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Mearus Smith ;  
Meciris Smith ;  
Mecyberna Smith ;  
Medaura Smith ;  
Medava Smith ;  
Medeba Smith ;  
Medes Μηδέν  (Mēden) City in Numidia Smith ;  
Medena Smith ;  
Medeon Μεδεών City in Phocis Smith (2) ;  
Medeon Μεδεών , Μεδίων  (Medion) City in Akarnania Smith (1) ;  
Medeon Μεδεών City in Boeotia Smith (3) ;  
Mederiacum Smith ;  
Media Μηδία  (Mēdia) Area around Ekbatana on the Zāgros Mountains in the Iranian highlands inhabited by the Medes Smith ;  
Mediae Murus Smith ;  
Mediam Smith ;  
Mediana imperial residence in Moesia superior in an eastern suburb of Niš in Serbia Smith ;  
Mediana Roman garrison site on the Rhaetian Limes Location in the hallways of the Gnotzheim market in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district , Bavaria  
Mediolanum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) City in Gallia cisalpina Milan in Northern Italy Smith ;  
Mediolanum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) Place in Gallia cisalpina Smith (1) ;  
Mediolanum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) Place of the Bituriger in Aquitania I Châteaumeillant in France Smith (2) ;  
Mediolanum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) Place in Germania at Geldern in North Rhine-Westphalia Smith (3) ;  
Mediolanum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) Place in Germania Smith ;  
Mediolanum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) City in Britain Smith ;  
Mediolanum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) late antique fort in Moesia superior  
Mediolanum aulercorum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) City in Gaul Evreux in France Smith (4) ;  
Mediolanum Santonum Μεδιολάνον  (Mediolanon) City in Gaul Saintes in France Smith (5) ;  
Mediomatrici Smith ;  
Medion see Meteon  
Mediterraneum Mare Smith ;  
Medma City on the west coast of Bruttium near Rosarno in Calabria Smith ;  
Medmasa Smith ;  
Medoacus Smith ;  
Medobriga Smith ;  
Medoslanium Smith ;  
Meduacus Smith ;  
Meduana Smith ;  
Meduantum Smith ;  
Meduli Smith ;  
Medulli Μεδούαλλοι  (Medoualloi) Celtic tribe in the Alps Smith ;  
Medullia Smith ;  
Medullus Smith ;  
Medus Smith ;  
Megabari Smith ;  
Megalia Smith ;  
Megalopolis Μεγαλόπολις  (Megalopolis) City in Arcadia Megalopoli in Greece Smith ;  
Megalopolis see Aphrodisias  
Megalopolis see Sebasteia  
Megara City on the Isthmus of Corinth Megara in Greece Smith ;  
Megara Hyblaea Greek colony in Sicily 21 km north of Syracuse Smith ;  
Megaris Smith ;  
Megaris Smith ;  
Megiddo see Legio  
Megiddo Vallis Smith ;  
Megiste Smith ;  
Megistus Smith ;  
Meiacarire Smith ;  
Meilichus Smith ;  
Mela , Mella River in Gallia transpadana Mella in Italy Smith ;  
Melae Smith ;  
Melaena Μέλαινα  (Melaina) Headland in Ionia the northwestern end of the Karaburun peninsula Smith (1) ; 38 ° 40 '  N , 26 ° 22'  E
Melaena Μέλαινα  (Melaina) Headland in Bithynia 2 km west of Sahilköy on the Black Sea coast Smith (2) ; 41 ° 13 '  N , 29 ° 23'  E
Melaena Μέλαινα  (Melaina) Headland on Chios at the village of Melanios Smith (3) ; 38 ° 33 '  N , 25 ° 50'  E
Melaenae Smith ;  
Melaeneae Smith ;  
Melambium Smith ;  
Melanchlaeni Smith ;  
Melanditae Smith ;  
Melangeia Smith ;  
Melania Μελανία  (Melania) Coastal town in Cilicia Smith ;  
Melanippe Smith ;  
Melanogetuli Smith ;  
Melanthius Μελάνθιος  (Melanthios) River on the north coast of Pontos Melet Çayı Smith ;  
Melantias Smith ;  
Melantii Scopuli Smith ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) River in Arcadia Smith (1) ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) River in Boeotia Smith (2) ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) Tributary of the Spercheios in Malis Smith (3) ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) River in Phthiotis Smith (4) ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) River in Thrace , flows into the Melas Kolpos Kavak in Turkey Smith (5) ; 40 ° 36 '  N , 26 ° 50'  E
