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Airbnb is a community marketplace founded in Silicon Valley , California in 2008 for booking and renting accommodation, similar to a computer reservation system . Both private and commercial landlords rent out their "home" or part of it through the intermediary of the company, but without Airbnb assuming any legal obligations. From its founding in 2008 to April 2020, more than 500 million room nights have been booked through Airbnb, according to the company.

According to the company, there are over 7 million advertisements in more than 220 countries and more than 100,000 cities on offer on the website (as of April 2020). A good 160,000 of the advertised accommodations are in Germany.

Airbnb is the sales partner of the two Hotelplan subsidiaries Interhome and Inter Chalet . To this end, there have been collaborations in 11 countries since 2016. This made Migros the largest provider of holiday homes offered by Airbnb in Switzerland.


Airbnb was founded in 2008 in San Francisco by Brian Chesky , Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk . According to its own founding legend, the idea came about in October 2007 based on personal experience with an overly expensive flat share and fully booked hotels due to a well-attended conference in San Francisco. The original name Airbedandbreakfast (English: air mattress and breakfast ) was shortened to Airbnb in 2009 . The company brokers more than seven million accommodations in over 220 countries and more than 100,000 cities worldwide. As an online platform, it establishes contact between host and guest and is solely responsible for processing the booking. The transaction takes place via the platform. The guest pays the amount for his booking to Airbnb by credit card or similar. The amount will only be paid to the host 24 hours after arrival to ensure that the guest finds the accommodation as it was offered to him. According to German law, any subletting must be approved by the landlord, even if the rental agreement basically allows subletting. Airbnb collected 6–12% of guests and 3% of hosts in 2013, a total of $ 150 million for around 10 million room nights.

Every user, i.e. host and guest, presents themselves on Airbnb with a profile page. Hosts have to upload at least one picture and provide a telephone number, guests have to disclose significantly more information (see review ). Hosts describe their accommodation textually and with the help of photos. Guest and host can rate each other. A calculator function can be used to calculate what income can be achieved with your own accommodation.

Since 2011 it has been possible to connect your profile to social networks like Facebook . This enables the reviews of an Airbnb user to be displayed through social contacts.

Airbnb's services can also be used with a smartphone and tablet .

Financing and Investors

The company received its first funding from the Y Combinator start-up center in Silicon Valley . Further investors in the first few years after the foundation were the two venture capital companies Andreessen Horowitz and General Catalyst , which specialize in promoting start-ups , and the investment company DST Global . Over time, the company received further significant investments from venture capitalists , which led to a very high company valuation and made it a “ unicorn ” among start-up companies. Despite its high valuation of $ 30 billion, Airbnb said it would not go public. Instead, a total of $ 1 billion in operating funds were raised in September 2016 and March 2017. In the fall of 2019, the company announced the IPO for 2020. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic , Airbnb was valued at $ 35 billion to $ 52 billion in the secondary market.

In the second quarter of 2019, Airbnb broke the $ 1 billion mark in sales. It was the second time in the company's eleven-year history that this level was exceeded in a quarter, the company said. In the third quarter, sales rose to $ 1.65 billion. Airbnb made a loss of $ 322 million over the same period.

date Amount (in US dollars) Leading investor
January 2009 20,000 Y combinator
April 2009 600,000 Sequoia Capital
November 2010 7.2 million Greylock Partners
July 2011 112 million Andreessen Horowitz
October 2013 200 million Founders Fund
April 2014 474 million Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia
June 2015 1.5 billion General Atlantik, Hillhouse Capital Group, Tiger Global Management
November 2015 100 million FirstMark Capital
June 2016 1 billion JPMorgan Chase & Co
September 2016 555.46 million CapitalG , TCV
March 2017 447.8 million CapitalG , TCV

Takeovers and participations

After taking over the German competitor Accoleo , Airbnb opened its first branch outside the USA in June 2011 with an office in Hamburg . As of December 31, 2013, customer service in Europe was relocated to Ireland . The affected customer service employees were offered a job in Dublin, otherwise they were fired for operational reasons . In Germany, Airbnb is now represented with an office in Berlin .

In the run-up to the 2012 Summer Olympics , Airbnb took over its London- based competitor CrashPadder and was able to expand its international offering by 6000 entries shortly afterwards. The takeover made Airbnb the largest placement center in the UK .

