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Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) City in Aeolia Smith ;  
Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) Island in the Propontis Smith ;  
Elaea Ἔλαια  (Elaia) Port at the Acheron in Epirus Smith ;  
Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) Location on the Bosporus , near the Golden Horn in today's Cihangir district of Istanbul  
Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) City in Phenicia south of Sidon in Lebanon  
Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) Port city in Ethiopia on the Red Sea coast  
Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) Promontory in Crete Smith ;  
Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) Cape in Cyprus on the south coast of the Karpas peninsula  
Elaea Ἐλαία  (Elaia) River in Boeotia  
Elaeus Smith ;  
Elaeus Smith ;  
Elaeus Smith ;  
Elaeus Smith ;  
Elaeussa Smith ;  
Elah Valley in Judah below the Khirbet Qeiyafa site in Israel Smith ;  
Elaius Smith ;  
Elaphites Ins Smith ;  
Elaphitis Smith ;  
Elaphonnesus Smith ;  
Elateia Ἐλάτεια  (Elateia) City in Phocis Smith (1) ;  
Elateia Ἐλάτεια  (Elateia) City in Thessaly Smith (2) ;  
Elateia Ἐλάτεια  (Elateia), Ἐλατρία  (Elatria) City in Epirus Smith (3) ;  
Elath City on Aelaniticus Sinus in Arabia Petraea Eilat in Israel , but more likely Aqaba in Jordan Smith ;  
Elatria Smith ;  
Elaver Smith ;  
Elbo Smith ;  
Elbocoris Place in Lusitania Bobadela at Oliveira do Hospital in Portugal PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Elcebus Smith ;  
Eldimaei Smith ;  
Elealeh Smith ;  
Electra Ἠλέκτρα  (Ēlektra) River on the south coast of Crete Smith ;  
Electra Ἠλέκτρα  (Ēlektra) River in Messenia , tributary of the Pamisus Smith ;  
Electrides insulae Ἠλεκτρίδες  (Ēlektrides) legendary amber islands probably the or some of the Frisian Islands  
Elegeia Smith ;  
Eleia Ἐληΐα  (Elēia) Location in Mesopotamia near Singara possibly at Erciş in Turkey Smith ;  
Eleia see Elis  
Eleii Smith ;  
Elean Ἐλεών  (Eleōn) Mycenaean city in Boeotia Smith ;  
Elephantine Ἐλεφαντίνη  (Elephantinē) River island in the Nile near Aswan in Egypt Smith ;  
Elephantophagi Smith ;  
Elephas Ἐλέφας  (Elephas) Promontory on the coast of in Aithiopia about 12 km west of Aluula in Somalia Smith ;  
Eleusa Ἐλεούσα  (Eleousa) Island off the coast of Caria Smith (1) ;  
Eleusa Ἐλεούσα  (Eleousa) Island off the coast of Cilicia Smith (2) ;  
Eleusa , Elaiousa Ἐλεούσα  (Eleousa) Island off the coast of Attica Arsida Island Smith (1) ;  
Eleusa Ἐλεούσα  (Eleousa) Island off the coast of the Peloponnese in the Saronic Gulf before Cape Stiri Smith (2) ;  
Eleusa Ἐλεούσα  (Eleousa) Island off the coast of Cyprus probably off the north coast of the Karpas peninsula  
Eleusis Ἐλευσίς  (Eleusis) Place in Attica , place of worship of Demeter and scene of the Mysteries of Eleusis Elefsína, 30 km northwest of Athens Smith (1) ;  
Eleusis Ἐλευσίς  (Eleusis) near el-Nuzha Smith (2) ;  
Eleusis Ἐλευσίς  (Eleusis) Place in the Nile Delta  
Eleusis Ἐλευσίς  (Eleusis) Place in Egypt, in the Gau Arsinoites  
Eleusis Ἐλευσίς  (Eleusis) Place on Thera in Santorini  
Eleutherae Smith ;  
Eleutherion Smith ;  
Eleutherna Ἐλευθέρνα  (Eleutherna) City on the island of Crete on the north-western slope of the Ida Mountains near today's village of Eleftherna near the Arkadi monastery Smith ;  
Eleutherocilices Smith ;  
Eleutheropolis see Bethogabris  
Eleutherus Ἐλεύθερος  (Eleutheros) River in Syria Nahr al-Kabir al-Janoubi , border river between Syria and Lebanon Smith ;  
Elgovae Smith ;  
Elgus Smith ;  
Elibyrge Smith ;  
Elim Αἰλείμ  (Aileim) Oasis in the Bible , station of the Exodus Smith ;  
Elimaei Smith ;  
Elimberrum Smith ;  
Elimeia Smith ;  
Elinga Smith ;  
Eliocroca Smith ;  
Elis Ἦλις  (Ēlis) Landscape in the northwestern Peloponnese Smith ;  
Elis Ἦλις  (Ēlis) Capital of the Elis region in the north-western Peloponnese Smith ;  
Elisari Smith ;  
Elison Smith ;  
Ellasar Ἐλλασάρ  (Ellasar) Larsa , a Babylonian city-state, Ellasar in the Bible about 25 km southeast of Uruk 1 Mos 14.1; Smith ;  
Ellebri Smith ;  
Elleporus Smith ;  
Ellomenus Smith ;  
Ellopia Smith ;  
Elone Smith ;  
Elorus Smith ;  
Eluro Smith ;  
Elusa City of the Nabataeans in the Negev near today's El-Khalasa in Israel  
Elusa City in Aquitaine , capital of the Elusati tribe Eauze in France Smith ;  
Elusates Tribe in Aquitaine Smith ;  
Elusio Smith ;  
Elycoci Smith ;  
Elyma Smith ;  
Elyma Smith ;  
Elymais Ἐλυμαΐς  (Elymais) Landscape in the Susiana in southwest Iran Smith ;  
Elymi Smith ;  
Elymia Smith ;  
Elyrus Smith ;