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Labanae Aquae Smith ;  
Labeates Smith ;  
Labeatis lacus Smith ;  
Labicum , Labici, Lavivi Λαβικός  (Labikos) City in Lazio about 23 km southeast of Rome at today's Monte Compatri , on the northern slopes of the Alban Hills Smith ;  
Labisco Smith ;  
Labiscum Smith ;  
Labotas Λαβώτας  (Labōtas) Tributary of the Orontes in Syria Kara Su in the Turkish province of Hatay Smith ;  
Labraunda Λάβρανδα  (Labranda) Sanctuary in Caria 14 km from Milas in southwestern Turkey Smith ;  
Labronis Portus Smith ;  
Labus , Labutas Λάβος  (Labos), Λαβούτας  (Laboutas) Mountain in the north of Parthia Smith ;  
Lacantis Smith ;  
Laccuris Smith ;  
Lacea Smith ;  
Lacedaemon Smith ;  
Lacedaemon Smith ;  
Lacereia Smith ;  
Lacetani Smith ;  
Lachish Smith ;  
Laciaca Smith ;  
Lacibi Smith ;  
Laciburgium Smith ;  
Lacidae Smith ;  
Lacinium Smith ;  
Lacipea Smith ;  
Lacippo Smith ;  
Lacmon Smith ;  
Lacobriga Smith ;  
Laconia Λακωνική  (Lakōnikē) Landscape in the southeast of the Peloponnese Laconia in Greece Smith ;  
Laconicus Sinus Smith ;  
Laconimurgi Smith ;  
Lacringi Smith ;  
Lactarius Mons Smith ;  
Lactora Smith ;  
Lacus Felicis Smith ;  
Lacydon Smith ;  
Ark Λάδη  (Ladē) Island in front of Miletus Elevation in the alluvial plain of the Great Meander Smith ;  
Ladicus Smith ;  
Ladoceia Smith ;  
Ladon Λαδών  (Ladōn) Tributary of the Peneios in the Peloponnese Smith (1) ;  
Ladon Λαδών  (Ladōn) Tributary of the Alpheios Ladonas Smith (2) ;  
Ladon Λαδών  (Ladōn) Tributary of the Billaios in Bithynia Devrek Çayı in Turkey  
Laeaei Smith ;  
Laeaetani Smith ;  
Laederata Smith ;  
Laelia Λαιλία  (Lailia) City in Hispania Baetica Smith ;  
Laepa Smith ;  
Laeron Smith ;  
Laestrygones Smith ;  
Laevi Smith ;  
Lagania Λαγανία  (Lagania) City in Galatia Beypazarı in Ankara Province in Turkey Smith ;  
Lagaria Smith ;  
Lagecum Smith ;  
Lagina Λάγινα  (Lagina) Place in Caria , sanctuary of Hecate near Turgut , 15 km northwest of Yatağan Smith ;  
Lagni Smith ;  
Lagos Place in Phrygia Smith ;  
Lagusa Smith ;  
Lagusa Smith ;  
Lagussae Smith ;  
Laish Smith ;  
Lalasis Smith ;  
Lalenesis Smith ;  
Laletani Smith ;  
lama City in Hispania maybe Plasencia in Spain Smith ;  
Lamasba City in Numidia Mérouana in Algeria Smith ;  
Lamber Smith ;  
Lambese Smith ;  
Lambriaca Smith ;  
Lametini Smith ;  
Lamia Λαμία  (Lamia) City in the Phthiotis in Thessaly Lamia in Greece Smith ;  
Lamiacus sinus Smith ;  
Laminium Smith ;  
Lamotis Smith ;  
Lampas Smith ;  
Lampatae Smith ;  
lamp see La  
Lampeia Smith ;  
Lampetia see Clampetia  
Lamponeia Smith ;  
Lampra Smith ;  
Lampsacus Λάμψακος  (Lampsakos) Port city in Mysia near Lapseki in the Turkish province of Çanakkale Smith ;  
Lampsus Smith ;  
Lamptra Smith ;  
Lamus Λάμος  (Lamos) City in Cilicia , 10 km northeast of Antioch on the Kragos , 16 km southeast of Selinus on a ridge north of Adanda, about 15 km east of Gazipaşa on the Turkish south coast  
Lamus Λάμος  (Lamos) Place at the mouth of the Lamos River , east of Elaiussa Sebaste Lamos Kalesi Castle in Limonlu on the Turkish south coast Smith ;  
Lamus Λάμος  (Lamos) Border river between Kilikia Pedias and Kilikia Tracheia Limonlu Çayı in the Mersin Province in southern Turkey Smith ;  
Lamyron Smith ;  
Lancia Λαγκία  (Lankia) City of Astures in Hispania Tarraconensis about 5 km north of Mansilla de las Mulas in northern Spain Smith ; 42 ° 32 '  N , 5 ° 26'  W.
