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Hibernia irish island Smith ;  
Hicesia Smith ;  
Hiera Smith ;  
Hiera Sycaminus Smith ;  
Hieracon Smith ;  
Hierapolis Ἱεράπολις  (Hierapolis) City in Phrygia on the mountain above Pamukkale in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Hierapolis Ἱεράπολις  (Hierapolis) another name for Lebena in Crete Lendas  
Hierapolis Bambyke Ἱεράπολις  (Hierapolis) City in Syria , at the confluence of the Sadschur and Euphrates rivers Manbij in Syria Smith ;  
Hierapolis Kastabala Ἱεράπολις  (Hierapolis) City in Cilicia 3 kilometers north of the Ceyhan near Kesmeburun in the southern Turkish province of Osmaniye Smith (2) ;  
Hierapytna City in Crete Ierapetra Smith ;  
Hierasus Smith ;  
Hieratis Smith ;  
Hiericus Smith ;  
Hieromiax Smith ;  
Hieron Acron Smith ;  
Hieropolis see Hierapolis  
Hierosolyma see Jerusalem  
Hilleviones Smith ;  
Himella Smith ;  
Himera Ἱμέρα  (Himera) City in Sicily at Buonfornello station on the Palermo - Messina railway line, 47 km east of Palermo Smith ;  
Himera Ἱμέρας  (Himeras) River in Sicily Salso (river) or after its confluence the Imera Meridionale Smith (1) ;  
Himera Ἱμέρας  (Himeras) River in Sicily, flows into Himera Imera Settentrionale (also called Grande) ends at the Buonfornello train station Smith (2) ;  
Hinnom Valley near Jerusalem Smith ;  
Hippana Smith ;  
Hipparis Smith ;  
Hippasii Smith ;  
Hippemolgi Smith ;  
Hippi Prom Smith ;  
Hippici Montes Smith ;  
Hippo diarrhytus Ἱππὼν Δίαρρος  (Hippōn Diarros) City in Africa proconsularis Bizerta in Tunisia Smith ;  
Hippo Nova City in Hispania Baetica Smith (2) ;  
Hippo Regius Ἱππὼν Βασιλικός  (Hippōn Basilikos) Port city in Numidia Annaba in Algeria Smith ;  
Hippocoronium Smith ;  
Hippocrene Fons Smith ;  
Hippocura Smith ;  
Hippola Smith ;  
Hipponensis Sinus Smith ;  
Hipponiates Sinus Smith ;  
Hipponitis Palus Smith ;  
Hipponium Ἱππώνιον  (Hippōnion) City on the west coast of Bruttium Vibo Valentia in Calabria Smith ;  
Hippuris Smith ;  
Hippuros Smith ;  
Hippus Ἵππος  (Hippos) City of the Decapolis in Palestine 2 km east of the Sea of ​​Galilee at the foot of the Golan Heights Smith ;  
Hippus Ἵππος  (Hippos) City in Caria , at the mouth of the Maiandros RE ; Smith ;  
Hippus Ἵππος  (Hippos) River in Colchis Kodori in Abkhazia or Tskhenis-Tsqali in Georgia RE ; Smith ;  
Hippus Ἵππος  (Hippos) Mountain range ( Hippos Oros ) and settlement ( Hippos Kome ) on the east coast of the Red Sea RE ;   
Hippus Archipelago in front of the port of the city of Erythrai off the Turkish coast near the village of Ildır in the Çeşme district of the İzmir province RE ;   
Hirpini Smith ;  
Hirri Smith ;  
Hirros Smith ;  
Hispalis Smith ;  
Hispania Ἱσπανία  (Hispania) Iberian Peninsula Spain and Portugal Smith ;  
Hispanum Mare Smith ;  
Hispellum Ἴσπελλον  (Ispellon) City in Umbria Spello in Italy Smith ;  
Histiaea Smith ;  
Histiaeotis Smith ;  
Histonium Ἱστόνιον  (histonion) Main town of the Frentani on the Adriatic coast Vasto in Abruzzo Smith ;  
Histria City in Scythia Minor near Istria in Romania Smith ;  
Histria see Istria  
Hittites Smith ;  
Hivites Smith ;