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Tra Smith ;  
Tracana Smith ;  
Trachis Τραχίς  ( trachis ) Main town of the Malians tribe in the valley of the river Spercheios and at the foot of the Oite massif to the southwest Smith (1) ;  
Trachis Phocica Τραχίς Φωκική  (Trachis Phōkikē) small town in the Phocis Smith (2) ;  
Trachonitis Τραχωνῖτις  (trachōnitis) Landscape in Palestine northeast of the Sea of ​​Galilee in Syria Smith ;  
Trachy Smith ;  
Tractari Smith ;  
Traelius Smith ;  
Traens , trais Τράεις  (Traeis) Flow in gross Trionto in Italy Smith ;  
Tragia Smith ;  
Tragia Smith ;  
Tragilus Smith ;  
Tragurium Τραγούριον  (Tragourion) Port city in Dalmatia Trogir in Croatia Smith ;  
Tragus Smith ;  
Traia Capita Smith ;  
Trais see Traens  
Trajani Munimentum Smith ;  
Trajani Portus Smith ;  
Trajanopolis Smith ;  
Trajanopolis Smith ;  
Trajectum Smith ;  
Trajectus Smith ;  
Tralles , Dia, Charax Τράλλεις  (Tralleis) City in Caria Aydın in Turkey Smith ;  
Tralles Τράλλης  (Trallēs) City in Phrygia Smith ;  
Trallia Smith ;  
Trallicon Smith ;  
Trampya Smith ;  
Transaquincum possible garrison location on the Pannonian Danube Limes, but perhaps also the designation of a geographical area opposite Aquincum Ruins of a late antique fortress in Budapest 's Pest district in Hungary  
Transcellensis Mons Smith ;  
Transducta Smith ;  
Transmarisca Τρομάρισκα  (Tromariska) Fortress in Moesia inferior Tutrakan in Bulgaria Smith ;  
Transmontani Smith ;  
Trapezopolis Τραπεζόπολις  (Trapezopolis) City in Caria south of Sarayköy in Turkey Smith ;  
Trapezus Τραπεζοῦς  (Trapezous) City on the coast of Pontus Trabzon in Turkey Smith ;  
Trapezus Τραπεζοῦς  (Trapezous) City in Arcadia near Mavria Smith ;  
Trapezus Mons Smith ;  
Trarium Smith ;  
Trasimenus Smith ;  
Trausi Smith ;  
Travus Smith ;  
Treba , Trebiae, Trebia City in Umbria Trevi in Italy Smith (1) ;  
Treba , Treba augusta, Trebia Τρήβα  (Trēba) City of Aequer in Latium Trevi nel Lazio in Italy Smith (2) ;  
Trebia Tributary of the Padus in Gallia cispadana Trebbia , right tributary of the Po Smith ;  
Trebula balliensis City in Campania Treglia in the municipality of Pontelatone in the province of Caserta in Campania Smith ;  
Trebula Mutusca Τρήβουλα  (Trēboula) Monteleone Sabino in the Rieti province in Lazio Smith (1) ;  
Trebula Suffenas Τρήβουλα  (Trēboula) City of the Sabines possibly near today's Passo della Fortuna, Ciciliano in the province of Rome in Lazio Smith (2) ;  
Treia , Trea City in the Picenum Treia in the province of Macerata in the Marches Smith ;  
Tremerus ins Smith ;  
Tremithus Smith ;  
Tremula Smith ;  
Trepontium Smith ;  
Treres Smith ;  
Trerus Smith ;  
Tres Arbores Smith ;  
Tres Tabernae Place in Lazio in the area of ​​today's city of Cisterna di Latina in Italy Smith ;  
Tres Tabernae Place in Gaul Saverne in Alsace Smith (2) ;  
Pedal Smith ;  
Tretum Smith ;  
Tretum Prom Smith ;  
Tretus Smith ;  
Treva Τρηούα  (Trēoua) City in northwestern Germania probably at the confluence of the Alster with the Elbe Smith ;  
Treventum Smith ;  
Treveri Τριβηροί  (Tribēroi) Tribe of the Celts in Northeast Gaul Smith ;  
Trevidon Smith ;  
Treviri see Treveri  
Triacontaschoenus Smith ;  
Triaditza Smith ;  
Triballi Smith ;  
Triboci Smith ;  
Tribola Smith ;  
Tribulium Smith ;  
Tribunci Smith ;  
Tricaranum Smith ;  
Tricasses Smith ;  
Tricastini Smith ;  
Tricca Τρίκκη  (Trikkē) City in Thessaly Trikala in Greece Smith ;  
Tricciana Smith ;  
Tricesimae Smith ;  
Tricesimum Smith ;  
Trichonis lacus Smith ;  
Trichonium Smith ;  
Tricoloni Smith ;  
Tricomia Τρικωμία  (Trikōmia) City in Bithynia between İzmit and Kandıra in Turkey  
Tricomia Τρικωμία  (Trikōmia) City in Phrygia west of Eskişehir in Turkey Smith ;  
Tricomia Τρικωμία  (Trikōmia) City in Syria Salchad in Syria  
Tricomia Τρικωμία  (Trikōmia) City in the Gau Arsinoites / Krokodeilopolites in Upper Egypt in al-Fayyūm  
