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Euaspla Smith ;  
Euboea Εὔβοια  (Euboia) Island off the coast of Attica Euboea Smith ;  
Euburiates Smith ;  
Eucarpia Smith ;  
Eucratidia Smith ;  
Eudeielus Smith ;  
Eudieru Smith ;  
Eudiphus Smith ;  
Eudoses Smith ;  
Eudoxiopolis Smith ;  
Euesperidae Smith ;  
Euganei Smith ;  
Euhydrium Smith ;  
Euia Smith ;  
Eulaeus Smith ;  
Eumeneia Smith ;  
Euonymitae Smith ;  
Eupagium Smith ;  
Eupalium Smith ;  
Eupatoria New town built by Mithridates Eupator of Pontos as a residence and fortress near Amisos at Samsun in Turkey Smith ;  
Eupatoria see Magnopolis  
Eupatorium Fortress near Chersonese Strab. 7.4.7; Smith ;  
Euphorbium City in Phrygia Smith ;  
Euphranta Smith ;  
Euphratensis Smith ;  
Euphrates Εὐφράτης  (Euphrates) River in Mesopotamia Euphrates Smith ;  
Eupilis lacus Smith ;  
Eupolium Smith ;  
Euporia Smith ;  
Eupyridae Smith ;  
Euripus Εὔριπος  (Euripos) Strait between Evia and mainland Greece Smith ;  
Euripus Εὔριπος  (Euripos) City in Akarnania  
Euripus , Astelephos Εὔριπος  (Euripos) River in the Colchis that flows into the Black Sea Skurcha in Georgia  
Euromus Smith ;  
Europe Εὐρώπη  (Eurōpē) Europe , the northwestern part of the Oikumene Smith ;  
Europus Εὐρωπός  (Eurōpos) City in Macedonia Smith ;  
Europus Εὐρωπός  (Eurōpos) City in Media Atropatene on the Euphrates in Syria , near the Iraqi border Smith ;  
Eurotas Εὐρώτας  (Eurōtas) River in Laconia Evrotas in the Peloponnese Smith ;  
Eurotas River Smith ;  
Euryampus Smith ;  
Eurymedon Εὐρυμέδων  (Eurymedōn) River in Pisidia and Pamphylia Köprü Çayı in southern Turkey Smith ;  
Eurymenae Smith ;  
Eurytanes Smith ;  
Eusene Smith ;  
Eutaea Smith ;  
Euthenae Εὐθηναι  (Euthēnai) City in Caria 9 km north of Marmaris in Turkey PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith ;  
Eutresia Smith ;  
Eutresis Smith ;  
Eutretus Smith ;  
Euxinus Pontus Smith ;