List of ancient place names and geographical names / Pi

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Piala Smith ;  
Piala Smith ;  
Pialae Smith ;  
Pialia Smith ;  
Piarensii Smith ;  
Picaria Smith ;  
Picensii Smith ;  
Picentes Smith ;  
Picentia Smith ;  
Picentini Smith ;  
Picentinum Smith ;  
Picenum Πικεντίνη  (pikentinē) Landscape in central Italy Smith ;  
Pictavi Smith ;  
Picti Smith ;  
Pictones Celtic tribe in Gaul Settlement area south of the lower Loire Smith ;  
Pictonium Promontory Smith ;  
Pida Smith ;  
Piengitae Smith ;  
Piera Source between Olympia and Elis Pausanias 5,16,8; Smith ;  
Piera see Cierium  
Pieres Smith ;  
Pieria Smith ;  
Pieria Smith ;  
Pierium Smith ;  
Piguntia Smith ;  
Pilorus Smith ;  
Pimolisa Smith ;  
Pimpleia Smith ;  
Pimprama Smith ;  
Pinara Πίναπα  (Pinapa) City in Lycia Smith (1) ;  
Pinara Πίναπα  (Pinapa) City in Cilicia Smith (2) ;  
Pinarus Smith ;  
Pincus , pingus River in Moesia superior Pek in Serbia Smith ;  
Pindasus Smith ;  
Pindenissus Smith ;  
Pindus Πίνδος  ( Pindus ) Mountains in Greece Smith ;  
Pindus , acyphas Πίνδος  ( Pindus ) City in the Doris 3 km south of Oinochori Smith ;  
Pinetus Smith ;  
Pinna Πίννα  (pinna) City of the Vestines Penne in the Italian Abruzzo Smith ;  
Pintia Smith ;  
Pintuaria Ins Smith ;  
Pion , peion, prion Πίων  (piōn) Mount at Ephesus Bülbül Dağı , about 7 km from Selçuk , with the house of Mother Mary Smith ;  
Pionia Πιονία  (Pionia) City in Mysia Gömeniç in Turkey Smith ;  
Piraeeus Πειραιεύς  (Peiraieus) Athens port Piraeus Smith ;  
Piraeum Smith ;  
Piraeus Smith ;  
Pirathon Smith ;  
Pirene Smith ;  
Piresiae Smith ;  
Pirus Smith ;  
Pirustae Smith ;  
Pisa Πῖσα  (Pisa) City in the Peloponnese 2 km east of Olympia Smith ;  
Pisae Πίσαι  (Pisai) City in Etruria Pisa in Tuscany Smith ;  
Pisanus Portus Smith ;  
Pisatis Smith ;  
Pisaurum Πισαῦρον  (Pisauron) City in Umbria Pesaro in Italy Smith ;  
Pisavae Smith ;  
Piscenae Smith ;  
Pisga see Nebo 1  
Pisida Smith ;  
Pisidia Πισιδική  (Pisidikē) Landscape in the south of Asia minor Landscape in the western Taurus Mountains , between the coastal plain near Antalya in the south and the lakes around Burdur in the north Smith ;  
Pisilis Smith ;  
Pisingara Smith ;  
Pisoraca Smith ;  
Pisseum Smith ;  
Pissantini Smith ;  
Pistoria Πιστωρία  (Pistōria) City in Etruria Pistoia in Tuscany Smith ;  
Pistyrus Smith ;  
Pisurgia Smith ;  
Pisye Smith ;  
Pitaium Smith ;  
Pitane Πιτάνη  (Pitanē) City in Aeolia at Çandarlı in Turkey Smith ;  
Pitane , Pitana Part of the city of Sparta Smith ;  
Pithecusae insulae see Aenaria  
Pithome biblical city in Egypt Excavation region in the eastern delta Smith ;  
Pitinum Smith ;  
Pitulum Smith ;  
Pityeia Smith ;  
Pityodes Smith ;  
Pityonesos Smith ;  
Pityus Πιτυοῦς  (Pityous) City in Sarmatia Pizunda in Abkhazia Smith ;  
Pityusa Smith ;  
Pityusae Smith ;