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Maacah Smith ;  
Maarath Smith ;  
Maarsares Smith ;  
Maatha Smith ;  
Mabog Smith ;  
Macae Smith ;  
Macae Smith ;  
Macalla Smith ;  
Macanitae Smith ;  
Macaras Smith ;  
Macareae Smith ;  
Macaria Smith ;  
Macaria Smith ;  
Macatutae Smith ;  
Macchurebi Smith ;  
Maccocalingae Smith ;  
Maccurae Smith ;  
Macedonia Μακεδονία  (Macedonia) Country in the north of Hellas essentially parts of northern Greece , south-western Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia Smith ;  
Macella Smith ;  
Macephracta Smith ;  
Macestus Μάκεστος  (Makestos) Tributary of the Rhyndakos Simav Çayı Smith ;  
Maceta Smith ;  
Macetae Smith ;  
Machaerus Μαχαιρούς  (Machairous) Fortress in Judaea east of the Dead Sea in Jordan Smith ;  
Machaetegi Smith ;  
Machelones Smith ;  
Machlyes Smith ;  
Machures Smith ;  
Machusii Smith ;  
Machyni Smith ;  
Macina Smith ;  
Macistus Smith ;  
Macna Smith ;  
Macoraba Smith ;  
Macra Μάκρης  (macrēs) River in Northern Italy Magra in Italy Smith ;  
Macra Come Smith ;  
Macris Μάκρις  (Makris) small island off the coast of Lydia 38 ° 2 '  N , 26 ° 52'  E
Macris see Helena  
Macrobii Smith ;  
Macrocephali Smith ;  
Macron Teichos Smith ;  
Macrones Smith ;  
Macropogones Smith ;  
Mactorium Smith ;  
Macum Smith ;  
Macurebi Smith ;  
Macynia Smith ;  
Macynium Smith ;  
Madai Biblical designation of a landscape, probably media Smith ;  
Madaura , Madurus Μάδουρος  (Madouros), Μάδαυρος  (Madauros) City in northern Numidia near M'Daourouch in the extreme northeast of Algeria in the province of Constantine Smith ;  
Madeba Smith ;  
Madethubadus Smith ;  
Madia Μαδία  (Madia) Place in Colchis Smith ;  
Madis Smith ;  
Madmanna Smith ;  
Madmenah Smith ;  
Madoce Smith ;  
Maduateni Smith ;  
Madurus see Madaura  
Madytus Μαδυτός  (Madytos) City on the Thracian Chersonese Eceabat on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey Smith ;  
Maea Smith ;  
Meander Smith ;  
Meander Smith ;  
Maeandropolis Smith ;  
Maeatae Μαιάται Smith ;  
Maedi Μαιδοί  (Maidoi) Thracian tribal association on the middle course of the Strymon on the middle reaches of the Struma in northern Greece Smith ;  
Maenaca Smith ;  
Maenalus Smith ;  
Maenariae insulae Smith ;  
Maenoba Smith ;  
Maenoba Smith ;  
Maenobora Smith ;  
Maeonia Smith ;  
Maeotae Smith ;  
Maeotis Palus Smith ;  
Maepha Smith ;  
Maera Smith ;  
Maesia Silva Smith ;  
Maesolia Smith ;  
Maesolus Smith ;  
Magaba Smith ;  
Magabula Smith ;  
Magarsa Smith ;  
Magdala Μαγδαλά  (Magdala) City in Galilee Migdal in Israel Smith ;  
Magdolum Smith ;  
Magelli Smith ;  
Magetobria Smith ;  
Magi median tribe Smith ;  
Magiovintum Smith ;  
Magna Graecia μεγάλη Ἑλλάς  (megalē Hellas) Greek colonization areas in southern Italy and Sicily Smith ;  
Magnata Smith ;  
magnesia Μαγνησία  (Magnēsia) City in Thessaly Smith ;  
Magnesia ad Maeandrum Μαγνησία ἐπὶ Μαιάνδρῳ  (Magnēsia epi Maiandrō) City in Ionia in the plane of the meander (Turkish Büyük Menderes ) on the road from Selçuk to Söke in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Magnesia ad Sipylum Μαγνησία  (Magnēsia) City in Lydia Manisa in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Magnis City in Britain near Kenchester in Herefordshire in England Smith (1) ;  
Magnis Roman fortress on Hadrian's Wall at Carvoran in the parish of Greenhead in Northumberland Smith (2) ;  
Magnopolis Smith ;  
Magnum Prom Smith ;  
Magnum Promontory Smith ;  
Magnum Promontory Smith ;  
Magnus Portus Smith ;  
Magnus sine Smith ;  
