetery (grave no. 3-3-73a) in the east of Munich . Penny McLean gave the eulogy while reading a requiem by Hans Christian Meiser .


movie theater

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  • 1954: Munich - Pictures of a City
  • 1954: Mutiny on the Caine
  • 1957: The Schinderhannes
  • 1957: The power and the glory
  • 1957: Mr. Gillie
  • 1958: visit from the zone
  • 1959: Murder on call
  • 1959: Street of the Just
  • 1960: The time has come
  • 1962: treacherous traces
  • 1962: regret, wrongly connected
  • 1963: The fatal patent
  • 1963: The twelve jurors
  • 1964: The physicists
  • 1966: The gentlemen ask for cash
  • 1966: White gives up
  • 1967: The companion
  • 1967: Biedermann and the arsonists
  • 1967: timpani and trumpets
  • 1967: east wind
  • 1967: the drinker
  • 1968: Heart Death House
  • 1968: I am available
  • 1968: Babeck : A coffin from Genoa and the secret of the Calasetta
  • 1968: what you want
  • 1969: Diary of a woman murderer
  • 1969, 1972, 1973: The Commissioner Following Money From Dead Cashiers ; The dead in the park and Rudek
  • 1970: Tartuffe or The Deceiver
  • 1970: Three days to All Souls' Day
  • 1970: cancer ward
  • 1971: The weavers
  • 1971: On neutral ground
  • 1971: Tchao
  • 1972: Mr. Soldan has no past
  • 1972: A dead person is said to be murdered
  • 1972: simply sail away!
  • 1972: The Grandpa case
  • 1974: The sea
  • 1974, 1988: Derrick : Foundation Festival and One Kind of Murder
  • 1975: The rope around the neck
  • 1977–1986: The Old One (100 episodes)
  • 1980: The little cinema on the corner
  • 1987: Flohr and the dream woman
  • 1991: Dobrodruzství kriminalistiky: Padelek
  • 1992: Alone against the Mafia (mini-series, 6 episodes)
  • 1993: An unforgettable weekend: In Salzburg
  • 1994: Anna Maria - A woman goes her way (TV series, 26 episodes)
  • 1994–1997: Birkenhof & Lerchenau
  • 1997: My friend Harvey

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Honorable memory

Since 2002, the Siegfried Lowitz Foundation bestows for theater and acting Siegfried Lowitz price . Previous winners are:


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