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Ptandaris Smith ;  
Ptarenus Smith ;  
Ptelea Place on the island of Cos Smith ;  
Ptelea Location in the valley of Kephisos west of Athens  
Pteleus Smith ;  
Pteleum Smith ;  
Pteria Πτερία  (Pteria) City in Cappadocia Kerkenes site in Turkey Smith ;  
Pteros Smith ;  
Ptolederma Smith ;  
Ptolemais Πτολεμαΐς  (Ptolemais) City in Eordaia in Northern Greece Ptolemaida in Greece  
Ptolemais Πτολεμαΐς  (Ptolemais) Place on the coast of Pamphylia near Avsallar in Turkey Smith ;  
Ptolemais Cyrenaicae Πτολεμαΐς  (Ptolemais) City on the coast of Cyrenaica near Tolmeitha in Libya , about 110 km east of Benghazi Smith ;  
Ptolemais Drymou Location in Fayum, Egypt  
Ptolemais Euergetis briefly the name of Krokodilopolis in Fayum, Egypt  
Ptolemais Hermaiou Πτολεμαῒς ἡ Ἑρμείου  (Ptolemais hē Hermeiou) Greek colony in Upper Egypt Smith (3) ;  
Ptolemais Hormou Location in Fayum, Egypt  
Ptolemais Pheniciae Πτολεμαΐς  (Ptolemais) Port city on the coast of Galilee Acre in Israel Smith ;  
Ptolemais Theron Πτολεμαῒς Θηρῶν  (Ptolemais Thērōn) Location on the African Red Sea coast, built by Ptolemy II as a hunting base Smith (2) ;  
Ptolis Smith ;  
Ptoum Smith ;  
Ptychia Πτυχία  (Ptychia) small island at Kerkyra Vido island in front of Corfu Smith ;