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Pacatiana Smith ;  
Pachnamunis Smith ;  
Pachynus Smith ;  
Pactolus Smith ;  
Pactye Smith ;  
Pactyice Smith ;  
Pacyris Smith ;  
Padaei Smith ;  
Padarigus Smith ;  
Padinum Smith ;  
Padus Πάδος  (Pados) largest river in northern Italy Po in Italy Smith ;  
Padusa Smith ;  
Padyandus Smith ;  
Paeania Smith ;  
Paeanium Smith ;  
Paelontium Smith ;  
Paemani Smith ;  
Paeon Παιών  (Paiōn) City in Thrace Smith ;  
Paeon see Paos  
Paeones Smith ;  
Paeonia Παιονία  (Paionia) Landscape north of Macedonia Parts of North Macedonia , Greece and Bulgaria Smith ;  
Paeonidae Smith ;  
Paeoplae Smith ;  
Paesici Smith ;  
Paestanus Sinus Smith ;  
Paestum Παῖστον  (Paiston) City in Lucania at Capaccio in the province of Salerno in Italy Smith ;  
Paesula Smith ;  
Paesus Smith ;  
Pagae Smith ;  
Pagala Smith ;  
Pagasae Smith ;  
Pagasaeus Sinus Smith ;  
Pagrae Smith ;  
Pagus Πάγος  (Pagos) Hills in Ionia , north of Smyrna Kadifekale in İzmir , Turkey Smith ;  
Pagyritae Smith ;  
Palacium Smith ;  
Palae Smith ;  
Palaea Smith ;  
Palaebyblos Smith ;  
Palaemyndus Smith ;  
Palaeobyblus Smith ;  
Palaepharus Smith ;  
Palaepolis Smith ;  
Palaerus Smith ;  
Palaescepsis Smith ;  
Palaesimundum Smith ;  
Palaces Smith ;  
Palestine Παλαιστίνη  (Palaistinē) Landscape on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Syria Palestine Smith ;  
Palaetyrus Smith ;  
Palaia Pleuron see pleuron  
Palamnus Smith ;  
Palandas Smith ;  
Hall Area around Vicus Aurelianus in Germania Öhringen in Baden-Württemberg Smith ;  
Palatium City in Raetia Ala in Trentino in Italy Smith ;  
Pale Πάλη  (Palē) City on Kephallenia near Lixouri on the Paliki peninsula in Kefalonia Smith ;  
Palfuriana Smith ;  
Palicorum lacus Παλίκων λίμνη  (Palikōn limnē) volcanic lake in Sicily, sanctuary of the Palikoi at Palagonia , at the foot of the Rochitella hill Smith ;  
Palimbothra Smith ;  
Palindromus Promontorium Smith ;  
Palinurus , Palinuri promontorium Παλίνουρος ἀκρωτήριον  (Palinouros akrōtērion) City and cape on the Tyrrhenian coast in Lucania Porto di Palinuro in the Cilento Smith ;  
Palio City in Puglia maybe Palo del Colle in Italy Smith ;  
Paliscius Smith ;  
Paliurus Παλίουρος  (Paliouros) City on the coast of Libya at At Tamimi in Libya Smith ;  
Pallacopas Smith ;  
Pallae Smith ;  
Pallantia Smith ;  
Pallantias Smith ;  
Pallantium Smith ;  
Pallanum Smith ;  
Pallas Lacus Smith ;  
Pallene Παλλήνη  (Pallēnē) westernmost finger of the Chalkidike peninsula Kassandra peninsula Smith ;  
Pallene Smith ;  
Palma Town on the island of Balearis maior Palma in Mallorca Smith ;  
Palmam Smith ;  
Palmaria Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea Palmaria in the Gulf of La Spezia Smith ;  
Palmatis Smith ;  
Palmyra City in Syria Παλμύρα Smith ;  
Palmyrene Smith ;  
Palorum Portus Smith ;  
Paltus Πάλτος  (Paltos) City on the Syrian coast between Jabla and Baniyas in Syria Smith ;  
Pambotis lacus Smith ;  
Pamisus Πάμισος  ( Pamisus ) River in Messenia Smith (1) ;  
Pamisus Πάμισος  ( Pamisus ) River in Laconia Smith (2) ;  
Pamisus Πάμισος  ( Pamisus ) River in Thessaly , tributary of the Pinios Smith (3) ;  
Pamphia Smith ;  
Pamphylia Παμφυλία  (Pamphylia) Landscape in the southeast of Asia Minor between Antalya and Taurus Mountains in Turkey Smith ;  
Pamphylium Mare Smith ;  
Panachaicus Mons Smith ;  
Panactum Smith ;  
Panaei Smith ;  
Panaetolium Smith ;  
Panagra Smith ;  
Pandae Smith ;  
Pandataria Πανδαταρία  (Pandataria) Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea Ventotene Smith ;  
Pandion Promontory in southwestern Caria Karayüksek Tepe in Turkey Smith ;  
Pandion Kingdom of the Pandya in South India  