In July 2012, Airbnb acquired NabeWise , a small company that specialized in compiling information for specific locations. With the takeover, the focus was placed on providing extremely local recommendations for travelers and in November 2012 a new service called “Neighborhood” was launched. Also in July 2012 it is announced that Airbnb has taken over the team of the photoblogging site DailyBooth . The team is integrated into Airbnb, but the service is not taken over. In October 2012, the company took over the team behind the recommendation portal Fondu .

In December 2012, the takeover of Localmind was announced. Localmind offered a location-based question-and-answer platform where users could ask questions about specific locations online. The answers were then given in real time by experts in the region.

December 2014 Airbnb accepts then the app developers Pencil Labs in Cambridge . The app was a combined calendar and messaging application that was supposed to make it easier to find appointments together.

In September 2015, the company initially took over the travel portal provider Vamo , which compiles complete trips with several destinations, hotels and means of transport. The service was discontinued with the takeover and the team will be integrated into Airbnb. The San Francisco- based start-up Lapka was also taken over in September . Their focus was the creation of sensor systems that could be used in combination with smartphones. The announcement of the takeover stated that the creation of hardware will be stopped and the team will be integrated into Airbnb.

In April 2016 it became known that Airbnb had secured the staff of the provider ChangeCoin . The company with bitcoin and blockchain expertise had been working on a service that allows tips to be distributed directly via social media such as Facebook or Twitter . In September 2016, Airbnb took over the Barcelona- based company Trip4real . Trip4real offers city tours by locals and was able to score points with customers with a lot of insider knowledge. The company was previously represented as a partner on the Airbnb platform.


Misappropriation of living space

In Berlin , the Airbnb rental model is displacing a large number of regular tenants from their apartments. Entire inner city quarters are affected, to a considerable extent caused by legally questionable rental models of the providers via Airbnb. Criticism arose from the fact that not only private hosts appear, but that extensive commercial structures have now developed. These are taking away space from the housing market, especially in city centers, where rents are coming under pressure in the most attractive areas for travelers.

In Berlin , Hamburg , Cologne and Munich , fines of up to 500,000 euros are levied for misappropriating living space .

In its sharing position, Vienna points out that subletting is not permitted in social housing .

In New York City rental is prohibited of housing for less than 30 days since of 2010. In October 2016, the city passed a law that provides for fines for illegal rental of up to US $ 7,500 . For Airbnb, New York is the top-selling city in the United States with $ 1 billion. In August 2018, New York City once again imposed stricter requirements for Airbnb and comparable portals due to a lack of housing and rampant rents. Among other things, all transactions must be disclosed to the authorities. Failure to comply with the requirements could result in severe fines of at least US $ 1,500 per month per apartment for each inaccurate report. The regulations signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio came into force in February 2019.

It was also announced in August 2018 that 27% of rentals on Airbnb are professional year-round rentals of complete apartments.

Cases of fraud

Fraudsters often use Airbnb to lure home hunters with fake advertisements and collect down payments from them. Then the alleged provider has disappeared and the customer has little chance of getting his money back. However, this is impossible if the customer adheres to Airbnb's booking conditions and only processes payment via the platform, as this only pays the landlord the customer's money after moving into the apartment, so that fraud is ruled out.


Further criticism leads to the fact that there is no legal protection in disputes between guest and host. In addition, the company is increasingly being accused of a lack of data protection internationally.

Airbnb collects extensive personal data under the pretext of “Verified Identification”. It is de facto no longer possible to use the portal as a tenant without this information. What is striking is the enormous amount of data, which clearly exceeds the necessary amount. For practical use as a tenant, all of the following information must be provided in full:

  1. at least one e-mail address (confirmed via a return link),
  2. at least one profile picture,
  3. at least one phone number (confirmed by phone call or SMS ),
  4. at least one personalized means of payment ( credit card , PayPal , ...),
  5. consent to compliance with house rules.

A video of the user is requested if the company is not satisfied with the data loaded from Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. The data from these pages will be used on Airbnb, for example profile pictures, links based on Facebook friends, et cetera. In addition, the company reads and processes the communication between its users. The data processing takes place worldwide, but especially in the USA. The US service provider Jumio, used by Airbnb to check official documents, will now use all transmitted documents and data "for any business purpose."

This procedure regularly does not comply with the data protection laws applicable at the user's place of residence, because, for example, the principle of data economy is not taken into account.

Tax treatment and tax investigation

With their offer, Airbnb providers compete with hotels and guest houses and, above all, with private landlords with the appropriate license. This leads to unequal treatment, among other things because many Airbnb landlords have advantages in terms of sales tax due to the small business regulation .

