List of ancient place names and geographical names / Az

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Aza City in Armenia Smith ;  
Azali Ἄζαλοι  (Azaloi) Illyrian tribe in Pannonia Smith ;  
Azanes Smith ;  
Azanes Smith ;  
Azani Smith ;  
Azania Ἀζανία  (Azania) Massalia settlement Steph. Byz. sv; Smith ;  
Azania Ἀζανία  (Azania) Barbaria coast between Aromata and Rhapton East African coast south of Cape Guardafui in Somalia Smith ;  
Azanus Smith ;  
Azara Ἄζαρα  (Azara) Place in Armenia Strabo xi. p.527; Smith ;  
Azekah Smith ;  
Azenia Smith ;  
Acetium Ἀζητῖνοι  (Azētinoi) City in Puglia Rutigliano in the province of Bari PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Aziris Smith ;  
Aziris Smith ;  
Azizis Smith ;  
Azorus Smith ;  
Azotus , Ashdod Ἄζωτος  (Azōtos) City on the coast of Palestine Ashdod in Israel PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;