List of ancient place names and geographical names / Oc

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Ocalea Smith ;  
Oceanus Ὠκεανός  (Ōkeanos) the earth flowing around the earth in a ring Smith ;  
Oceanus septentrionalis Smith ;  
Ocelis Smith ;  
Ocellodurum Smith ;  
Ocelum Ὤκελον  (Ōkelon) City in Gallia cisalpina Smith ;  
Ocelum Ὄκελον  (Okelon) City of the Vettons on Durius in Lusitania Zamora in Spain Smith (1) ;  
Ocelum Ὄκελον  (Okelon) City of the Gallaekers in northwestern Hispania 5 km southeast of Covilhã in Portugal Smith (2) ;  
Ocelum Ὄκελον  (Okelon) Promontory on the northeast coast of Britain Ptol. 2,3,6; Smith (3) ;  
Oche Ὄχη  (Ochē) Mountain range on the southern tip of Evia Ochi Smith ;  
Ochosbanes Smith ;  
Ochras Smith ;  
Ochus Smith ;  
Ochus Mons Smith ;  
Ocile Smith ;  
Ocilis Smith ;  
Ocinarus Smith ;  
Ocitis Smith ;  
Ocra Mons Smith ;  
Ocriculum Smith ;  
Ocrinum Smith ;  
Octapitarum Smith ;  
Octodurus Smith ;  
Octogesa Smith ;  
Octolophus Smith ;