List of ancient place names and geographical names / Nu

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Nuaesium Smith ;  
Nuba Lacus Smith ;  
Nubae Smith ;  
Nuceria Νουκερία  (Noukeria) City in Campania Nocera Inferiore in Italy Smith (1) ;  
Nuceria Νουκερία  (Noukeria) City in Umbria probably Nocera Umbra in Italy Smith (2) ;  
Nuceria Νουκερία  (Noukeria) City in Gallia cispadana maybe at Ciano d'Enza in Italy Smith (3) ;  
Nuceria Νουκερία  (Noukeria) City in gross maybe with Terina in Italy Smith (4) ;  
Nudionnum Smith ;  
Nudium Smith ;  
Nuithones Smith ;  
Nuius Smith ;  
Numana Νούμανα  (Noumana) City in the Picenum Numana in the province of Ancona Smith ;  
Numantia Νομαντία  (Nomantia) Capital of the Celtiberians near Garray on the Muela de Garray hill on the Duero river about 12 km from Soria in Spain Smith ;  
Numenium Smith ;  
Numicius Smith ;  
Numidia Νομαδία  (Nomadia) Landscape and Roman Province in North Africa large parts of Algeria and Tunisia Smith ;  
Numidia Nova Smith ;  
Numidic sinus Smith ;  
Numistro Smith ;  
Nursia Νουρσία  (Noursia) City of the Sabines in Umbria Norcia in Italy Smith ;