Tour de Suisse 1999

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Final score
Tour winner ItalyItaly Francesco Casagrande 35:22:40 h
Second FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert +1: 04 min
Third ItalyItaly Gilberto Simoni +1: 11 min
Fourth SwitzerlandSwitzerland Laurent Dufaux +1: 16 min
fifth SwitzerlandSwitzerland Oscar Camenzind +1: 45 min
Sixth SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sven Montgomery +3: 57 min
seventh ItalyItaly Roberto Sgambelluri +4: 21 min
Eighth ItalyItaly Giuseppe Guerini +4: 21 min
Ninth SpainSpain Mikel Zarrabeitia +4: 29 min
Tenth RussiaRussia Pawel Tonkow +4: 32 min
Scoring FranceFranceLaurent Jalabert 95 P.
Second ItalyItaly Francesco Casagrande 89 P.
Third ItalyItaly Gilberto Simoni 70 P.
Mountain scoring SwitzerlandSwitzerland Markus Zberg 63 P.
Second ItalyItaly Fabio Roscioli 56 p.
Third ItalyItaly Francesco Casagrande 55 P.
Team evaluation ItalyItaly Cantina Tollo 106: 30: 04 h
Second ItalyItaly Saeco Cannondale +3: 24 min
Third SwitzerlandSwitzerland Post Swiss Team +3: 57 min

The 63rd Tour de Suisse took place from June 15 to 24, 1999. It was held in ten stages over a distance of 1401 kilometers.

Overall winner was Francesco Casagrande . The tour started in Solothurn with a prologue over 6 kilometers and ended in Winterthur .


stage Day Start finish km Stage winner Overall rating
prolog 15th June Solothurn - Solothurn 6 ( EZF ) FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
1st stage June 16 Solothurn - Lausanne 201.5 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Pascal Richard FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
2nd stage 17th of June Lausanne - Küssnacht am Rigi 220.6 ItalyItaly Silvio Martinello FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
3rd stage 18th of June Bellinzona - Chiasso 167.5 ItalyItaly Gabriele Missaglia FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
4th stage June 19th Bellinzona - Grindelwald 174.4 ItalyItaly Gilberto Simoni ItalyItaly Gilberto Simoni
5th stage 20th June Meiringen - Meiringen 29.5 ( EZF ) ItalyItaly Vyacheslav Yekimov FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
6th stage June 21st Küsnacht am Rigi - Mauren (FL) 162 AustraliaAustralia Matthew White FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
7th stage June 22 Landeck (AUT) - Nauders (AUT) 45.7 * SwitzerlandSwitzerland Oscar Camenzind FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
8th stage 23rd June Nauders (AUT) - Arosa 168.6 ItalyItaly Francesco Casagrande ItalyItaly Francesco Casagrande
9th stage June 24th Chur - Winterthur 225.2 ItalyItaly Maurizio De Pasquale ItalyItaly Francesco Casagrande

* The seventh stage was shortened due to bad weather.

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