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Bybassus  (Bybassos) Place in Caria near Hisarönü on the Daraçya Yarımadası peninsula in Turkey PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Byblos Βύβλος  (Byblos) City in Phenicia on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea Byblos in Lebanon PECS ; Smith ;  
Byce Smith ;  
Byisa Smith ;  
Bylazora Smith ;  
Bylliace see Aulon 4  
Byllis Βύλλις  (Byllis), Βουλλίς  (Boullis) Greek city in Illyria near the village of Hekal between Fier , Tepelena and Vlora , five kilometers south of Ballsh in Albania PECS ; Smith ;  
Bysnaei Smith ;  
Byzacena , Byzacium Βυζάκιον  (Byzakion) african province Sahel region of Tunisia . Smith ;  
Byzacii Smith ;  
Byzantes Smith ;  
Byzantium see Constantinopolis  
Byzeres Smith ;