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) Tributary of the Halys in Cappadocia Karasu Çayı , left headwaters of the Delice Çayı, a tributary of the Kızılırmak in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) River in Pamphylia Manavgat in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) River in Pontos Smith (3) ;  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) River in Cappadocia Tohma Çayı in Turkey  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) right tributary of the Orontes  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) small river in the tracheotis , flows into the Mediterranean  
Melas Μέλας  (Melas) small river in Sicily the Male , flows about 3 km west of Milazzo  
Melas sinus Smith ;  
Meldi Smith ;  
Meldia Smith ;  
Meles Μέλης  (Melēs) Waters near Smyrna , on the banks of which, according to legend, Homer wrote his poems possibly the Halkapınar , a spring pond in İzmir that drains into the Mediterranean Smith ;  
Meles Μέλης  (Melēs) small river in Paphlagonia , flows into the Black Sea at Kromna flows out about 5 km west of Kuruçasile in Turkey  
Melesses Smith ;  
Melibocus Μηλίβοκον ὄρος  (Mēlibokon oros) Mountains in Germania magna Harz , previously wrongly identified as a mountain in the Odenwald , see Melibokus Ptol 2.11.7; Smith ;  
Meliboea Island in the mouth of the Orontes Smith ;  
Meliboea Μελίβοια  (Meliboia) City on the east coast of the Magnesia Peninsula Livy 36.13.6; Smith (2) ;  
Meliboea Μελίβοια  (Meliboia) Place in western Thessaly Smith (2) ;  
Melinophagi Smith ;  
Melita Μελίτη  (Melitē) Island in the Mediterranean Malta Smith ;  
Melita Μελίτη  (Melitē) Liburnian island in the Adriatic Mljet southeast of Korkyra , today Smith ;  
Melitaea Μελιταία  (Melitaia), Μελίτη  (Melitē) City in the Phthiotis Melitea in southern Thessaly Smith ; 39 ° 3 '  N , 22 ° 27'  E
Melite Μελίτη  (Melitē) Lake in Akarnania Smith (1) ;  
Melite Μελίτη  (Melitē) Athenian demos of the Phyle Kekropis Smith (2) ;  
Melitene Μελιτηνή  (Melitēnē) City in Eastern Cappadocia Malatya in Turkey Smith ;  
Melitene Μελιτηνή  (Melitēnē) Area west of the city of Melitene, later a Byzantine province in the Armeniakon Smith ;  
Melitonus Smith ;  
Melitta Base Hanno the Navigator on the West African coast Smith ;  
Melizigara Smith ;  
Mella see Mela  
Mellaria Smith ;  
Mellisurgis Smith ;  
Mellosedum Smith ;  
Meloboteira Smith ;  
Melodunum Smith ;  
Melos Μῆλος  (Mēlos) Island in the Aegean Sea , also the main town of the island Milos Smith ;  
Melotis Smith ;  
Melpeia Smith ;  
Melpes Smith ;  
Melpis Smith ;  
Melpum Smith ;  
Melsiagum Smith ;  
Melsus Smith ;  
Membliarus Smith ;  
Membresa Smith ;  
Memini Smith ;  
Memnonenses Smith ;  
Memphis Smith ;  
Menaenum Smith ;  
Menapia Smith ;  
Menapii Smith ;  
Menapila Smith ;  
Mende Μένδη  (Mendē) City on the Chalkidike Kalandra in Greece Smith ;  
Mendes Μένοδης  (Menodēs) Gau capital in Lower Egypt Tell al-Rubˁ in the eastern Nile Delta Smith ;  
Mendiculeia Smith ;  
Menedemium Smith ;  
Menelai Portus Smith ;  
Menelaium Smith ;  
Menelaus Μενέλαος  (Menelaus) City on the coast of Libya Smith ; 31 ° 58 '  N , 24 ° 54'  E
Menesthei Portus Smith ;  
Meninx Μήνιγξ  (Mēninx) Island off the coast of Libya Djerba off Tunisia Smith ;  
Mennis Smith ;  
Menoba Smith ;  
Menosca Smith ;  
Menosgada Μηνοσγάδα  (Mēnosgada) Location in Germania magna on the Obermain , probably on the Frankish Staffelberg Smith ;  
Mentesa City of Bastulians in Hispania Baetica Villanueva de la Fuente in Spain Smith (2) ;  
Mentesa Bastia Tarraconensis town in Hispania La Guardia de Jaén in Andalusia Smith (1) ;  
Mentonomon Coastal area of ​​the North Sea Coastal area of ​​the German Bight and the Elbe estuary Smith ;  
Mentores Smith ;  
Mercutrii Prom Smith ;  
Mergablum Smith ;  
Merinum Smith ;  
Mermessus Smith ;  
Merobrica Smith ;  
Meroe Μερόη  (Meroē) Capital of the African kingdom of Kush 45 km northeast of Shandi near the village of Begrawija in Sudan Smith ;  
Merom Lake in Israel, fed by the headwaters of the Jordan in the Chula plain , silted up today Smith ;  