Mago City on Balearis minor Maó , the capital of Menorca Smith ;  
Magon Μαγῶν  (Magōn) right tributary of the Ganges Mohana , flows about 25 km west of Munger (city) in the state of Bihar in India Smith ;  
Magontiacum Smith ;  
Magoras Smith ;  
Magorum Sinus Smith ;  
Magrada Smith ;  
Magydus Μάγυδος  (Magydos) City in Pamphylia Lara Manastır in Turkey Smith ;  
Mahanaim Smith ;  
Corn Μαϊς  (corn) Tributary of the Ganges Smith ;  
Makkedah Smith ;  
Mala Μάλα  (Mala), Μάλη  (Malē) City in Colchis Smith ;  
Mala Mountain in the area of Gangra in Paphlagonia Area of Çankırı in Turkey  
Malaca Smith ;  
Malachath Smith ;  
Malaea Smith ;  
Malay colon Smith ;  
Malamantus Smith ;  
Malana Smith ;  
Malanga Μάλαγγα  (Malanga) City in India Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu state Smith ;  
Malao Μαλάω  (Malaō) City on the Sinus Aualites Berbera in Somalia Smith ;  
Malata Smith ;  
Malchubii Smith ;  
Malcoae Smith ;  
Malea Μαλέα  (Malea) City in Arcadia about 2 km east of Leontari in Greece Smith ; 37 ° 20 '  N , 22 ° 10'  E
Malea Μαλέα  (Malea) Cape on the southernmost tip of the Laconian Peninsula in the Peloponnese Cape Malea Smith ;  
Malea City on Lesbos , north of Mytilene at Panagiouda 39 ° 8 '  N , 26 ° 32'  E
Malea Μαλέα  (Malea) Mountain on Taprobane probably the Sri Pada in Sri Lanka Smith ;  
Malececa Smith ;  
Malene Smith ;  
Malethubalon Smith ;  
Maleum Smith ;  
Maleventum Smith ;  
Malia Headland at the south-easternmost end of Lesbos Smith ; 39 ° 1 '  N , 26 ° 36'  E
Malia Μαλία  (Malia) Tarraconensis town in Hispania Smith ;  
Maliacus sinus Smith ;  
Maliarpha Smith ;  
Malichi insulae Smith ;  
Malieus Μαλιεύς Place in Boeotia (existence uncertain)  
Mallaea Smith ;  
Malli Smith ;  
Mallus Μαλλός  (Mallos) City in Cilicia near Kızıltahta , 28 km southeast of Adana in Turkey Smith ;  
Maloetas Smith ;  
Malus Μαλοῦς  (Malous) Tributary of the Alpheios probably the brook of Neochori Lykosouras Pausanias 8.35.1; Smith ;  
Malus Landscape in the east of the Troas , headwaters of the Granikos  
Malva see Mulucha  
Mamala Smith ;  
Mamertini Smith ;  
Mamertium Smith ;  
Mom Μαμμή  (Mammē) Landscape in Byzacena , scene of the battle between the Roman forces of Solomon of Daras and the Moors in 535 Plain west of Qairawān in Tunisia Smith ;  
Mampsarus Mons Smith ;  
Manapii Smith ;  
Manarmanis Portus Smith ;  
Manasseh Smith ;  
Manchans Smith ;  
Mancunium Smith ;  
Mandacada Smith ;  
Mandagara Smith ;  
Mandagarsis Smith ;  
Mandalae Smith ;  
Mandans Μανδάνη  (Mandanē) City on the coast of Cilicia about 30 km east of Anamur in Turkey Smith ;  
Mandarae Smith ;  
Mandela Village in Lazio near a villa of Horace Mandela , 48 km northeast of Rome Smith (2) ;  
Mandori Smith ;  
Mandrocium Smith ;  
Mandruani Smith ;  
Mandrupolis Smith ;  
Mandrus Mons Smith ;  
Mandubii Μανδούβιοι  (Mandoubioi) Gallic people with the capital Alesia Settlement areas roughly the Auxois in France Smith ;  
Manduessedum City in Britain Mancetter in Warwickshire in England Smith ;  
Manduria Μανδύριον  (Mandyrion) City in Calabria Manduria in Apulia Smith ;  
Manimi Smith ;  
Manitae Smith ;  
Manius Sinus Smith ;  
Manlia Smith ;  
Manlianus Saltus Smith ;  
Mannaritium Smith ;  
Manrali Smith ;  
Mantala Smith ;  
Mantiana Lacus Smith ;  
Mantineia Μαντίνεια  (Mantineia) City in Arcadia Mandinia in the Peloponnese in Greece Smith ;  
Mantua Μάντουα  (Mantoua) City in Gallia cisalpina Mantua in Italy Smith ;  
Mantled Smith ;  
Maogamalcha Smith ;  
Maon Smith ;  
Mapharitis Smith ;  