Some Airbnb landlords do not declare their rental and lease income in their tax return and do not pay local tax or cultural tax . In many countries, guests have to be reported to the police, and this is not done either, as reporting to the authorities is not possible without a rental license. In May 2018, a business magazine reported that Germany had made an international group request to Ireland for information about Airbnb landlords who are taxable in Germany. It is not yet known whether and which data exchange took place in this specific case. However, the Irish tax authorities are required to transmit the data immediately, at the latest within the legally fixed transmission period of no more than six months in accordance with Section 5 (1) sentence 1 EUAHiG, so that the data should already be available. It is likely that the results of this request for information will lead to criminal tax proceedings being initiated in some cases. In order to avert the consequences of criminal tax law, the landlords concerned must examine the possibility of submitting a voluntary disclosure in accordance with Section 371 (1) AO in order to obtain exemption from punishment in relation to the tax evasion committed in accordance with Section 370 AO. In 2019, the Bavarian Supreme Audit Office also did not consider the taxation of income from short-term housing rental via internet portals to be secure. He recommended better recording and control options and a legal obligation for platform operators to provide the information necessary for taxation.

In the US state of New York, the attorney general against Airbnb determined in the fall of 2013: Approximately 15,000 people rented apartments through Airbnb, he assumed that the state of New York would owe taxes in the tens of millions. He'll be stepping up efforts to make sure Airbnb is the same rules as everyone else. Prosecutor Eric Schneiderman has been taking action against tax evasion related to private rental since 2014 . He estimates the city has lost over $ 33 million in tax revenue.

Local tax

In Vienna, a tourism promotion law will come into force, which will require Airbnb either to report the rentals or to collect the local tax for the city of Vienna.

In the canton of Basel-Stadt must for guests of Airbnb guest taxes are paid. In return, however, they receive the guest card, which u. a. free use of public transport. In this respect, Airbnb is on an equal footing with hotels. There are similar agreements in the cantons of Basel-Landschaft , Lucerne , Schaffhausen , Zug and Zurich .

Offers in the West Bank

In 2016, criticism began of the offers in Israeli settlements in the West Bank . The Palestinian politician Saeb Erekat protested against the company's operations in illegal settlements with a letter to Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb. In November 2016 broke activists of Code Pink event in Los Angeles , just as Ashton Kutcher was on stage, with the demand that Airbnb may withdraw from the settlements. Airbnb, however, emphasizes that it is up to the providers to define their location ( Israel or West Bank). Each tenant can see for himself where the property is actually located.

In mid-November 2018, however, the company surprisingly announced that it would no longer list offers in the settlements, which led to different political reactions. Israeli ministers announced that they would examine legal action based on the anti-boycott law. The Palestinian politician Saeb Erekat welcomed the decision.

On December 17, 2018, after talks with the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Airbnb revised the decision to no longer list offers in the Israeli settlements. This was preceded by protests and also announcements, including from Israel and the USA, to take legal action against the planned measures and to sanction Airbnb.

Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic

In the period from January to March 2020, while the virus spread in China, bookings on Airbnb in Beijing plummeted 96 percent. In several European countries, too, sales fell by around half between mid-February and mid-March. In France, Airbnb's most important market in Europe, sales fell from 120 to 65 million euros.

In April 2020, Airbnb announced it would raise $ 1 billion from affiliates Silver Lake and Sixth Street Partners. The financial injection will serve to cushion business slumps during the Covid-19 pandemic and will be made through stocks and debt. Airbnb announced it would provide $ 250 million to help hosts affected by cancellations in the wake of the pandemic. Under certain conditions, landlords received 25 percent of the reimbursement amount that they would have received had they been canceled. Another five million dollars will go into a support fund for so-called superhosts, very well-rated hosts who need help.

Due to the consequences of the pandemic, the company expects a massive drop in sales. According to calculations by Airbnb, revenues could fall by 54 percent to around 2.2 billion dollars.

A sharp drop in profits caused the company to lower its valuation to $ 26 billion in April 2020, while investing another $ 1 billion in the company.

In May 2020, Airbnb announced it would reduce its workforce by 25 percent. Around 1900 employees worldwide are affected.

Airbnb as the client

In Japan, Airbnb planned to build its own accommodation for the first time in 2016. The first meeting house opened in the area of Nara in 2017.


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