Lancia Oppidana City in Lusitania Smith ;  
Lancia Transcudana City in Lusitania on the south bank of the Côa in Portugal  
Lancienses Smith ;  
Lancienses Ocelenses Smith ;  
Langobardi Smith ;  
Langobriga Smith ;  
Lanuvium Λανούϊον  (Lanouion) City in Lazio Lanuvio in Italy Smith ;  
Laodicea ad Lycum , Laodiceia Λαοδίκεια  (Laodikeia) City in Phrygia Smith ;  
Laodicea ad Libanum, Leodiceia Λαοδίκεια  (Laodikeia) City on the Orontes 25 km southwest of Homs in Syria Smith ;  
Laodicea ad Mare , Laodiceia Λαοδίκεια  (Laodikeia) City on the Syrian coast Latakia in Syria Smith ;  
Laodicea Pontica, Laodiceia Λαοδίκεια  (Laodikeia) Place in Pontos, southwest of Amisos DNP Laodikeia 5;   
Laodiceia Combusta Λαοδίκεια Κατακεκαυμένη  (Laodikeia Katakekänkeê) City in Pisidia Smith ;  
Lapathus Smith ;  
Lapathus Smith ;  
Lapathus Smith ;  
Laphystium Smith ;  
Lapidei Campi Smith ;  
Lapithae Smith ;  
Lapithaeum Smith ;  
Lapithas Smith ;  
Lappa , lamp Λάππα  (Lappa), Λάμπα  (Lampa) City in the west of Crete Argyroupoli near Rethymno Smith ;  
Lapurdum Smith ;  
Lar Fluvius Smith ;  
Laranda Λάρανδα  (Laranda) City in Lycaonia Karaman in Turkey Smith ;  
Lares Λάρης  (Larēs) City in Numidia Lorbes in Tunisia Smith ;  
Larga City in Gaul Largitz in France Smith ;  
Larica Smith ;  
Larinum Smith ;  
Larisa Kremaste Κρεμαστὴ Λάρισσα  (Kremastē Larissa) City of Achaia Phthiotis Pelasgia in Greece Smith (2) ;  
Larisa Pelasgis Λάρισσα  (Larissa) Capital of the Thessalian Tetras Pelasgiotis Smith (1) ;  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) Fortress or castle near Argos Smith (3) ;  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) Pelasgic city of the southern Aiolis north of the lower Hermos PECS ; Pleiades ; Smith (3) ;  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) City in Crete near Kalamafka in the municipality of Ierapetra  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) Place on the Ephesus - Sardis road about 15 km north of Tire in Turkey  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) City in Caria north of Tralleis about 8 km north of Aydın in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) City in the Troad Limantepe archaeological site in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) Location in the northern Tigris region, probably the Assyrian Kalhu Nimrud site in Iraq, 30 km south-southeast of Mosul Smith ;  
Larissa Λάρισσα  (Larissa) City in Syria Smith ;  
Larissus Smith ;  
Larius Lacus Smith ;  
Larix City in Noricum Smith ;  
Larnum Smith ;  
Lartolaeaetae Smith ;  
Larymna Λάρυμνα  (Larymna) City of the Opuntian Lokrians Larymna Smith ;  
Larysium Smith ;  
Las , La Λάας  (Laas) City on the Mani Peninsula Passavas in Greece Smith ;  
Lasaea Smith ;  
Lasion Smith ;  
Lassora Smith ;  
Lastigi Smith ;  
Lasus Smith ;  
Latara Gallic port city on the Mediterranean coast Lattes in France Smith ;  
Lathon Smith ;  
Lathrippa Smith ;  
Lazio Λατίνη  (Latinē) Landscape in Italy Smith ;  
Latmicus Sinus Smith ;  
Latmus Smith ;  
Lato City in Crete Smith ;  
Latobrigi Smith ;  
Latopolis Λατόπολις  (Latopolis) City in Egypt 55 kilometers south of Luxor Smith ;  
Latovici Smith ;  
Laturus Sinus Smith ;  
Laugona Smith ;  
Laumellum Smith ;  
Laureata Smith ;  
Laurence Λαύρεντον  (Laurenton) Coastal city in Lazio in Castel Porziano near Rome Smith ;  
Lauretanus Portus Smith ;  
Lauriacum City in the north of Noricum in Enns in the Lorch district in Austria Smith ;  
Laurium Smith ;  
Laurium Smith ;  
Lauron Λαύρων  (Laurōn) Tarraconensis town in Hispania Smith ;  
Laurum , Lauri Fort in Gaul Woerden in the Netherlands Smith ;  
Laus Pompeia City in Gallia transpadana Lodi in Lombardy Smith ;  
Lausonius Lacus Smith ;  
Lautulae Smith ;  
Lavara Smith ;  
Lavatrae Smith ;  
Lavianesine Smith ;  
Lavinium Λαουΐνιον  (Laouinion) City in Lazio Pratica di Mare , about 30 km south of Rome Smith ;  
Lavisco Smith ;  
Laxta Smith ;  
Lazi Λάσοι  (Lasoi) The Lasen tribe in the southern Caucasus Smith ;