Maphoritae Smith ;  
Maponis Smith ;  
Marabius Smith ;  
Maracanda Smith ;  
Maranitae Smith ;  
Maraphii Smith ;  
Marath Smith ;  
Marathesium Smith ;  
marathon Μαραθών  (Marathōn) Plain in the northeast of Attica (landscape) , scene of the battle of Marathon at marathon in Greece Smith ;  
Marathus Smith ;  
Marathusa Smith ;  
Marathussa Smith ;  
Marciae Smith ;  
Marciana Silva Smith ;  
Marcianopolis Μαρκιανούπολις  (Markianoupolis) Capital of Moesia inferior in Devnya in Bulgaria Smith ;  
Marciliana Smith ;  
Marcina Μαρκῖνα  (Markina) City in Campania in the Picen region Smith ;  
Marcis Location at the Litus Saxonicum perhaps marquise in the French department of Pas-de-Calais Smith ;  
Marcius Mons Smith ;  
Marcodava Smith ;  
Marcodurum Roman vicus in northern Gaul probably between the Düren districts of Mariaweiler and Hoven Smith ;  
Marcomagus Location on Römerstrasse Trier – Cologne probably between Marmagen and Nettersheim southwest of the Urft Smith ;  
Marcomanni Smith ;  
Mardene Smith ;  
Mardi Μαρδοί  (Mardoi) Middle Eastern tribes in Armenia Smith ;  
Mardyene Smith ;  
Mardyeni Smith ;  
Mareia Μαρέα  (Marea) City in the western Nile Delta Kom el-Idris, about 40 km southwest of Alexandria on Lake Mareotis Smith ;  
Mareotis Smith ;  
Mares Μᾶρες  (Mares) Persian tribe on the Pontic coast Smith ;  
Mareshah Smith ;  
Mareura Smith ;  
Margana Smith ;  
Margiana Smith ;  
Margidunum Smith ;  
Margus , Margum Μάργον  (Margon), Μάργος  (Margos) City near Viminatium in Moesia superior near the village Dubravica near Požarevac in Serbia Smith ;  
Margus Μάργος  (Margos) River in Moesia superior Morava in Serbia Smith ;  
Margus Μάργος  (Margos) eponymous river of the inner-Asian Margiana Murgab in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan Smith ;  
Mariaba Μαρίαβα  (Mariaba) Capital of the Sabaean Empire Ma'rib in Yemen Smith ;  
Mariama Smith ;  
Mariamme Smith ;  
Mariana City in the northeast of Corsica on the plateau of La Marana on the banks of the Golo river (Corsica) Smith ;  
Mariana Fossa Smith ;  
Mariandyni Smith ;  
Marianus Mons Smith ;  
Maricae Lucus Smith ;  
Maride Smith ;  
Maridunum Smith ;  
Mariniana , Marinianis, Maurinana Μαγνίανα  (Magniana) City in Pannonia Donji Miholjac in Slavonia Smith ;  
Marion Μάριον  (Marion) Kingdom of Cyprus at Polis Chrysochous in the Paphos District PECS ;   
Marionis Smith ;  
Marisus Μάρισος  (Marisos), Μάρις  (Maris) Tributary of the Danube in Dacia Mureș in Romania and Hungary Smith ;  
Marithi Montes Smith ;  
Maritima City in Gallia Narbonensis Martigues in the south of France Smith ;  
Maritima insula Island off the western tip of Sicily Marettimo Smith ;  
Maritimae Stationes Smith ;  
Marium Smith ;  
Marius Μαρίος  (Marios) City in Laconia Smith ;  
Marmarica Μαρμαρική  (Marmarikē) Landscape on the north coast of Africa between Egypt and Kyrenaia Smith ;  
Marmarium Smith ;  
Marmolitis Smith ;  
Marobudum Smith ;  
Chestnut Μαρώνεια  (Marōneia) Port city in Thrace 30 km south of Komotini in Greece Smith ;  
Maronsa Smith ;  
Marpessa Μάρπησσα  (Marpēssa) central mountain range on Paros , place of origin of the Parian marble Smith ;  
Marpessus Smith ;  
Marrucini Smith ;  
Marruvium , Marrubium Μαρούϊον  (Marouion) City of the Martians on Fucinus Lacus San Benedetto dei Marsi in the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo Smith ;  
Marses Smith ;  
Marsi Μάρσοι  (Marsoi) Italian tribe Settlement area in the vicinity of the Fuciner lake in central Italy Smith ;  
