List of ancient place names and geographical names / Tu

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Tuaesis Smith ;  
Tuati Vetus Smith ;  
Tubantes Smith ;  
Tubucci Smith ;  
Tuburbo majus Smith ;  
Tube rupture Smith ;  
Tucaba Smith ;  
Tucca Τοῦκκα  (Toukka) City in Mauretania Caesariensis Smith (1) ;  
Tucca Τοῦκκα  (Toukka) City in Numidia Smith (3) ;  
Tucca terebenthina , Thucca terebenthina, Thugga terebenthina Τοῦκκα  (Toukka) City in Byzacena east of Maktar in Tunisia Pleiades ; Smith (2) ;  
Tucci Τοῦκκι  (Toukki) City in Hispania Baetica Tejada la Nueva at Escacena del Campo in Spain Smith ;  
Tucci , Colonia Augusta Gemella Tuccitana City in Hispania Baetica Martos in the province of Jaén in Spain  
Tucris Smith ;  
Tude Smith ;  
Tuder Smith ;  
Tuerobis Smith ;  
Tuficum Smith ;  
Tugeni Smith ;  
Tugia Smith ;  
Tugiensis Saltus Smith ;  
Tuiciae Smith ;  
Tulcis Smith ;  
Tulingi Smith ;  
Tuliphurdum Smith ;  
Tulisurgium Smith ;  
Tullica Smith ;  
Tullonium Smith ;  
Tullum Smith ;  
Do it Τύνης  (Tynēs) City in Africa proconsularis Tunis in Tunisia Smith ;  
Tungri Τοῦγγροι  (Toungroi) Germanic tribe Settlement areas on the Lower Rhine Smith ;  
Tunnocelum Smith ;  
Tuntobriga Smith ;  
Turaniana Smith ;  
Turba Tarraconensis town in Hispania Smith ;  
Turba , Tarba City of the Bigerriones in Gallia Aquitania Tarbes in France Smith ;  
Turbula Smith ;  
Turcae Smith ;  
Turcilingi Smith ;  
Turdetani Τουρδητανοί  (Tourdētanoi) Iberian tribe in Hispania Baetica Guadalquivir Valley Smith ;  
Turduli Smith ;  
Turecionicum Smith ;  
Turia , Turium River in Hispania Tarraconensis Turia in Spain Smith ;  
Turiaso Smith ;  
Turicum , Turegum City of the Helvetii Zurich in Switzerland Smith ;  
Turiga Smith ;  
Turissa Smith ;  
Turmodigi Smith ;  
Turmogum Smith ;  
Turmuli Smith ;  
Turnacum Smith ;  
Turobrica Smith ;  
Turodi Smith ;  
Turones Celtic people in the province of Gallia Lugdunensis Settlement areas on the Loire in France Smith ;  
Turoni Τούρωνοι  (Tourōnoi) People in Germania possibly north of the Main Smith ;  
Turoqua Smith ;  
Turres Location in Moesia superior Pirot in Serbia Smith ;  
Turres Location near Hippo Regius in North Africa Pleiades ;   
Turriga Smith ;  
Turrim Smith ;  
Turris City in Byzacena between Tunis and Majaz al Bab in Tunisia  
Turris Augusti Location in Hispania Torres do Oeste near Catoira in Spain  
Turris Blanda Place in Byzacena  
Turris Caesaris Place on the coast of Puglia for example at Polignano a Mare  
Turris Caesaris Place in Numidia , on the road from Sigus to Cirta Smith (1) ;  
Turris Calarnea , Arnai Place in Thrace north of today's Arnea on the Chalkidiki peninsula in Greece  
Turris Euphranta see Euphranta  
Turris Hannibalis Fortress in the area of ​​Carthage Smith (3) ;  
Turris Libisonis Πύργος Λιβύσσωνος  (Pyrgos Libyssōnos) Port city in Sardinia Porto Torres Smith ;  
Turris Mailiorum Arelliorum Place in Byzacena west of Mareth in Tunisia  
Turris Rutunda Location in Africa proconsularis  
Turris Stratonis Settlement on the Phoenician coast, precursor to Caesarea Maritima Smith ;  
Turris Tamalleni Location in Mauretania Caesariensis between the salt lakes Chott el Djerid and Chott el Fedjadj in Tunisia Smith (4) ;  
Turris ad Algam Place in Tripolitania southeast of Tripoli in Libya  
Turris et Taberna Place on the Great Syrte probably west of Ras Lanuf at Matratin Airport in Libya  
Turrus Fluvius Smith ;  
Turulis Smith ;  
Turum Smith ;  
Turuntus Smith ;  
Turuptiana Smith ;  
Tusca Smith ;  
Tuscana , Tuscania City in Etruria Tuscania in Italy Smith ;  
Tusci Smith ;  
Tuscia another name for Etruria Tuscany in Italy Smith ;  
Tusculanum Smith ;  
Tusculum Τούσκουλον  (Touskoulon) City in Lazio in the Alban Hills , east of Frascati Smith ;  
Tuscum Mare Smith ;  
Tutatio Smith ;  
Tuthoa Smith ;  
Tutia Smith ;  
Tutia Smith ;  
Tuticum Smith ;  
Tutzis Smith ;