Pandosia Πανδοσία  (Pandosia) City in gross near Cosenza in Italy, possibly Castrolibero Smith (1) ;  
Pandosia Πανδοσία  (Pandosia) City in Lucania Smith (2) ;  
Pandosia Πανδοσία  (Pandosia) Trikastro in the municipality of Louros Greece Smith ;  
Pandovi Regio Smith ;  
Paneas , Caesarea Philippi Πανεάς  (Paneas), Πανιάς  (Panias) City in Palestine , source of the Jordan Banyas at the foot of the Golan Heights Smith ;  
Panephysis Smith ;  
Pangaeum Smith ;  
Pangrmus Smith ;  
Panhellenes Smith ;  
Panionium Smith ;  
Panissa Smith ;  
Panium Πάνιον  (Panion) City in Thrace at Barbaros in Turkey, on the European shore of the Marmara Sea Smith ;  
Pannona Smith ;  
Pannonia Παννονία  (Pannonia) roman province Parts of Austria, Hungary and Serbia Smith ;  
Panopeus Smith ;  
Panopolis Πανύπολις  (Panypolis) Capital of Mingau in Upper Egypt Achmim in Egypt Smith ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) City in Sicily Palermo in Italy Smith ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) City and port on the northern tip of Kephallenia Fiskardo on Kefalonia Smith (4) ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port east of Rhion east of Rio on the Gulf of Corinth Smith (1) ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Harbor at the eastern end of the Gulf of Corinth in the Megaris at Psatha in Greece  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port city on Peparethos Panormos on Skopelos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on the east coast of Attica Smith (2) ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on the east coast of Chalkidike at Ierissos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port in Epirus maybe the bay of Porto Palermo in Albania Smith (3) ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Harbor on the north coast of the Halicarnassus peninsula Paşa Liman bay north of Yalıkavak on the Turkish Aegean coast Smith (2) ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port north of Ephesus largely silted up , Alman gölü in the Plain of the Little Meander on the Turkish coast Smith (1) ;  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port south of Miletus Kovela Limanı on the Turkish coast  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port town of Didyma on the west coast of Asia Minor  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port city on the Marmara Sea Bandırma in Turkey  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on the Thracian Chersonese on the Gallipoli peninsula  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on the north coast of Mykonos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on Naxos Kalantos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Harbor in the Korsiai Islands Port of Fourni on the island of Fourni  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on Samos Vathy on Samos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on the east coast of Patmos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on Kalymnos Panormos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port on Tenos Panormos on Tinos  
Panormus Πάνορμος  (Panormos) Port in Crete Panormos  
Pantagias Smith ;  
Pantalia Smith ;  
Panthialaei Smith ;  
Panti Sinus Smith ;  
Panticapaeum Smith ;  
Panticapes Smith ;  
Pantichium Smith ;  
Pantomatrium Smith ;  
Panyasus Smith ;  
Panysus Smith ;  
Paos Παιών  (Paiōn) City in Arcadia  
Paphlagonia Smith ;  
Paphus Πάφος  (Paphos) City in Cyprus Paphos in the Greek part of Cyprus Smith ;  
Papira Smith ;  
Paplisca Smith ;  
Papa Πάππα  ( papa ) City in Pisidia Yunisler in Turkey Smith ;  
Pappua Mons Smith ;  
Papremis Smith ;  
Paracanda Smith ;  
Paracheloitis Smith ;  
Parachoatras Smith ;  
Parada City near Utica in Africa Smith ;  
Paraebasium Smith ;  
Paraepaphitis Smith ;  