Marsi Germanic tribe Settlement areas initially on the Rhine , later between the Ruhr and Lippe  
Marsigni Smith ;  
Marsonia Smith ;  
Marsyabae Smith ;  
Marsyas Μαρσύας  (Marsyas) left tributary of the Maiandros Çine Çayı in Turkey Smith (1) ;  
Marsyas Μαρσύας  (Marsyas) Tributary of the Maiandros Dinar Su in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Marsyas Μαρσύας  (Marsyas) Tributary of the Orontes Nahr Marzban (Wadi Tell Armid) in Syria Smith ;  
Marsyas Μαρσύας  (Marsyas) right tributary of the Euphrates Merzumen in Turkey  
Marta River in Etruria Marta Smith ;  
Martiae Smith ;  
Martialis Place in Gaul Volvic in France Smith ;  
Martialis Pagus Place in Campania  
Martiane Smith ;  
Martini Μαρπτηνοί  (Marptēnoi) Arab tribe Ptol. 5.19.2; Smith ;  
Martyropolis , Justinianopolis Μαρτυρόπολις  (Martyropolis) City in the Arzanene Silvan in the Diyarbakır Province of Eastern Turkey Smith ;  
Maruca Smith ;  
Marundae Smith ;  
Marus Smith ;  
Marusium Smith ;  
Maruvium Smith ;  
Marvingi Smith ;  
Masada Μασάδα  (Masada) Fortress in Palestine national monument Masada in Israel Smith ;  
Masaitica Smith ;  
Masani Smith ;  
Mascas Smith ;  
Masciacum Smith ;  
Mascliana Smith ;  
Masdorani Smith ;  
Masdoranus Smith ;  
Mases Smith ;  
Masices Smith ;  
Masius , Izala Μάσιον ὄρος  (Masion oros) Mountainous area in northeastern Mesopotamia Area between Diyarbakır and Mardin in Turkey Smith ;  
Maspii Smith ;  
Massa , Masath Μάσσα  (Massa) River in North Africa Massa in Morocco , flows into the Atlantic about 20 km south of Agadir Smith ; 30 ° 5 ′  N , 9 ° 40 ′  W.
Massa Veternensis City in Etruria Massa Marittima in Tuscany Smith ;  
Massabatica Smith ;  
Massaei Smith ;  
Massaesyli Smith ;  
Massage Smith ;  
Massage table Smith ;  
Massalia Μασσαλία  (Massalia) River in Crete Megalopotamos Smith ;  
Massalia see Massilia  
Massalioticum Ostium Smith ;  
Massani Smith ;  
Massava Smith ;  
Massiani Smith ;  
Massicus Mons Smith ;  
Massicytes Smith ;  
Massiena Smith ;  
Massilia Μασσαλία  (Massalia) City in Gallia Narbonensis Marseille in France Smith ;  
Massitholus Smith ;  
Massyli Smith ;  
Mastaura Μάσταυρα  (Mastaura) City in Lydia Smith ;  
Masts Smith ;  
Mastiani Smith ;  
Mastramela Smith ;  
Mastusia Smith ;  
Masura Smith ;  
Matala Μάταλα  (Matala) City in Crete Smith ;  
Matavo Smith ;  
Mateola Smith ;  
Materense oppidum Smith ;  
Matter Smith ;  
Maternum Smith ;  
Matiana Smith ;  
Matieni Montes Smith ;  
Matilica Smith ;  
Matilo Smith ;  
Matinus Mons Smith ;  
Matisco Smith ;  
Matitae Smith ;  
Matium Smith ;  
Matrica Roman military camp in Pannonia in the area of Százhalombatta -Dunafüred in Pest County in Hungary  
Matricem Smith ;  
Matrinus Smith ;  
Matrona The top of the Segusio - Brigantium road Col de Montgenèvre in the French Alps Smith ;  
Matrona Tributary of the Sequana Marne in France Smith ;  
Mattiaci Smith ;  
Mattiacum , Aquae Mattiacorum, Aquae Mattiacae Ματτιακόν  ( Mattiacon ) City on the Limes in Germania superior Wiesbaden Smith ;  
Mattium Main place of the Germanic chats in the area of ​​the Schwalm-Eder district in northern Hesse Smith ;  
Matusarum Smith ;  
Maurali Smith ;  
Maurensii Smith ;  
Mauretania Μαυρουσία  (Maurousia) Territory in North Africa Morocco and West Algeria Smith ;  
Mauri Residents of Mauritania Smith ;  
Mauriana see Mariniana  
Mauritania see Mauretania  
Maxera Smith ;  
Maxilua Smith ;  
Maximianopolis Smith ;  
Maximianopolis Smith ;  
Maximianopolis Smith ;  
Maxula Smith ;  
Maxyes Smith ;  
Mazaca Smith ;  
Mazaei Smith ;  
Mazara Smith ;  
Mazices Smith ;