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Habessus Smith ;  
Habitancum Smith ;  
Hadranum Smith ;  
Hadria Smith ;  
Hadriani Smith ;  
Hadrianopolis Ἁδριανούπολις  (Hadrianoupolis) City in Thrace Edirne in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Hadrianopolis Ἁδριανούπολις  (Hadrianoupolis) City in Paphlagonia between Eskipazar , Budaklar , Büyükyayalar and Çayli in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Hadrianopolis Ἁδριανούπολις  (Hadrianoupolis) City in Pisidia probably at Koças in Turkey Smith (3) ;  
Hadrianopolis , Justinopolis Αδσιανούπολις  (Adsianoupolis) City in Epirus Smith ;  
Hadrianutherae Smith ;  
Hadriaticum Mare Smith ;  
Hadrumetum , Justinianopolis Ἀδρύμης  (Adrymēs) City in Africa Sousse in Tunisia Smith ;  
Haebrides Smith ;  
Haemimontus late Roman province in Thrace eastern Bulgaria and north European Turkey Smith ;  
Haemodae Smith ;  
Haemus Αἷμος  (Haimos) Mountain range in northern Thrace Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria Smith ;  
Hagnus Smith ;  
Halae Smith ;  
Halae Araphenides Smith ;  
Halae Axonides Smith ;  
Halaesa , Alaesa Ἄλαισα  (Alaisa) City in Sicily at Castel di Tusa, district of Tusa about 170 km west of Messina PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Hales Ἅλυς  (Halys) River in Asia , that at Colophon Avcı in Turkey Smith ;  
Hales Ἅλυς  (Halys) River in Lucania Alento in southwest Italy  
Halesion Smith ;  
Halex River in Bruttien maybe Melito or Aranghia in Calabria Smith ;  
Haliacmon Ἁλιάκμων  (Haliakmōn) River in Macedonia Aliakmonas in Greece Smith ;  
Haliartus Ἁλίαρτος  (Haliartus) City in Boeotia on the southern shore of Lake Kopaïs Aliartos in Greece PECS ; Smith ;  
Halicarnassus Ἁλικαρνασσός  (Halicarnassus) Bodrum in Turkey Smith ;  
Halicyae Smith ;  
Halicyrna Smith ;  
Halieis Ἁλιεῖς  (Halieis) City in the Argolis at Porto Cheli in Greece Smith ;  
Halige Smith ;  
Halimus Smith ;  
Halisarna Smith ;  
Haliussa Smith ;  
Halmyris Smith ;  
Halons Ἁλώνη  (Halōnē) small island in the Propontis Paşalimanı in the Marmara Sea Smith ;  
Halonnesus Smith ;  
Halus Smith ;  
Halus Smith ;  
Halycus Smith ;  
Halys Ἅλυς  (Halys) River in Asia Minor Kızılırmak in Turkey Smith ;  
Hamae Smith ;  
Hamaxia Smith ;  
Hamaxitus Ἁμάξιτος  (Hamaxitos) Place in the Troad Babakale in Turkey Smith ;  
Hamaxobii Smith ;  
Hamaxoeci Smith ;  
Hammanientes Smith ;  
Hannibalis Castra Smith ;  
Harenatio Smith ;  
Harma Smith ;  
Harmatelia Smith ;  
Harmathus Smith ;  
Harmatotrophi Smith ;  
Harmozeia Smith ;  
Harmozica Smith ;  
Harmozon Prom Smith ;  
Harmuza Smith ;  
Harosheth Smith ;  
Harpageia Smith ;  
Harpasa Ἅρπασα  (Harpasa) City in Caria near the village of Arpaz in the Nazilli district of Turkey Smith ;  
Harpasus Ἅρπασος  (Harpasus) River in Caria Akçay Smith ;  
Harpasus Smith ;  
Harpina Smith ;  
Harpis Smith ;  
Harpleia Smith ;  
Harudes Smith ;  
Hasta see Asta  
Hatera Smith ;  
Hauran Αὐρανῖτις  (Auranitis) Landscape in Syria Hauran Smith ;  
Havilai Smith ;  
Hazor Ἁσωρ  (Hasōr) City in Canaan at Safed in Galilee Smith ;