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Ad Aquas Gradatas Aquileia sea ​​port Grado on the Adriatic coast PECS ;   
Ad Centenarium , Ad Centuriones Way station in Gaul Smith ;  
Ad Confluentes see Confluentes  
Ad Fines Fort on the Rhenish Limes Pfyn in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland  
Ad flexum Fort on the Limes Pannonicus Mosonmagyaróvár in Hungary  
Ad Herculem Late antique garrison on the Pannonian Danube Limes Ruins of the fortress on the outskirts of the village Pilismarót in Komárom-Esztergom County in Hungary  
Ad Horrea City in Gallia Narbonensis left of the mouth of the Siagne , about 8 km west of Cannes Smith ;  
Ad Maiores see Negrenenses Maiores  
Ad Martis Location in Gallia Narbonensis Oulx in Piedmont, Italy  
Ad militare Roman border fort on the Lower Pannonian Limes. in the Croatian town of Batina (Kiskőszeg).  
Ad Mures Military fort on the Limes Pannonicus Bumbumkút, northwest of the city of Ács in Komárom-Esztergom County , northern Hungary  
Ad Novas Roman border fort on the Lower Pannonian Limes Today it is in the Croatian village of Zmajevac (Vörösmart).  
Ad Novas Exchange station on the Via Appia Santa Maria a Vico in Campania in Italy  
Ad Novas Way station in Mauretania Tingitana Itin. Anton. 24.2; PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Ad Pannonios Roman auxiliary troop camp in Dacia in the municipality of Teregova , Caraș-Severin County , Romania PECS ;   
Ad Pertusa City in Africa proconsularis Harairia in Tunisia , 10 km west of Tunis  
Ad Pontem Roman city in Britain at Thorpe, south of Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire , England PECS ;   
Ad Praetorium Πραιτώριον  (Praitōrion) Place in Pannonia superior near Suvaja near Kozarska Dubica in Bosnia Smith ;  
Ad Sava Municipium Way station west of Sitifis in Mauretania PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Ad Saxa Rubra see Saxa Rubra  
Ad Silanum Way station in Gaul south of Nasbinals in France PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Ad statuas Roman cohort fort on the Pannonian Danube Limes in the Hungarian village of Várdomb , in Tolna county  
Ad statuas Roman cohort fort on the Pannonian Danube Limes on the area belonging to the town of Ács north of the Vaspuszta homestead in Komárom-Esztergom County , northern Hungary  
Ad Statuas , Statio ad Statuas Place in Lazio San Cesareo in Lazio  
Ad stoma Place in Moesia southeast of Tulcea in Romania, in the delta of the Danube PECS ; Smith ;  
Ad Turrem Way station in Gaul Tourves in France PECS ; Pleiades ;   
Ad Turres City in gross  
Ad Turres City in Byzacena  
Ad Turres City in Liburnia Crikvenica in Croatia  
Ad Turres City in Etruria  
Ad Turres City in Illyria Tasovčići near Čapljina in Bosnia-Herzegovina PECS ;   
Ad Turres City in Lazio on the coast near San Felice Circeo  
Ad Turres City of the Oretani in Hispania Tarraconensis Smith (1) ;  
Ad Turres City of Contestani in Hispania Tarraconensis Smith (2) ;  
Ad Turres Albas , Turres Albae City in Lazio Smith ;  
Adada Ἄδαδα  (Adada) City in Pisidia PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Adana , Antiocheia ad Sarum Ἄδανα  (Adana) City in northeastern Cilicia (Kilikia Pedias) Adana in Turkey PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Adane Smith ;  
Addua Tributary of the Padus Adda , tributary of the Po RE ; Smith ;  
Adeisaga Place in back India RE ;   
Adiabene Ἀδιαβηνή  (Adiabēnē) Area between Upper and Lower Zab , including Assyria as a whole RE ;   
Adis , Adys Ἀδίς  (Adis), Ἄδης  (Adēs) City in North Africa, site of the Battle of Adys possibly Oudna, the ancient Uthina , 30 km south of Carthage Polybios 1.30; RE ; Smith ;  
Adonis Ἄδωνις  (Adōnis) small river that has its source in Lebanon and flows south of Byblos into the Mediterranean Nahr Ibrahim Strabon 755; Lukian de Dea Syr. 6; Plin. Nat. 5.20 .; Nonn. Dionys. 3.80, 20.144; RE ; Smith ;  
Adoreus Mountain in Phrygia RE ; Smith ;  
Adorsi Smith ;  
Adraa Ἀδράα  (Adraa) City of the Decapolis in the south of today's Syria near Dar'a RE ; Smith ;  
Adraistae Ἀδραισταί  (Adraistai) People of India RE ; Smith ;  
Adramitae Ἀδραμῖται  (Adramitai) Tribe in Arabia Felix RE ; Smith ;  
Adramyenttus Sinus Smith ;  
Adramyttium City in Mysia RE ; Smith ;  
Adrana River in Germania magna RE ; Smith ;  
Adrans Smith ;  
Adranum , Hadranum City on the southwestern slope of Mount Etna Adrano PECS ; RE ; Smith ;  
Adriatic Ἀδρία  (Adriatic Sea) City in Gallia cisalpina Adriatic Sea in Veneto PECS ; Smith ;  
Adriatic Ἀδρία  (Adriatic Sea) City in the Picenum Atri Smith ;  
Adriaticum Mare ὁ Ἀδρίας  (ho Adrias), Ἰόνιος κόλπος  (Ionios kolpos) the Adrian Sea RE ; Smith ;  
Adrumetum RE ; Smith ;  
Adrus Smith ;  
Aduatica fortified place in the area of ​​the Celtic tribe of the Eburones RE ; Smith ;  
Aduatici People of Gallia Belgica RE ; Smith ;  
Adula Mons Smith ;  
Adule City on the Arabicus Sinus RE ; Smith ;  
Adulitae Tribe in the Troglodytica region on the Abyssinian coast RE ; Smith ;  
Adyrmachidai Tribe of Libyans RE ; Smith ;