List of ancient place names and geographical names / Go

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Gobaeum Smith ;  
Gobannio Smith ;  
Gogana Bandar Ganaveh on the Persian Gulf in Fars Smith ;  
Gogarene Smith ;  
Golgi Γολγοί  (Golgoi) City in Cyprus Athienou in Larnaka District Smith ;  
Golgotha ​​Mons Smith ;  
Goloe Smith ;  
Gomphi Γόμφοι  (Gomphoi) City in Thessaly Gomfi Smith ;  
Gongalae Smith ;  
Gongylus Smith ;  
Gonnus Smith ;  
Gonoessa Smith ;  
Gophna Smith ;  
Gordium Smith ;  
Gordiutichos Smith ;  
Gordyene see Cordyene  
Gorgon , Urgo Γοργόνη  (Gorgonē) Island in Ligurian Sea Gorgona , 34 km from Livorno in Italy Smith ;  
Gorgylus Smith ;  
Gorneas Smith ;  
Gortyn Γορτύν  (Gortyn), Γόρτυνα  (Gortyna) City in Crete about 40 kilometers south of Heraklion near Agii Deka in the Messara plain Smith ;  
Gortynia Smith ;  
Gortynius Smith ;  
Gortys Γόρτυς  (Gortys), Γόρτυνα  (Gortyna) City in Arcadia Smith ;  
Gorya Smith ;  
Goryaea Smith ;  
Gothi Smith ;  
Gothini Smith ;  
Gothones Smith ;