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Osca Ὄσκα  (Oska) City of Ilergeten in Tarraconensis, Hispania Huesca in Spain Smith (1) ;  
Osca Ὄσκα  (Oska) City of Turdetans in Hispania Baetica Smith (2) ;  
Oscela Smith ;  
Osci Ὄπικοι  (Opikoi) Italic people of the Oscars Settlement areas in Campania Smith ;  
Oscineium Smith ;  
Oseriates Smith ;  
Osi Illyrian people of the Oser Smith ;  
Osiana Smith ;  
Osismi , Osismii Ὀσίσμιοι  (Osismioi) Celtic tribe in Aremorica Smith ;  
Osismis see Gesocribate  
Osmida Smith ;  
Osphagus Smith ;  
Osquidates Smith ;  
Osrhoene Landscape in northern Mesopotamia Smith ;  
Ossa Ὄσσα  (Ossa) Mountain in Thessaly Smith (1) ;  
Ossa Ὄσσα  (Ossa) Mountain in Elis , near Olympia Smith (2) ;  
Ossa Ὄσσα  (Ossa) City of the Bisalter in northern Macedonia Ptol. 3,13,35; Smith ;  
Ossadiae Smith ;  
Ossarene Smith ;  
Osset Smith ;  
Ossigerda Smith ;  
Ossigi Laconicum Smith ;  
Ossonoba Ὀσσόνοβα  (Ossonoba) City of the Turdetans in Lusitania Faro in Portugal Smith ;  
Osteodes Smith ;  
Ostia Ὠστία  (Ōstia) Port of rome 5 km upstream from today's mouth of the Tiber Smith ;  
Ostiaei Smith ;  
Ostippo Smith ;  
Ostra Ὄστπα  (Ostpa) City in Umbria Ostra Vetere in the Italian province of Ancona Smith ;  
Ostracina Smith ;  
Ostracina Smith ;  
Ostudizus Smith ;  
Ostur Smith ;