Paraetacenes Smith ;  
Paraetonium Παραιτόνιον  (Paraitonion), Ἀμμωνία  (Ammōnia) Egyptian port city Marsa Matruh in Egypt Smith ;  
Paragon sine Smith ;  
Paralais Παραλαίς  (Paralais) City in Lycaonia Smith ;  
Paralia Παραλία  (Paralia), Πάρακος  (Parakos) southern coastal region of Attica east of Athens Smith ;  
Paralia Παραλία  (Paralia) Coastal region of Chalkidike from the bay of Thessalonica to the cape of the Sithonia peninsula Smith ;  
Paralia Παραλία  (Paralia) Coastal region on the southern tip of India  
Parambole Smith ;  
Parapiotae Smith ;  
Parapotamii Smith ;  
Parasopias Smith ;  
Paravaei Smith ;  
Parembole Roman border fort between Egypt and Nubia on the western bank of the Nile in Dodekaschoinos in Lower Nubia south of Syene about 10 km south of Aswan Smith ;  
Parentium Smith ;  
Pargasa see Bargasa 2  
Pargyetae Smith ;  
Paridion Smith ;  
Parienna Smith ;  
Parietinum Smith ;  
Parin Πάριν  (Parin) City in the Drangiana Satrapy in Persia Isidoros of Charax Mansiones Parthicae 100.17; Smith ;  
Parisii Παρίσοι  (Parisoi) Celtic tribe in Gaul and Britain Smith ;  
Parisil Smith ;  
Parium Πάριον  (Parion) Coastal city in Mysia at Kemer in Turkey Smith ;  
Parma Πάρμα  (Parma) City in Gallia cispadana Parma in Italy Smith ;  
Parmaecampi Smith ;  
Parnassus Παρνασσός  (Parnassus) City in Cappadocia at Parlasan in Turkey Smith ;  
Parnassus Mons Smith ;  
Parnes Πάρνης  (Parnēs) Mountains northwest of Athens Parnitha Smith ;  
Parnon Πάρνων  (Parnōn) Mountain range in the southeast of the Peloponnese Smith ;  
Paroecopolis Παροικόπολις  (Paroikopolis) City in Macedonia possibly Sandanski in Bulgaria Smith ;  
Parolissum Smith ;  
Paropamisadae Smith ;  
Paropamisus Smith ;  
Paropus Smith ;  
Paroreatae Smith ;  
Paroreia Smith ;  
Paroreia Smith ;  
Parorios Smith ;  
Paros , Parus Πάρος  (Paros) Island of the Cyclades Smith ;  
Parrhasia Παρρασία Landscape in Arcadia Smith ;  
Parsici Montes Smith ;  
Parthalis Smith ;  
Parthanum Smith ;  
Partheni Parthini Smith ;  
Parthenias Smith ;  
Parthenium Smith ;  
Parthenium Smith ;  
Parthenium Mare Smith ;  
Parthenius Παρθένιος  (Parthenios) River in western Paphlagonia Bartın Çayı Smith ;  
Parthenope Name of a city predecessor to Neapolis Smith ;  
Parthia Παρθία  (Parthia) Parthia , the Empire of the Parthians Smith ;  
Parthini Smith ;  
Parthum Smith ;  
Parthus Smith ;  
Parus see Paros  
Parutae Smith ;  
Paryadres Smith ;  
Paryetae Smith ;  
Pasargadae Πασαργάδαι  (Pasargadai) old Persian royal seat about 130 km northeast of Shiraz in Iran Smith ;  
Pasida Smith ;  
Pasinum Smith ;  
Pasira Smith ;  
Pasitigris Smith ;  
Passalae Smith ;  
Passaron Πασσαοων  (Passaoōn) City in Epirus west of Ioannina in Greece Smith ;  
Patala Πάταλα  (Patala) City in the mouth of the Indus Smith ;  
Patalena Παταληνή  (Patalēnē) Landscape in the mouth of the Indus delta , surroundings of the city of Patala Smith ;  
Patara Πάταρα  (Patara) City in Lycia , near the mouth of the Xanthos River at Gelemiş in Turkey Smith (2) ;  
Patara  (Πάταρα) Mountain above the Lycian city Eren Tepe in Turkey  
Patara  (Πάταρα) City in Pontos Smith (1) ;  
Patavissa Smith ;  
Patavium Παταούϊον  (Pataouion) City in Veneto Padua in Italy Smith ;  
Paternum Smith ;  
Pathiscus Smith ;  
Patigran Smith ;  
Patmos Πάτμος  (Patmos) Island in the Aegean Sea Smith ;  
Patrae Πάτραι  (Patrai) City in Achaia Patras in Greece Smith ;  
Patraeus Smith ;  
Patrocli insula Smith ;  
Pattala see Patala  
Pattalene see patalene  
Patumus Smith ;  
Paulo River in Liguria Paillon in France Smith ;  
Pausilypus Mons Smith ;  
Pausulae Smith ;  
Pautalia Παυταλία  (Pautalia) City in Thrace Kyustendil in Bulgaria Smith ;  
Pax Julia Smith ;  
Paxi Παξοί  (Paxoi) Archipelago in the Ionian Sea Smith ;