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Teanum Smith ;  
Teanum Smith ;  
Teari Julienses Smith ;  
Tearus Smith ;  
Teate Smith ;  
Tebenda Smith ;  
Tecelia Smith ;  
Tecmon Smith ;  
Tectosaces Smith ;  
Tectosages Smith ;  
Tectosages Smith ;  
Tecum Smith ;  
Tedanius Smith ;  
Tegea Τεγέα  (Tegea) City in Arcadia Tegea in Greece Smith ;  
Tegea Τεγέα  (Tegea) City in Crete possibly Deliana in the regional unit of Chania Smith ;  
Tegianum Smith ;  
Teglicium Smith ;  
Tegna Location in Gallia Narbonensis Tain-l'Hermitage in France Smith ;  
Tegris , Tegra, Tigra Τίγα  (Tiga) Fortress in Moesia inferior on the right bank of the Danube Martensko Kale , north of Sandrovo in the Ruse Oblast in Bulgaria Smith ;  
Tegulata Smith ;  
Tegulicium Smith ;  
Tegyra Τεγύρα  (Tegyra) Village in Boeotia , site of the Battle of Tegyra northeast of Orchomenos in Greece Smith ;  
Tehaphenes Smith ;  
Teichium Smith ;  
Teisa, Tisa Τεισά  (Teisa), Τησά  (Tēsa) City in Gedrosien Ptol. 6.8.8; Smith ;  
Tekoah Θεκώα  (Thekōa), Θεκωέ  (Thekōe) Place in Palestine Tekoa in the West Bank Smith ;  
Tela , Gella Site of the Celtic Vaccaei in Hispania Tarraconensis near Pedraza de Campos in Spain Smith ;  
Telamon Τελαμών  (Telamōn) City on the coast of Etruria Talamone in Italy Smith ;  
Telchines Smith ;  
Teleboae Smith ;  
Teleboas Smith ;  
Telephrius Mons Smith ;  
Telepipes Smith ;  
Telesia Τελεσία  (Telesia) City in Samnium between Telese Terme and San Salvatore Telesino in Italy Smith ;  
Telis Smith ;  
Tellenae Smith ;  
Telmessus Smith ;  
Telmessus Smith ;  
Telmissicus Sinus Smith ;  
Telmissis Promontory Smith ;  
Telo Martius Smith ;  
Telobis Smith ;  
Telonnum Smith ;  
Telos Τῆλος  (Tēlos) Island of the Dodecanese Tilos in Greece Smith ;  
Telphusa see Thelphusa  
Tema Arab tribe and their settlement area Tayma Oasis in Saudi Arabia Smith ;  
Temala Smith ;  
Temathia Smith ;  
Temenium Smith ;  
Temenothyra Smith ;  
Temesa Smith ;  
Temisdia Smith ;  
Temmices Smith ;  
Temnus Τῆμνος  (Tēmnos) City in Aeolia in Asia minor about 4 km northeast of Görece in the district of Menderes in the province of Izmir in Turkey Smith ;  
Temnus Mons Τῆμνον ὄρος  (Tēmnon oros) Mountain range in Mysia , south of the Makestos River Smith ;  
Tempe Τέμπη  (tempē) Valley in the northeast of Thessaly Tempe valley in Greece Smith ;  
Tempsa Smith ;  
Tempyra Smith ;  
Tencteri Smith ;  
Tenea Smith ;  
Tenebrium Smith ;  
Tenedos Τένεδος  (Tenedos) Island off the coast of the Troad Bozcaada off the Turkish coast Smith ;  
Tenedos Τένεδος  (Tenedos) Coastal city in Pamphylia on the western outskirts of Antalya in Turkey Smith ;  
Tenerife campus Smith ;  
Tenesis Regio Smith ;  
Tenos Τῆνος  (Tēnos) Cyclades island Tinos in the Aegean Smith ;  
Tentyra Τέντυρα  (Tentyra) Capital of the Gaus Tentyrites in Upper Egypt Dendera in Egypt Smith ;  
Tenurcio Smith ;  
Teos Τέως  (Teōs) City in Ionia 35 kilometers southwest of Izmir in Turkey Smith ;  
Teracatriae Smith ;  
Teredon Port city in Mesopotamia probably near Basra in Iraq Smith ;  
Teren Smith ;  
Terenuthis Τερενοῦθις  (Terenouthis) City on the western edge of the Nile Delta about 70 north of Cairo in Egypt, in the area of ​​the village of Tarraneh Smith ;  
Tereps Fluvius Smith ;  
Tereses Fortunales Smith ;  
Tergeste Τέργεστε  (Tergeste) City on the coast of Venetia Trieste in Italy Smith ;  
Tergolape City in Noricum ripense in the vicinity of Breitenschützing / Schlatt and / or Schwanenstadt in Upper Austria Smith ;  
Teria Smith ;  
Terias Smith ;  
Tericiae Smith ;  
Terina Smith ;  
Terinaeus Sinus Smith ;  
Teriola Castra Smith ;  
Termantia see Termes  
Termera Smith ;  
Termere Smith ;  
Termerium Smith ;  
Termes , Termantia Τέρμες  (Termes) City of Arevaci in Hispania Tarraconensis Montejo de Tiermes in Castile and León , Spain Smith ;  
Termessus Τερμησσός  (Termēssos) City in Pamphylia about 30 km northwest of Antalya in Turkey, below the mountain Güllük Dağı Smith ;  
Termetis Smith ;  
Termilae Smith ;  
Terponus Smith ;  
Tesebarice Smith ;  
Testrina Smith ;  
Tetius Smith ;  
Tetradium see Tyriaeum  
Tetranaulochus Smith ;  
Tetraphylia Smith ;  
Tetrapolis Four cities Smith ;  
Tetrapyrgia Smith ;  
Tetrica Mons Smith ;  
Tetrisius Smith ;  
Tetus Smith ;  
Teucera Smith ;  
Teucri Smith ;  
Dearth Smith ;  
Teudurum Place in Northern Gaul Tüddern in North Rhine-Westphalia Smith ;  
Teuglussa Smith ;  
Teumessus Smith ;  
Teuriochaemae Smith ;  
Teurisci Smith ;  
Teurnia Τεουρνία  (Teournia) City in the Noricum in Lurnfeld am Holzer Berg in the district of St. Peter in Holz in the municipality of Lendorf , four kilometers west of Spittal an der Drau Smith ;  
Teuthea Smith ;  
Teutheas Smith ;  
Teuthis Smith ;  
Teuthrania Smith ;  
Teuthras Mons Τεύθρας  (Teuthras) Mountain in Mysia north of Bergama in Turkey Smith ;  
Teuthrone Smith ;  
Teutiburgium , Teutoburgium Τευτοβούργιον  (Teutobourgion) Roman border fort in Pannonia inferior on the territory of the Croatian town of Dalj Smith ;  
Teutobergiensis Saltus Smith ;  
Teutones Τεύτονες  (Teutones) Germanic tribe of the Teutons Settlement area originally in Jutland Smith ;  
Teutonoari Smith ;