Tricorii Smith ;  
Tricornensii Smith ;  
Tricornium Smith ;  
Tricorythus Smith ;  
Tricrana Smith ;  
Tricrena Smith ;  
Tridentini Smith ;  
Tridism Smith ;  
Trieres Smith ;  
Trierum Smith ;  
Trifanum Smith ;  
Trigaboli Smith ;  
Trigisamum Smith ;  
Triglyphone Smith ;  
Trigundum Smith ;  
Trileucum Smith ;  
Trimammium Smith ;  
Trimenothyra Smith ;  
Trimontium Smith ;  
Trimythus Smith ;  
Trinacia Smith ;  
Trinacria Τρινακρία  (Trinakria) old name of Sicily Smith ;  
Trinasus Smith ;  
Trinemeia Smith ;  
Triny River in Samnium Trigno in Italy Smith ;  
Trinobantes Smith ;  
Trinurtium Smith ;  
Triobris Smith ;  
Triocala Smith ;  
Triopium Smith ;  
Triphylia Τριφυλία  (Triphylia) Landscape on the west coast of the Peloponnese Smith ;  
Tripodiscus Smith ;  
Tripoli Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) Port city in Phenicia Tripoli in Lebanon Smith ;  
Tripoli Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) Fortress in Polemoniacus Tirebolu on the Black Sea coast in the Giresun province of Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Tripoli Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) River near the Pontic city of Tripoli Tirebolu Suyu near the city ​​of the same name and the lower reaches of the Harşit in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Tripoli Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) City in Macedonia possibly in today's drama in northern Greece  
Tripoli Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) Territory near Megalopolis in Laconia at Megalopoli in the Peloponnese Smith (2) ;  
Tripoli Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) Area in Arcadia north of Methydrion and Theisoa north of Methydrio and Theisoa in the Peloponnese Smith (1) ;  
Tripoli Larisaia Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) City east of Larissa maybe at today's Platykampos in Greece Smith (3) ;  
Tripoli ad Maeandrum Τρίπολις  (Tripoli) City on the upper reaches of the Maiandros in Phrygia east of Buldan in the Turkish province of Denizli Smith (1) ;  
Tripolitana Regio Smith ;  
Tripontium Smith ;  
Tripyrgia Smith ;  
Trisanton Smith ;  
Trisciana Smith ;  
Trissum Smith ;  
Tritaea Smith ;  
Tritium Autrigonum City of the Autrigones in Hispania Tarraconensis at Monasterio de Rodilla in the province of Burgos in Spain Smith ;  
Tritium Magallum , Tritium Metallum City of Berons in Hispania Tarraconensis Tricio in the Spanish region of La Rioja Smith ;  
Tritium tuboricum City of the Bardulians in Hispania Tarraconensis on the Deva river in northern Spain Smith ;  
Triton , Tritonis lacus, Tritonis palus River, lake and marshland in Libya probably the Chott el Djerid in Tunisia Smith ;  
Triton River in Crete Smith ;  
Triton River in Boeotia Smith ;  
Triton Place on the propontis near Armutlu on the Sea of ​​Marmara in the province of Yalova (province) in Turkey  
Triton Promontorium , Poseideion Promontorium Promontory in the Propontis , immediately north of the town of the same name  
Triturrita Smith ;  
Triumphant Smith ;  
Trivicum Smith ;  
Troas Τρῳάς  (Trōas) Landscape southeast of the Hellespont, surroundings of Troia Landscape southeast of the Dardanelles on the Turkish coast Smith ;  
Trochoeides lacus Smith ;  
Trochus Smith ;  
Trocmada Smith ;  
Trocmi Smith ;  
Troes Smith ;  
Troesa Smith ;  
Troezen Smith ;  
Troezen Smith ;  
Trogilium Smith ;  
Trogilium Smith ;  
Trogitis Smith ;  
Troglo Smith ;  
Troicus Mons Smith ;  
Troy , Troy, Ilium Τροία  (Troy), Ἴλιος  (Ilios) City in Troad , fabulous scene of the Trojan War on the Hisarlık settlement hill south of the Dardanelles in north-western Turkey Smith ;  
Tronis Smith ;  
Tropaea Augusti Smith ;  
Tropaea Drusi Smith ;  
Tropaea Pompeii Smith ;  
Trosmis Smith ;  
Trossulum Smith ;  
Truentum see Castrum Truentinum  
Truentus Smith ;  
Trutulensis Portus Smith ;  
Trybactra Smith ;