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Judaea Ἰουδαία  (Ioudaia) Area on both sides of the Jordan in Palestine , also a Roman province Smith ;  
Judah Kingdom in Palestine with capital Jerusalem Smith ;  
Julia Constantia Smith ;  
Julia Fidentia Smith ;  
Julia Joza Smith ;  
Julia Libyca Smith ;  
Julia Myrtilis Smith ;  
Julia Romula Smith ;  
Julia Transducta Smith ;  
Julia Victrix Smith ;  
Juliacum Smith ;  
Julianopolis Smith ;  
Julias Smith ;  
Juliobona Smith ;  
Juliobriga Smith ;  
Juliomagus Ἰουλιόμαγος  (Iouliomagos) City of Germania great near Schleitheim in the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland  
Juliomagus Ἰουλιόμαγος  (Iouliomagos) Settlement in Gaul Angers in France Smith ;  
Juliopolis Smith ;  
Juliopolis Aegypti Smith ;  
Julium Carnicum Smith ;  
Juncaria Smith ;  
Junonia Insula Smith ;  
law Mountain range in Germania great Jura Mountains in France and Switzerland Smith ;  
Jurcae Smith ;  
Justiniana Smith ;  
Justiniana Great Byzantine city in the northwest of Dacia Caričin degree in Serbia  
Justinianopolis see Anazarbus  
Justinianopolis see Coptos  
Justinianopolis see Hadrumetum  
Justinianopolis see Martyropolis  
Justinianopolis see Mocissus  
Juthungi Smith ;  
Juttah Smith ;  
Juvavum , Juvavia City in Norikum Salzburg in Austria Smith ;