Meroz Μερώζ  (Merōz) City in Palestine Smith ;  
Merula River in Liguria Merula in Italy Smith ;  
Merus Smith ;  
Merva Smith ;  
Mesambria Μεσαμβρίη  (Mesambriē) Place on the south coast of the Persis Smith ;  
Mesambria City on the Black Sea coast Nessebar in Bulgaria Smith (1) ;  
Mesambria City in Thrace on the northern Aegean coast near the Struma Smith (2) ;  
Mesanites Sinus Smith ;  
Mesche Mons Smith ;  
Meshela Smith ;  
Mese Island of the Stoichades one of the Îles d'Hyères off the French coast, possibly Porquerolles Smith ;  
Mese Rock island off the northwest coast of Crete Imeri Gramvousa  
Mesembria see Mesambria  
Mesene Smith ;  
Mesma Smith ;  
Mesoa Smith ;  
Mesoboa Smith ;  
Mesogaea Smith ;  
Mesogis Smith ;  
Mesopotamia Μεσοποταμία  (Mesopotamia) Mesopotamia , the Mesopotamia , plain between the Euphrates and Tigris Iraq and Syria Smith ;  
Mespila Smith ;  
Messa Smith ;  
Messabatene Smith ;  
Messana Μεσσήνη  (Messēnē) City in Sicily Messina in Italy Smith ;  
Messapia Smith ;  
Messapium Smith ;  
Fair ice Smith ;  
Messene Μεσσήνη  (Messēnē) City in the Peloponnese , capital of Messenia 16 km northwest of Messini in Greece Smith ;  
Messenia Smith ;  
Messeniacus Sinus Smith ;  
Mesua Smith ;  
Metagonitae Smith ;  
Metagonites Prom Smith ;  
Metagonium Smith ;  
Metalla Iron and lead mining in Sardinia with a sanctuary of Sardus Pater on the Antas river between Fluminimaggiore and Iglesias PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Metallinum Smith ;  
Metallum Smith ;  
Metapa Μέταπα  (Metapa) City in Aetolia Analipsis in Greece Smith ;  
Metapinum ostium Smith ;  
Metapontum Μεταπόντιον  (metapontion) Colony in the Magna Graecia Metaponto in the Bernalda area in the province of Matera in Italy Smith ;  
Metaris Smith ;  
Metaurum Smith ;  
Metaurus Smith ;  
Metellinum Smith ;  
Meteon Smith ;  
Methana Μέθανα  (Methana) Peninsula on the Argolis on the Saronic Gulf at the eastern tip of the Peloponnese Methana in Greece Smith ;  
Methone Μεθώνη  (Methōnē) City on the Thermaic Gulf in Pieria in Macedonia Nea Agathoupolis north of Methoni Smith ;  
Methone Μεθώνη  (Methōnē) City in Messenia Methoni in Greece Smith (1) ; 36 ° 49 '  N , 21 ° 42'  E
Methone Μεθώνη  (Methōnē) City in Magnesia Smith (2) ; 39 ° 20 '  N , 23 ° 4'  E
Methone Μεθώνη  (Methōnē) City in Thrace maybe at Moustheni at Pieris in Greece  
Methora Smith ;  
Methuriades Smith ;  
Methydrium Smith ;  
Methymna Μήθυμνα  (Mēthymna) City on Lesbos Mithymna Smith ;  
Methymna Μήθυμνα  (Mēthymna) City in Crete Smith ;  
Metina insula Smith ;  
Metiosedum Smith ;  
Metores Smith ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in Ionia near Özbey in the district of Torbalı in the province of Izmir in western Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in northern Phrygia Oynaş, southeast of Kümbet in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in southern Phrygia in the Conventus of Apamea Kibotos Tatarli , about 20 km north of Senirkent in the province of Isparta in Turkey Smith (3) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in the European part of Sarmatia Ptol. 3,5,28; Smith ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in Thessaly Mitropoli in the Karditsa Regional Unit (Regional Unit) in Greece Smith (1) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in Perrhaebia , in northern Thessaly Smith (2) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in Akarnania Palaiomanina , 5 km west of Angelokastro in Greece Smith (3) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in Amphilochia about 10 km north of Amfilochia on the Ambracian Gulf Smith (4) ; 38 ° 58 '  N , 21 ° 9'  E
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in Doris Smith (5) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City on Euboea Smith (6) ;  
Metropolis Μητρόπολις  (Mētropolis) City in Pontus, capital of the Mossynoics in the coastal area of ​​the Giresun Province (Province) in Turkey  
Metulum Smith ;  
Mevania Μηουανία  (Mēouania) City in Umbria Bevagna in Italy Smith ;  
Mevaniola Smith ;